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  1. You have to move a lot of air with an OB to get that low. That must have been a crazy setup.
  2. Latest version, finally installed after the bass bin build. Mains are now truly 2 way. Next will the modding the grilles I had to fit these cabs.
  3. Rudy81

    RSW-15 Parts

    Armando, When you say 'volume', can you be more specific? Are you talking about the round knob on the side of the cabinet? I thought you had been looking for the back control panel. Let me know.
  4. Things worked out very well. I sprayed the cabs with lacquer thinner, which raised the grain. Sanded, which was lots of fun, and painted with the black lacquer. Now I just need to wetsand with 1000 grit and polish. Should turn out nice!
  5. Perfectly times post Chris. Thank you. I will need to intigrate my newly installed bass bins once I finish the build. This should come in very handy.
  6. I thought I'd update this long thread in case someone goes down this trail in the future. I have been living with the H Frame open baffles for a little over four years. The OB system definitely has a very clean and excellent sound. Like all other things in audio, there is a trade-off. The big trade-off as all of you know is the lack of lower frequency range. Particularly since I have not bee using ideal drivers for an OB setup. I decided to try and improve the lower frequency range of my system. I worked with some PPSL prototypes which lacked the upper range I need to mate with the Oris horns. I finally decided to go back to the old ported cabinet. I received quite a bit of help and 'supervision' from LTD02, and I am indebted to him for his help. I ended up using the 15" Kappalite 3015LF drivers I already have in a 12 cu. ft. ported enclosure, tuned to 25hz. Goal has been to have a true 2-way system with the Oris horns that can get down to 20hz. 12cu. ft. is a big box, but I could not find a way to make it any smaller and still achieve my goal. I built one cabinet as a test bed and it turned out as planned. 25hz tuning and it does work well from 20hz to approximately 500hz where we run into the port resonance. From 20hz to about 70hz it does need EQ to provide a somewhat flat response. I have been listening to it for the last few days and am very pleased. I have been doing quite a bit of A/B comparing with the other main speaker. The open baffle sounds similar, BUT lacks that lower mid bass 'slam'. Much better sound in the lower octaves from the new ported box. So....goodbye to the OB H frames and am now building the other two cabinets for the center and main channel. It will be nice to go 2-way and get rid of the RSW-15s that have been playing the low end support role.
  7. Many thanks! I just finished my first cabinet and hope to do some listening tests today. If all goes well, I will build 2 more the center and right channel. I got very nice response from 20hz to 450hz.
  8. Outstanding! Thank you very much. Makes sense. I like your technique.
  9. I am aware of the conditioners for stain, but am trying to research the lacquer deal. I have always shot one pass with lacquer, and then had to sand. Subsequent lacquer layers were fine. I'm lazy and trying to avoid the sanding phase.
  10. Question for you cabinet experts. When I visited the Hope plant during a Klipsch pilgrimage, I noticed the folks painting the plywood cabs with black lacquer just sprayed the lacquer and the cabinets were done after the lacquer application. Nice smooth finish. They went from raw to smooth finish in one step. I am working on some baltic birch cabinets and have experienced the grain raising on baltic birch when spraying lacquer....thus requiring a sanding step before I get a nice finish. Does anyone know what must be done to prevent the plywood grain from raising like that?
  11. Rudy81


    I will be selling a single, brand new, Oris 250/8 horn. I purchased a pair and will only be using one for my center channel. This horn is for an 8" driver. Just PM if interested for pictures and pricing.
  12. The build quality looks superb! I looked up the directions and noticed that the double baffle is not glued together. At least it seemed that way in the instructions. Is that the case? Just wondering about issues with vibration on the very front baffle piece.
  13. Congratulations! Just under 4 years for me and boy am I looking forward to it! Enjoy your time!
  14. Chasing 20Hz for various reasons. Trying to build a true 2-way that won't require subs. I have subs supporting the mains now and want to get rid of them. I also use the same mains for movies in HT and am guessing they have much more 20-30hz content than music. I was trying to duplicate what others have done with a PPSL getting closer to 400hz. Different drivers of course. I'll be looking into the flipped driver concept. Aesthetically, not the best option. I have not researched the harmonic cancellation theories. I looked at the Karlson and have read about it's performance. I should begin some sort of build next week. I'll see what the options are. I have problems with a well designed ported cabinet. Lot's of flexibility and power if designed properly. Just a little large, but I have a large room.
  15. This WinISD plot shows what I theoretically should be able to do with two Kappalite 3015LF drivers and a little EQ. This SPL is with 100 watt input to the very efficient drivers.
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