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  1. Thank you sir. Forum members have always been honest and above board....buying or selling.
  2. Rudy81

    Uneasy Feeling

    Unfortunately you are going to have to spend some time on the phone sorting this out. Sending the product to a different address is one issue. The gift card is a HUGE red flag.
  3. Rudy81

    Uneasy Feeling

    Wow, that doesn't sound right to me.
  4. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I just purchased and installed the Xilica. Selling two Ashly's.
  5. This is all @Chris A and @rplace 's fault. They inadvertently got me off on the trail for a new Xilica crossover, which led to getting rid of Audyssey and other upgrades. I have to blame somebody! My addiction got the better of me again. The Tang Band drivers were replaced about a month ago. The Ashly crossover was put out to pasture two days ago, one was never used and was a backup. Other items have been sitting around for a while.
  6. I've got too much stuff cluttering my garage and media room. Figured some forum members could benefit before stuff goes on eBay.
  7. No amps. Never did have them. I obtained the subs without amps from various sources. Used them actively with external amps.
  8. Following items are available. If you are a long time Forum member and are interested, let me know via PM for full details. One used Ashly Protea 4.8SP 24 Bit Processor One new Ashly Prorea 4.8SP 24 Bit Processor Various RSW-15 parts. (no OEM amps). Shipping those drivers will be very difficult. Local pickup in D/FW, Texas preferred. Audyssey Pro Installer Kit. Three One used Tang Band 1808 8" full range driver. One used P Audio BM-D750 2" driver One used P Audio PH-2380 2" horn I'll add anything else I find as I clean out the closet.
  9. Long week since I got involved in really applying what I learned in this thread. Got the new XP4080 installed. What a nice unit, the noise floor on this thing is ridiculous....totally quiet as best I can tell. I found out through much trial and error that each crossover point, type, and slope you pick affects the outcome of the GD and spectrogram. I then had to re-work the timing and at times polarity. I did set one of the presets to the Danley style no-crossover crossover. Sounds really good upon a cursory listen. I have spent so much time working on this I had to take a break. For now, the system sounds really good. I have to admit that I didn't even run Audyssey! Frankly, don't plan on it. I got my bass back by doing the tuning manually. I was always aware that Audyssey Pro messed with my Bass too much and this is proof. Once again, thank you Chris for all your help! I really like having full control of the entire system and how it sounds.
  10. I am using the downloadable Ashly Protea software to play with possible PEQ combinations as compared to a standard crossover. The downside I see to this is the use of at least 2 PEQ positions, which reduce the available PEQ's to work on flattening response.
  11. How would you set up two PEQs to maximize the attenuation?
  12. Chris, thank you for the explanation. It all makes sense from what little I know about filters etc. In my case, my LF and HF have a broad region of overlap, so it will be unlikely that I use the natural rolloff of both LF bass bin and the Oris horn since they are not coincidental. In such a case, once I select a crossover frequency, can you show on a diagram or xover display how that should be set up? My LF bass bin un-restricted, can run from 20hz to about 1200hz IIRC. My bass bin port resonance lies at 515hz or so. The Oris horn roll-off occurs around 150-200hz. The meat of the usable overlap occurs somewhere around 300-400hz. I really like the idea for using this technique. Many Oris owners do not use any crossover on the Oris horn and run them full range, depending on the horn's natural roll-off. The problem I am having trouble visualizing this for the bass bin is that those drivers can respond well above where I want to use the bass bin. The Kappalite 3015LF drivers don't roll off until about 2kHz, depending on the enclosure. I want to make sure the PEQ used does not allow the higher frequencies to 'resurrect' on the other side of the PEQ. That is, if I understand the technique correctly.
  13. Chris, Just finished reading this thread and am looking forward to getting more into this area as soon as my Xilica arrives in a few days. I still am not too clear on how your make a crossover without actually using a "named" crossover on a DSP, but I'm sure you will shed some light on this. So far, everything you have taught me has proven to be an improvement! I am very curious as to how this method will work on something as different as full range driver in an Oris horn coupled with a very large ported bass bin.
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