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  1. ....and the vibe shot from the 'showroom', all decked out in RED.
  2. Oh my goodness, JUST checked to see if Post Image was back, it IS ! So, here are my photos from earlier tonight. Now I am FOR SURE heading off to bed
  3. Just before heading to bed, caught your post Dave. Nice story on Walter! I was very much tuned in when he was on the liver transplant list. He almost passed away!! His wife was posting to all his fans to keep us all abreast on his progress. Happily, a doner came through for him and the rest is history! Have a great night everyone and thanks for the likes .
  4. Well, my Marllion LP has concluded. I am going to drift off for the evening with some digital streaming for a while, but I will return shortly. Keep on listening and enjoying the music my friends! 🍷
  5. HA HA, yeah, the inner sleeve was a given. Yes, Post Image being out takes a chunk out of our activities, but we keep on....... Soon as it comes back I will put up my session from tonight. Walter Trout........I purchased from HIS website the last double LP set he recorded JUST before his health issues. Also have some of his others on CD. His organist reminds me of...... me LOL, we have the same Hammond Organ style and since I was in a top blues band, for my listening pleasure, I got hooked on Walter and his band since we were very similar in style.
  6. On to SIDE 3 (LP #2) - Marillion. Great album and sound. Sorry I can't share photos just now dammit, but I WILL post at some point once the photo service comes back online.....
  7. No I did not. I went with what my friends down the street (VIVA TUBES) had ready to ship. I HAVE bought from Tube Depot for my ham radio needs ( Trio of 811's) and from Penta Labs in CA. for a trio of 572-B's for my RF use. There are 9 tubes in the R8, so it was a big expenditure to change out the whole set. I am very pleased with the JJ. E NOT alternative to Russian OR Chinese.
  8. Have returned and reporting in as promised. Got the re-released Marillion 'Clutching At Straws', a double 180gram. LP set. It's time for the Martin Logan Classic 9's and Dynamo 1600X to handle the 2.1 audio duties. Parasound Halo 6 pre and A21 amp waking up the showroom . Seems Photo Image is currently down, so I will send along the photos later. 🍷
  9. I will return later tonight. I want to spin up what I believe to be some of Mike's theme songs .....(you know the ones)
  10. .......Side B, and gate fold......
  11. Listening via the Superscope s212 which I moved to the listening room, powered by the Willsenton R8 tube rolled with complete set of JJ. Electronic valves including a quad of EL-34 outputs. Vintage vinyl via speakers of the same decade. Here is the LP and a vibe photo of the listening space with the new speaker arrangement. (Martin Logans under cover at the moment.)
  12. Ok friends.......yes, been a while, but stopping by with some vinyl to spin. This time from the audio showroom. This album I bought NEW in 1978, I think played it only a couple times in that year. So, this is the first time spinning it again in all these many years! Guess you could say the Rega is set, table cloth and all .
  13. ....rear cover art of this RE-release on 180gram, and a side vibe shot of the 2nd floor system.
  14. Hello and happy Sunday afternoon to all. Ok, finally a chance to continue a little spinning of vinyl. Got this going right now....
  15. Are you in my state? Friendly originated here and we got co-op markets in town too
  16. Good evening friends, thanks for your likes and comments on the Mini Moog Voyager! I wanted to spin the Miles LP I had lined up, but it got late. I will do that soon, and K104 inspired me to spin the original ELP LP he played today, which I bought back when I was a senior in high school. And I do have a Greg Lake SOLO LP in the cue too. See you all soon. Cheers
  17. It sure does I'm sure !! Thanks for the ELP tribute .
  18. Thanks so much! Bought it brand new 20 years ago this year, really a joy to play. Ok, taking a break from Miles for a bit to get dinner together and my ham radio net control duties, but will return with 'Kind of Blue' later this evening. Enjoy your music my friends! 🍷
  19. Hi there K104! And, you can't get that Keith Emerson Moog solo without one of these in your collection. Here is my 50th anniversary Mini-Moog Voyager signed by Robert Moog himself. One of only 100 .
  20. ....Friday afternoon vibe with my NEXT play in front of the hearth.
  21. ....rear cover artwork / advertisements and some history. Note the 'yellowing' on the inside sleeve.
  22. Ok friends, short day at work, home from the market and such, time to enjoy some Miles! This LP was from a local used LP store, I could not resist at only $6 ! I believe this is an ORIGINAL pressing, quiet, scratch free for the most part. Side A ready to go.
  23. Ok my friends, enjoying this historic recording and here we go with disc #2 Side 'C'..... I will stop by again soon, but going to start my dinner now with Side 'D' shortly finishing out. Have a good day/night 🍷
  24. ....rear cover artwork and the day time vibe............yup, back to more vino to cheer on Joey D. 🍷
  25. ....inside the gate fold.....
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