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  1. I've always liked Harley, he has responded a any number of my comments and he has a passion for fine, orchestral recordings and composers of the classical period.
  2. Y I K E S ! ! !
  3. ....and now.........Side FOUR spins to conclude the double album....Nice ๐Ÿท
  4. Good evening friends. As promised, just put Marillion - Clutching at Straws on the Rega here in the Hall, picking up where I left off last on the livingroom system. But here now listening on the Parasound/Martin Logan gear. Here some photos. ...current 'vibe' photo from the 'audio showroom'
  5. Good morning all ! Paul, thanks for the suggestion, however, I have no way to listen to a sample track. I have Spotify premium, and there are NO listings for either Chris or a John Shaw....
  6. Disc One has concluded and I will continue with disc 2 tomorrow evening, as I am headed off to bed for the night. Rest well everyone ๐ŸŒ™
  7. Disc ONE, Side A on the UTurn custom. ...and tonight's VIBE photo at the moment...
  8. Inside the gatefold......nothing left out
  9. Good evening friends! Friday evening here, got my glass of vino, and decided on Clutching At Straws, a 180gram, remastered beauty.
  10. Now on to side B.......closeup of the Ortofon Blue... Heading to bed after this one. More tomorrow.......have a good evening.
  11. Good evening / morning friends! Just winding down to listen to some music on the UTurn and system from Denmark. So, brought up some LP's from the library. Right now, it is YES. Side A begins.....
  12. Good morning/evening friends and CONGRATS Paul on picking adding that to you LP collection. I have that and 'Rattle that Lock'. I enjoy them both very much. Dreamy arrangements at times, and a tribute to the late Richard Wright. ๐Ÿฅฒ
  13. Thanks Billy and friends... I hope to be here more often, now that there are two spaces with turntables and plenty of vinyl in the library to take out. I am going to head off for the evening. See you all tomorrow for more .
  14. Onto disc #2 Side C.......this is a string quartet arrangement. And now playing.....Side D. Back to full orchestra. This is called 'Moonrise'. Very pleasent, melodic themes through out.
  15. Side B in progress, white center label this time....kind of goes with the finish on the UTurn... This is really a very nice orchestral recording, and Paul as composer (with some help from the sidelines) came up with some beautiful themes here !
  16. ....and here is what's spinning this evening... All cleaned by the new BIG FUDGE record cleaning system....Disc 1, Side A
  17. Ok, I decided Paul McCartney would be a nice listen. Oceans, DOUBLE 180gram. set. Here are the promised photos from the space, after dark with brand new lamp.
  18. Thank you MM and Paul for the compliments on the 'livingroom' setting. Yes, I decided to leave the light set on the mantle for the summer. Lava lamps.......well, yes, those were usually lighted in full for our dinner parties in the WINTER. The radiant heat from 1100watts total is pretty incredible. All that liquid gets VERY hot! There are actually TWO Mathmos lamps from England in that display, they run on 220 with a special powersupply. Mathmos was 2 years AHEAD of the Lava Lamp Co. they started back in 1963, while Lava began in 1965. OK, the new lamp for the audio 'corner' just arrived via Amazon at this later hour of 9pm. It is setup and I have photos from my current vinyl spin. NEXT POST
  19. Thanks for the likes! I decided to make yet another change. I will take a photo a bit later. If you look to the front left corner, you can see an antique corner display stand behind the audio system. I moved that out for the first time in 17 years! I moved the audio rack into that corner, and I just ordered a new, minimalist, industrial floor lamp that will shed light over the turntable! This is a same day delivery from Amazon and should be here sometime this evening. Once I get that in place, I will send that new photo along and see what you all think. Thanks for your interest .
  20. Here then is the livingroom vibe. I use a laptop on the glass table between the two loveseats for streaming via blue tooth into the Bang and Olufsen gear. Fun, fun, fun , time to give the new 'Big Fudge' record cleaning system a spin with some vinyl listening. Enjoy your music my friends
  21. Good Wednesday morning friends. Dark, rainy day today here in my state, with lots of flooding going on EAST of here. Anyway, Amazon stopped by yesterday and dropped off a new accessory! I have always loved my D3 - D4 Diskwasher system, but I got tired of carting it between two floors for listening to the different systems. So, I located this product which is VERY similar, right down to the real wood handle. This will stay with the U-Turn custom in the livingroom. I also re-arranged the room a bit and I will share photos for you to take a look at. Meanwhile, here is the new record cleaning system, with stylus brush, and storage pouch etc.
  22. Yes, Jimi and I go back nearly 40 years now. He invited me to audition along with our bass player for HOL . But, that fell through for certain reasons I won't mention here. It would have been perfect because they wouldn't need those damn tracks on the iPOD any longer for backing vocals and keyboards because we would have had that covered LIVE. Just as well, I kept my current job of 34 years now, AND continued with the Neil Diamond show band which I dearly enjoyed and miss since it was retired after a 20 year run due to Covid...
  23. Thank you! Only 4:38pm. here, whole night ahead. Rest well ! You will be in dreamland when I hit the rack . Meanwhile, enjoying Side 2 of Bill Evans Trio, and the wine ๐Ÿท.
  24. Side 1 playing as I type, and just enjoying the atmosphere of the 'Hall' with Willsenton R8 and the Forte'4's for playback....
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