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  1. Thanks everyone there is only one inductor in "C" network. I haven't got it out of my speaker, but from what I remember the wires seem like they came with it? I wonder if I can change them out, or if they are under specific layers or foils I may screw up. Its the stock one in the Crites crossover I have. I would like to test different wire to it before trying new inductors. Just to see. Drives me nuts having those two wires different.
  2. I was wondering if you hooked up the inductor in a heresy network from the input to the "inner" lead of the coil then the outer lead goes to the woofer terminal? I'm thinking about experimenting with inductors.
  3. I found this old one. Posted it in schematic thread as well.
  4. I was wondering if the entire input signal Highs, midrange, bass run through the 1uf cap? Would this cap affect the tone of all frequencies or just the bass? If you can't hear tone please only think does the signal go through it at some point. Thanks.
  5. Miniature La Scala's for desktop computers. No subwoofer. Variety of wood finishes.
  6. Not sure I understand. Is 2.2 ok? Or you mean something lower than a 2uf? Its about availability for me as some of the caps I prefer to try are only in the 2.2 range, and anything differing would be custom orders. Which means even more spending.
  7. What about a light bluish grey paint? Might look pretty unique in a good way.
  8. Can I use a 2.2 uf value cap in the 2.uf position ( treble)? If so or not what would it do. Also a 5 percent nominally tolerance so it's possible it could land around 2.uf anyway or even higher.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcMdUKWidPY
  10. Out of the Furnace Best drama I seen in awhile.
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