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    7.1 HT
    Klipschorns, 1978, B&K Sound Type A/4500 Crossover and Crites CT-125 Tweeter.
    La Scala center, 1973, K43 woofer, recapped AA.
    Heresy II side surrounds.
    KPT-100 rear surrounds, mod to bypass X-Curve attenuation.
    Tuba HT DIY subwoofer powered by one channel of HK AVR-325 receiver (gives me a volume control!) and EQed using a miniDSP.
    HK AVR-254 and Nikko Alpha 220 power amp for mains.
    Sony S590 BluRay/SACD player
    Rotel RCD-02 CD player
    XBMC streaming over digital coax, Android phone remote.
    BenQ W6000 projector on 120" 16:9 Elunevision Reference Studio AudioWeave (motorized tab-tensioned) screen.
    Samsung F8500 60-inch 3D plasma (one of the last great plasmas you can buy in 2014)
    Heresy wall mount:

    DIY Subwoofer for KHorns:

    When I got my KHorns:

    Streaming music:

    Picking my screen:

    What kills tweeters:

    Mod'ing the KPT-100 to remove X-Curve high-frequency attenuation:

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  1. The matching center would be the SC-1 so you might try to find one on the used market? https://www.klipsch.ca/products/sc-1-center-speaker
  2. Something with a similar top end to the Cornscala would be better, no?
  3. Yes, but when you read actual reviews (and threads on AVS for example) many people report that they did not receive an OEM part. This makes the purchase risky. Have you purchased from them before? https://ca.trustpilot.com/review/www.projectorlampsworld.com
  4. Thanks, but search for that site and the word review and it looks to be the same crap shoot, with some people reporting the bulb lasting a very short time and exploding in the projector, or being dimmer than the one they replaced. These are the stories that are making me think I'd rather skip the hassle and buy a new projector. Should have bought an OEM spare bulb assembly when it was only a few years old.
  5. True. But having a crappy downmix was the main driver for the upgrade. We'll see. At least I got the bug back after a decade! 😉
  6. It's already past 2000 hours, so I guess it's not shutting off automatically. I might have dimmed without us noticing but bright scenes will still make you squint a bit.
  7. I just plugged in an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K to get DD+ transcoding it it was a wonderful sight to see the channel inputs light up on my AVR on Netflix. It even displays Dolby Digital Plus on the receiver, which is weird. Sounds amazing! This has taken much of the reason to upgrade the receiver out from under me. Ah well.
  8. That's thinking outside of the box! Are you bouncing the sound on the ceiling? Or did you mount them to the ceiling?
  9. "I need to update a very old HK receiver because I no longer get real surround formats while streaming Netflix since it doesn't support DD+. " This was how this started. I just found out that a C$50 "Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K" will transcode DD+ to plain old DD. I may not "need" a new receiver after all. I'm not sure how I feel about that! Haha!
  10. If you haven't decided on speakers yet, I use Heresy II as side surrounds and have them hung at an angle using easy to make wood supports. For rears, I use the KPT-100 which are angled and don't protrude into the room as much. There are modern equivalents.
  11. Separate speakers are much more easily upgradable. But this is from a guy who still the same speakers after 20 years or so. Haha. That's a huge room! Lots of room for floor standing speakers.
  12. The best center is always an identical speaker to the R+L. A horizontal center is a compromise for fit. If it uses identical drivers, the compromise is greatly lessened.
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