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  1. ACV92

    3 minutes to Miller Time

    Just back from San Diego. Had a few blondes at a place called BJ's last night, and had a couple of other blondes at a place called Urge the night before. Tonight, I'm back to my regular. Searching for that 'Rocky Mountain High' or hunting werewolves, you figure it out....
  2. ACV92

    What I Got Today!

    I second the motion...
  3. ACV92

    What I Got Today!

    Same with the Marantz and Klipsch combo. Although, I've only used AVR's. The bass thing is an issue. My mains have never produced the bass that many talk about. Have an SR8002 now, 125 across all channels, Torodial tranformer, last of the AVR's to have it, but doesn't drive the low end, at least to me anyway. Would love to try a 250, or 250M, and see what happens. I think you've just concluded my suspicion.
  4. ACV92

    What I Got Today!

    Nice grab. Lots of juice in that one's veins. Would love to have one. Enjoy!
  5. ACV92

    Max Volume!

    If you think that was Zeppelin inspired, check these guys out. I know, I'm a middle age dog, but I'm always searching for new sounds. I dig these guys. Not quite LZ, but good nevertheless. It's like people say, it all comes around. Gretta Van Fleet - Black Smoke Rising Nothing to watch, but you hear it. They've got some other good songs as well.
  6. ACV92

    Max Volume!

    These guys are from Iowa. Go figure. Cool section at the back end of the song, drums, a little left to right play. Reminds me of some older 60's, 70's tunes. Radio Moscow - No Good Woman No good videos of this one.
  7. ACV92

    Max Volume!

    That was cool. Going to have to save this for when I upgrade my sub amp. Have two UMax 15's that I've built/finished and the amp that I was using to run one, bridged, falls on its face with two in stereo. So, I delve into the heavier side of things. My tunes of choice. Dig this one. Video's kind of lame, but you get the point. Not G rated by the way...
  8. ACV92

    Max Volume!

    Yeah, that's the one I posted up a few, Purple was the name of it. My favorite is this one, their third. CD looked like a beach ball. Stone Temple Pilots - Tiny Music
  9. ACV92

    Max Volume!

    Was never much of a concert goer. Me and crowds, well, not so much my thing. But, I did catch Dorothy over in Missoula, at the Top Hat Lounge a few months ago. Dig their tunes. Was about 20 - 25' from the stage. Very cool. Figured I'd better in my 'older' years. They rocked.
  10. ACV92

    Max Volume!

    You boys have me drifting over here for plays. Good stuff. Sooo much fun had with PJ - Ten. Stone Temple Pilots - Big Empty
  11. ACV92

    Goodwill Find

    Nice grab!! I just bought a pair of HII's and one had water damage on the bottom for $350. Cleaned up pretty well. If you're looking at refinishing the veneer, I presume they're veneered, it's only about 1/32" thick. I refinished the bottom of the one with damage and replaced a missing piece of veneer (how I know the thickness). Surprisingly, they will take a bit of sanding. Just be careful to not sand through. Crites has some good upgrade goodies for these. I'd go with the tweet diaphragms, cap upgrade, and slanted risers. Repaired bottom. Color matching was a bit of a chore, but fun. Haven't finished over the stain yet. Someone said they used 'tung oil'. I may just go for a 'tung oil' variant. Anyway, hope this gives you some ideas. Again, sweet find.
  12. ACV92

    What the heck are these?

    That is a great price on those. Plus, they look awesome.
  13. ACV92

    What the heck are these?

    They look like the top hats from a pair of La Scala II's, but appear to be a bit narrow in height. Edit - Here's a pic of the La Scala II rear. Compliments of the Klipsch website. Wonder where the bins are.
  14. ACV92

    Radio station coming through amplifiers?

    I had a Klipsch sub that started doing the same thing. It was an old SW-10. Ended up replacing it with a couple of UMax 15's. Don't know what caused it though. Have you tried disconnecting the source input to ensure that it's not the amps? I'd disconnect the outputs as well. I'd be interested to hear what others have to say that causes this. Hopefully, something simple.
  15. ACV92

    RIP Vinnie Pual

    Man, that sucks. Was the drummer/co-founder of one of my favorite bands, Pantera. Dig Hellyeah as well. RIP. Here's a play for you... Pantera - Cemetery Gates