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  1. As I have mentioned, the fever was my first clue that something was not right. It became my constant companion, day and night, until I got the cocktail. Average was 102 on a daily basis. The night before I went to the ER, it hit 106. The constant headache just made it more miserable. Amazingly, within 24 hours of getting the first dose of Chloroquin, the fever broke and it has never returned. The President knew it would work, and it does.
  2. I have not been able to find out if I will now be 'immune' from Covid-19 or not. I don't think they know. This is not a standard bug. The virus have various 'unnatural' characteristics that might make re-infection possible. Not really sure how this will all play out. I suspect in short order there will be a cure for it. Between now and then, as the President said, there will be a couple of very difficult weeks for all of us.
  3. No, he told me to go buy one. They are readily available. Those little gadgets that clip on your finger tip. Most have seen them in doc offices when you get your vitals taken. Pulse/Oxygen monitor. Everyone should have them available during this time.
  4. Doc had me monitoring my O2 levels. He didn't like the trend and required me to head to the ER. Good call on his part.
  5. Ha, no chance of that. I'm still extremely weak, so easy does it is the rule of each day.
  6. Yes, I lost my sense of smell and taste, but had not noticed the issue until my wife asked. I was overwhelmed with the body pains and fever for about the first 4 days. I wasn't eating much anyway, so it didn't jump out as a symptom. There was no onset for me. I had been totally perfectly normal that morning. Even went on a long 3 mile walk since I had been avoiding the gym in case I had gotten it overseas, so my wife and I had been self quarantining out of an abundance of care for our friends and other locals. That afternoon, I noticed I had a headache and was running a fever. I immediately called my doc and got tested that afternoon. By the next morning the fever was really cooking and the horrible, non-stop, body pains had started. Never had a sore throat. Sense of smell and taste didn't come back until about three days ago. Wight loss was about 12 lbs.
  7. I was admitted from me walking into the ER to begin with per my Doc. Didn't take long and they got me a room quickly. Minimum of paperwork. I was told the floor I was on was full, but no way to know since I never saw anyone except my nurses and docs. they are very meticulous about keeping you quarantined. The day I left, all was calm outside. No line for testing or admissions.
  8. Thank you bill. Greatly appreciate it. You guys stay safe out there.....keep your distance from everyone else.
  9. My first clue that something wasn't right was a fever. Mind you, I was constantly keenly aware of my body since I knew I was a perfect candidate for the virus. I was tested on the first day I got a fever. Test results took until the 31st, and initially reported incorrectly. I spent 9 days, self quarantened, trying fight the fever, body aches and other symptoms at home. On day 10 my doc sent me to the hospital due to decreasing O2 levels in my system. I did not start the turn around until the hospital put me on the chorloquine, Zpack, Zinck cocktail. About the 3rd day of that is when I started feeling better. I'm still on the mend, but feel somewhat normal compared to the symptoms I've had. The cocktail broke the fever almost immediately. I had a fever since day one. Sometimes as high as 106. In my book, it was the POTUS cocktail that helped.
  10. In the continuing saga......just got call from my doc telling me the test results were positive. No duh! Turns out someone read the wrong thing over the phone when my doc called. When the paperwork came in, it said Positive, clear as day. Now at least things make sense!
  11. I am, however still mindful of the countless thousands going through this with poorer results. Broke my heart at night listening to others on the floor coughing all night long. Just horrible. Keep all of them in prayer. It is truly painful and lonely since neither family nor friends can visit you on those floors. I am blessed to be have come out of this so quickly, although I started the fight early in the month.
  12. Once again all, thank you for the camaraderie, the prayers and the great well wishes. It made a difference and it brightened my day! First round at the SWAG is on ME! You are all a class act. I don't know of anywhere else where a group of mostly strangers, tethered together by the love of music and gear, can be so thoughtful. True Americana in my book. I am so glad to be back home with my wife. Much more comfortable here than in the hospital. Safer too. In the next day too, I'm spending the whole damn day in the media room listening to music. It has been since the 19th and haven't hear the AMT's sing! I'm stoked! I'm grateful for each and every one of your friendship!
  13. No pinching through those hazmat suits...LOL. Besides, pinching was the last thing on my mind. I just wanted the fever to stop and my breathing back to normal. The poor nurses and docs have to deal with this crap every day now. Under hot, unformfortable, gear they have to wear EVERY time they come into a room. Then, remove the stuff, before they leave. How tedious! Bless their hearts.
  14. WOW! I am truly humbled by you all! Your prayers have been heard and answered, In the nut shell, I am being released today! No more fever or other symptoms and breathing mostly back to normal. Still need two weeks of quarantine. Funny thing is my test came back negative. Yet, every doctor says I have it. I think the POTUS elixir made the difference. More to follow,,,,,nurse is here.
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