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  1. Ok, mouthed off enough for one evening , I am going to listen to a LIVE recording on CD of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. I have a really interesting new DOUBLE vinyl recording just released a little over a week ago as a pre-order through SPOTIFY if you can believe that for a listen tomorrow night! I will return again. Enjoy your evening/day, and your systems and MUSIC. Good evening......... 🌙
  2. Thank you everyone here for your likes and acceptance for all my photos. Wonderful group here !
  3. Not to single out my current 'systems' here in Longfellow Music Hall, but what could be more diverse then tubes, horns, transistors and electrostatics side by side ? LOVE them both
  4. Too funny Mike, you quoted my current equipment being used for tonight's SQ play. Hope your question was answered?
  5. ...and during my 'quad demo', giving my Martin Logan 'Classic 9's some love tonight, driven by the Parasound Halo P6 and A-21 amp. 🍷
  6. ...and currently, taking it all in ! What a ride . Here the center label..... The 'concept' and how the rear channels are derived on a stylus.
  7. The following are photos from the inner sleeve with interesting playback systems INCLUDING quad 8 track machines!
  8. These are from the inner sleeve.....says it all
  9. Ok, ok.........so much talk about quad LPs..... I have had this for YEARS! So, if I may crowd up the bandwidth here with photos / details. Here goes. The ORIGINAL LP DEMO from Columbia, fully narrated with wonderful samples from their then brand new library !
  10. Aaaaw man George, that poor system needs some dusting love !
  11. LOVE that album George, just played it the other night! Enjoy 🍷
  12. Thanks John. Eminence is made right here in the states if I remember. Seems I have one in my Hammond organ 'Leslie' speaker which Hammond uses. Let me see, I have a box with that name on it in my garage (storage).....Oh, here it is! (scroll down............)
  13. Hee, hee, if it isn't the K-281, then it can't be the same type or can it? ... It is the only one of it's kind used for the two authentic Klipsch Heritage models.
  14. Thank you George! Currently, FIVE of us are listening to the OPENING NIGHT at Boston Symphony Hall LIVE stream from WCRB Boston! Over in RTM we have Dave from CA. Mossy in WY. Tim in IA. Pezz in RI, and myself here in MA. all in our own time zones but taking in the opening season concert live. You could tune in as well. Right now BACH piano concerto, but later Holzt 'Planets' at the conclusion. Just a heads up. The Willsenton and Forte' 4 sounding so rich tonight with this live stream!
  15. I really like the bright lighting on your table George!
  16. Hey there Andre, does that make my brand new Forte' 4's the newest Heritage? Loving them so far for sure. Talk about a LIVELY presentation with bottom end kick!
  17. Ok friends, moving over to digital and a play to support RTM. We'll be back soon! Good night from the 'Hall' 🌙
  18. Very good Mossy. I'll come over and check your play out. Thanks for the comment, I am testing the waters for the M.A.D. coming up.
  19. Side TWO, Marillion 'Misplaced Childhood', so good on the new gear. Bias meter at rest 🍷
  20. Mossy = 333333333333333333333333333333333333333
  21. Good night George, sleep well ! We meet again later
  22. ...........and my 'vibe' photo while on the first track of this 180 LP.....🍷
  23. Ok, joining the Friday night party.............with THIS......thanks Mike !
  24. Yes, yes George......that room always looks GRAND !
  25. George, I don't call my listening space 'Music Hall' without reason . You may want to ask your bride what she knows of Tanglewood here in the States where I work for the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Some of the worlds finest musicians have emerged from the Tanglewood Music Center campus here in MA.
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