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  1. Rudy81

    Jubilees in DFW/Sherman area

    No affiliation. Just noticed these and posted in case anyone is interested in the nearby area. https://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/ele/d/klipsch-jubilee/6579464938.html
  2. Rudy81

    Best DIY subwoofer?

    So far, I am still thrilled with the performance. Certainly in terms of pure output from the individual subs, but I am also very impressed with the system response having spread out the subs around the room in all 3 dimensions.
  3. Rudy81

    Best DIY subwoofer?

    I have not heard a tuba ht. I chose the Marty for ease of build and for the ability to customize the dimensions of the cabinet. Turns out my build worked out great for my layout. I have 4 rather large subs in the room and they are not as noticeable in size and aesthetics as one would think.
  4. Rudy81

    Best DIY subwoofer?

    Turns out, that is exactly correct!
  5. My Oris are the 150 variety and a little larger than these, although I cross them above 150Hz. Dhar, those look really nice. Can't believe you haven't had any takers since you posted on the Oris forum. For all the speaker changes I have made over the years, I have yet to change out of my Oris horns. Great horn if you are willing to think outside the box.
  6. Rudy81

    DFW Klipsch on Craigslist

    Absolutely! Sellers have every right to ask whatever they wish. I simply noted that the local price of Klipsch is well above anything I ever paid. I have paid for Cornwalls at $800, Belles $1400 and Khorns $1800 in very good to excellent condition. I also sold them for similar pricing in the past. I am glad to see that prices have gone up for those of you who own the Heritage line. I only have the commercial movie theater line left and a few RSW-15s.
  7. Rudy81

    DFW Klipsch on Craigslist

    No affiliation, but just saw these on craigslist. Cornwalls: https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/ele/d/vintage-klipsch-cornwall/6515699554.html https://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/ele/d/klipsch-cornwalls/6471001141.html Belles: https://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/ele/d/klipsch-belle-speakers/6503925456.html Khorns: https://dallas.craigslist.org/sdf/ele/d/klipsch-klipschorn-speakers/6483231509.html Seems there is a premium on Klipsch compared to the day when I purchased all of these various models. Good for you owners of the Heritage brands.
  8. Rudy81

    Multiple Subwoofers....what I didn't know

    Although the room sim is for rectangular rooms, I still think you could benefit from some trial and error attempts to improve the bass performance with multiple subs. In the case of my RSW-15s, I am not able to raise them due to location, but they still work very well from floor level.
  9. Rudy81

    Multiple Subwoofers....what I didn't know

    If you are really interested in examining the options, download and install REW. Then use the room sim to model your room. Add the number and type of subs you have and then move them around the room as much as you wish while you observe the expected room response. The sim, AFAIK, is only for rectangular rooms. You can change the locations and vertical placement of the subs in the simulation. My experience and graphs prove there is something to this 'multiple subwoofer' theory.
  10. Rudy81

    Multiple Subwoofers....what I didn't know

    I agree. Certainly the flattest and least response needing correction I have ever gotten with any of my subwoofer projects. Just a crazy concept if you ask me. Funny think is I built 4 subs on the advise of an AVS forum member who suggested 4 in order to properly fill the volume in my room. He was right. My two RSW-15's also provided a nice curve positioned along opposite mid-wall locations.
  11. Rudy81

    How many here turn off Audyssey

    Stumbled onto this thread while on the forum and had to run up and try turning DEQ and Audyssey off on my system. A few days ago I finished setting up my four new Full Marty subs. I then ran Audyssey Pro as usual and have the system mostly dialed in. In my case, with a treated room, turning off DEQ does not improve anything. All it does on my system is remove the bass at lower volume levels. If I turn Audy off completely, I lose quite a bit of my mid range. On my system, Audyssey greatly improves the overall balance of the entire system. I tried both 5.1 material, as well as 2 channel. Both are better with Audy engaged. I have an Integra DHC 9.9 so have the older generation of Audyssey. I do however have the Audyssey Pro kit and so have a much better measurement system than the basic which came with my Integra.
  12. Rudy81

    Multiple Subwoofers....what I didn't know

    Ha! The full gain blows me out of the room! This afternoon I took the LFE channel from -12 to -10 based on some Blu Ray concerts I have. So far, so good. Plenty of nice clean bass with lots of punch!
  13. Rudy81

    Multiple Subwoofers....what I didn't know

    That's exactly what I do. Yesterday I ran Audyssey Pro and then had a short listening session. As usual, I found the bass to be a little thin and using the ability to modify the resultant curves I boosted the region below 80H by 3db. So far, it is sounding good.
  14. Rudy81

    Multiple Subwoofers....what I didn't know

    Thanks. I am aware of the -12 trim issue. Right now the gains on the amps are half way down. For a while I plan on doing some critical listening and then I can re-run Audyssey if need be. I have found that I tend to like a little more bass than Audyssey would have me set. The beauty of my active system is that I have plenty of flexibility in adjusting gain.