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  1. Klipsch KG3

    Have never heard them. Here's the spec sheet from Klipsch. I do love that Klipsch still has these materials available, helps a buyer make more informed decisions. I can't believe that these spec sheets are from the 90's, feeling a little dated.
  2. Klipsch RF-7 III on spikes

    Next item on my bucket list, February '19 is my target. Good lord man, how high is your ceiling? Pic makes it look like Spiderman could swing around in there no problem. Very cool setup indeed.
  3. 1990 Klipschorns Model Type B

    Cool! I just missed a nice pair of Cornwalls yesterday. Keep us posted on your progress and your opinion of how they sound. I'm living vicariously.
  4. Cornwall II's for sale near me

    Wow, they already sold. Didn't act fast enough. Bummer.
  5. New Listening Room, and New House

    Was laughing at the 'shooting more spiders...." not that you're friend almost lost a hand.
  6. Here's a link to some Cornwall II's about 15 minutes from me. I have no Heritage and would like to start somewhere. I need some honest opinion here, which knowing this forum, I'm sure to get. I've been running KG 5.5's since I bought them new back in, well, over 20 years ago. Is there a significant sound improvement over the 5.5's? Is the price reasonable? Thoughts are appreciated here. Here's the link: https://spokane.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-corwall-iis-in/6530807814.html He's asking $750 for them.
  7. RIP Stephen Hawking

    The toaster or BigStewMan?
  8. RIP Stephen Hawking

    Bummed about Hawking. Great mind for sure. Loved watching any shows he did, etc. I could've tried reading papers of his but it would have been a waste of those pages time. Glad though that @BigStewMan can keep us moving forward with String Theory, Black Holes, Dark Matter, and the like. Phew, that is a relief. Not to mention, Toys R Us is folding as well. Damn technology is killing everything. Hawking warned that AI would be the end of us. Terminator, The Matrix, may not be far away. But, what do I know, I'm a peasant. Just not looking forward to when my toaster tries to actively end me.
  9. New Listening Room, and New House

    This thread has definitely veered off the road. Had scorpions, little silver lizards, potato bugs, black widows, snakes, all the good stuff where I grew up in CA. I avoided getting bitten or stung by them, I wasn't one to test how far I could go with them. I'd mess with them for sure, but to a point. Crazy thing was to take a canning jar put a scorpion in it, then add about 20 - 25 fire ants. One heckuva battle. So cruel, so cruel.... Hey dtel, you mean you don't like these? Wolf spiders, one of many types up here. They like to come running out from under piles of clothes, shoes on the floor, etc. Yeah, they like to live inside, more toward the colder months, don't pay rent though, die they must.
  10. 1990 Klipschorns Model Type B

    Here's a link that describes the difference in the models, A, B, C.
  11. 1990 Klipschorns Model Type B

    I don't even own a pair of KHorns and from what you're describing I'd do it in a heartbeat. $1500 is a really good price from what I've seen. Leaves you room for some upgrades if you feel that you need to after you get the home. Once properly placed, driven with better upstream gear, I can only imagine how happy you'll be. My vote is to open the wallet and load them up. Edit: They do still make the Khorns, base units are $6K each, 70th Anniversary are even more.
  12. Thoughts on Lascala and PWK's philosophy

    Well, that pretty much sums it up. @Chris A strikes again! I always appreciate your knowledge and willingness to share. Ray, try what he says. I have some influential placement, toe-in, first order absorption panels, a couple of bass traps, due to his suggestions. Guess what, it works, and well I might add.
  13. What I Got Today!

    This arrived today, a really cool Lego set from Parts Express!! This is the second sub that I'm adding of the same type. Won't be done for a couple of months yet, weather won't be good for painting until then. Can't wait to get it finished.
  14. imaging ?

    Bingo, as Paul79 said, some recordings lend themselves to a strong imaging presence. Others, not so much.
  15. KLF 10/20 owners, How much toe in?

    I've messed with toe-in/out a bunch. It depends on your room, spacing, etc. I'm mainly a music guy so I play the same track repeatedly with each subsequent position change. Try and find that point where the music sounds like it's right in front of you. Harder to discern left and right. I'd sit in both positions with each change to see how the imaging sounds to you. I run a pair of 5.5's, similar, but not the same, two way with horn and two active DR 10's in each cab.