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  1. ACV92

    My First ever Home theater 5.1.2 setup

    Hey Avi! Glad you could join. Bit of advice though, never, ever, ever, give these folks an opportunity to enlighten you on audio type things. They will help you spend your money, as I'm about to do. One suggestion from me would be to double up on the subs. Adds a few db's, helps with room modes, put's a bigger smile on your face, etc., etc. Stick around these parts and we'll make you an addict, scout's honor. Congrats on the new home and new setup. Once it's done you'll have endless hours of great sounding, well, everything. Keep us posted on your progress.
  2. ACV92

    More Gender Angst

    OK, going to have to drop out of this one. I don't want to appear to be insensitive, or to having a lack of understanding, I'm not that person. My apologies if I've offended anyone. Thanks.
  3. ACV92

    More Gender Angst

    Are you kidding me???? Nothing in this world is built to their height, stature. What more can a society say than we don't care that your not of average height, we're going to keep building things for us 'normal' folk. People gawk and stare, wonder what it's like. WTH do you think a little man at 3'4" does when he walks up to a urinal and he's staring at the bowl part level with his eyes? Transgender people only get discriminatory behavior because it's topical. Believe me, if the media started focusing on little people again it would be a huge 'today' issue. It's about the headlines. Too many people are just sheep, have no ability to discern. It's frustrating.
  4. ACV92

    More Gender Angst

    Oh, this thread is going to get locked. No question. Maybe this will help, I Love Klipsch!!!
  5. ACV92

    More Gender Angst

    Look, ZT, I get where you're coming from. My point is that everyone of us has to deal with 'abnormalities' every day. I used to be called Pinocchio when I was a freshman due to my nose being a little large for my face at the time. Well, as time went on, my head got bigger and everything has worked out OK. This constant effort of 'philanthropy' is lost when it isn't true. Many people today pound there chest's for this movement, or that. But why do they do it? To help the affected people, or because it makes them feel better about themselves? True philanthropy is a noble quest, but often falls significantly short. BTW, what happened to the 'little people' movement? Still don't see too many provisions being made for them. Again, true philanthropic people are unusually dynamic. They don't just pick this or that.
  6. ACV92

    More Gender Angst

    I didn't disparage transgender folks intentionally, true transgender, not choice. The lines are blurred. We've made concessions for .6% of the population, to the tune of millions and millions of dollars for what? To decide which bathroom to use? Quite frankly, if a chromosomal woman walks into a men's bathroom because she thinks she's a man, 99.4% of the people in that bathroom are going to be getting uncomfortably close to the urinal. Same goes in the opposite. If a 6'4" man walks into the ladies restroom in a dress I don't think the ladies are going to be very happy. "Parts is parts", immortal words of Ernest P. Worrell. I can see you shaking your head now.
  7. ACV92

    More Gender Angst

    To heck with it folks. Let's just go universal bathrooms and showers for all. It'd be a big party, nationwide. Birth rates would go up exponentially and the government would have to figure out ways to kill more of us for population control. Hey, it's 2019, anything goes right?? Accept everything and everyone. Murderers, rapists, pp touchers, are all good somewhere inside as many want us to believe. Sorry, maybe a bit too far. Where do we draw the line?
  8. ACV92

    QSC amp for mains?

    Just curious if any of you use QSC pro amps to run your mains. I've been wanting to put more power/control to the 5.5's. A guy locally is asking $175 for a barely used QSC GX3. Don't know if it's worth a shot. I'm currently running a Marantz SR 8002 AVR to run them. Marantz is rated at 125 per channel. QSC is 300 per channel, or there about. My question is sound quality. Would the old Marantz sound better than the QSC? The 8002 would become the pre for now. Thoughts are appreciated.
  9. ACV92

    Rf-7 listed as rf-3

    Looks that way. Along with the other descriptions you can see from the below pics that the cabinet area on the side of each woofer/horns is narrower on the 3 than the 7. The ones in the ebay pics look more like the 7. Klipsch logo on the cab is another clue. The 3 doesn't have one. Sorry for the confusion. ebay pic: RF-3 RF-7
  10. ACV92

    Rf-7 listed as rf-3

    Now I see what's going on. The first link the OP posted sent me to the empty cabs post. The link in the14th post down from jjptkd goes to the ones you guys are talking about.
  11. ACV92

    Rf-7 listed as rf-3

    First set of 5 Next 4
  12. ACV92

    Rf-7 listed as rf-3

    I clicked on the first link the OP posted and it showed the picutres, including the one above. The listing shows as ended now. Edit: There were actually 9 pictures total.
  13. ACV92

    Rf-7 listed as rf-3

    There was a 5th picture. This one. Not an RF-7.
  14. ACV92

    Rf-7 listed as rf-3

    Those are RF-3's. The label on the back says so.
  15. ACV92

    Marty Cubes with 15" Ultimax?

    @LTD02 Thanks for the info, that was great. I may have to get in touch with you this summer. Too wintry to get in to any projects right now.