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  1. Horns In Room Corners

    Ultimately, it boils down to what sounds best to you. I've been experimenting a lot lately with toe-in, distance from side walls, back walls, etc. I've read, noticed, that a speaker aimed directly at you will yield a bump in the high frequencies enough to make the sound too bright. Pushing the mains back towards the wall behind them may yield more bass, but can sound punchy. I've also set the toe-in to just in front of my listening position and felt like I lost some staging and perceived SPL. But this is in my room and with my mains. I keep gravitating back towards my mains aimed just slightly to the sides of my listening position, head. So, the direct axis line from the speakers is just to the left, and right, of my head. As far as being more towards left or right, I might play with the balance a bit to drop the left side a hair, and boost the right side slightly, to see if there's any improvement in imaging. So, my suggestion is to try multiple placements, adjustments, until it sounds just right to you. Sometimes, a movement of half-an-inch can yield significant improvement. I used, am using, a tape measure to ensure equality with my main placement, and write down the measurements and perceived results. Experiment and have fun doing so. Just don't have too many adult beverages while experimenting, it can skew the results.
  2. I'm looking for an Audyssey ACM1 calibration mic for my Marantz SR 8002. I'm having no luck finding one. From what I understand the ACM1H and ACM1HB will not work as they are calibrated differently. Just wondering if anyone has one they're interested in selling. Thanks. It should look something like this..
  3. possibly the first RF-7III in the wild

    Very nice! Thanks for the pics. Did you get to hear them? I wonder if someone will do an RF-7 II versus III comparison. I want these down the road but many guys have been touting the RP-280F's. Guess I'm going to have to go by the local stereo shop and try each of them on.
  4. World Series

    That's Yasiel Puig. Dodgers fan's love him, as I am a Doyers' fan myself. They chant his name when he comes to the plate. Reminds me of the movie 'Major League'. Cerrano pays homage to 'Jobu' throughout the flick. Yasiel Puig Cerrano Stretch correlation. Go Dodgers!!
  5. Equifax

    No. The way I look at it if someone is going to steal my identity they're going to do it no matter what. Your information is everywhere, whether you want it to be or not. I had a local college send me a notification that a hard drive that they used for student info, all info, was stolen from a room where it was stored. Seemingly, no security. Google wants to know everything about you, you have to turn off a host of application features on your phone to keep them at bay, but again it doesn't matter. Hackers are too far ahead of any security provisions set in place by any agency. It's the current version of piracy. Wait until hackers get a hold of quantum systems, when the first country figures out the algorithms to build one, nothing will be safe. Just look into Snowden if you want a glimpse. You can put all the security measures in place that you want, but the end result is chance. Is it your turn?
  6. Question, is there anyone on the forums that others trust to restore an AR XA Turntable? It was my father's, I've had it for years but it needs an overhaul. I'd like to get into vinyl, but don't want to spend a fortune doing it. I can do everything but the soldering. I suck at soldering, well, don't have enough experience to tackle this portion. What would be a reasonable cost to restore it? Any recommendations are appreciated. Latest pic of it below.
  7. Take just a moment..

    If that's jimjimbo wearing those, well, I'm a little confused....
  8. Your First Three Cars

    '79 Chevy Silverado 2WD - Big 10 - 6 x 9's and two Orion 10's - 1 amp '84 Honda Accord - 5 Speed - 4 Altec Tweets, 4 Soundstream 6 1/2's, blew up the 10's, one single Orion DVC 12, two Orion amps '86 Nissan P/U standard cab - 14 speakers total, 4 - tweets, 4 - Mids, 2 center channel, 4 - Orion 12's, Subs were in a sixth order bandpass box in the bed of the truck, clamshelled with 4 chambers. Two 6" ports, Two 10" ports that went from the bed of the truck into the cab. Two Orion amps. Too fun. Kind of where I developed these darn audio habits.
  9. So far, like the changes. Nice work.
  10. REW Graph interpretation

    Chris A, garyrc, canyonman I found a couple of things out with about 4 hours of testing. My listening position is right in a couple of nulls, just under 70db and at 100db. Ultimately, I need some bass traps and the second Umax 15 sub. But, the biggest discovery I made was that my crossover on the Inuke3000DSP was set incorrectly. I had tried some different slopes briefly before but had never really 'tested' them. I was running BW 24 on the low pass as it was a suggestion that someone made. With the mic I tried all of the different available types and slopes, LR, Bessel, but found that BW 12 was the homerun hitter. What a difference. The low end is fuller and blends much better with the old 5.5's. I did experiment with some delay but never saw any benefit via the graphs. It seemed to create more issues when I tried to add any. Anyway, I've still got work to do but at least I'm heading in the right direction. Thanks again.
  11. REW Graph interpretation

    Thanks Chris. Appreciated as always.
  12. REW Graph interpretation

    Thanks for the info all. This is only a 2 channel setup and the measurements were taken using only the mains, not the sub. I wanted to see, or correct, any issues with the mains as far as placement, etc. and then bring in the sub and do so more testing. Is it best to run all channels when testing, or should you include a series of independent channel testing as well? I'll figure out a way to attach the UMIK to my camera tripod for better mic placement as well.
  13. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Ummm, damn. Is that the left, or right channel? Apparently, you like to make the trees, animals within, subterranean creatures, enjoy the music. Is that seriously a setup of yours?? If so, I need more property. Well, maybe not. I think I could fit a couple of those in my backyard, if I want to entertain an audience within a 3 mile radius.
  14. So, I know there's a ton of info on the REW software and how to use. I'm just beginning and just want an explanation as to why I should use psychoacoustic smoothing, I believe @Chris A recommended doing so, versus not using it. Below are two graphs of my mains as measured from my single point listening position. When I use no smoothing I want to throw everything away. When I apply PA smoothing it makes everything look great. To use, or not to use, that is the question.
  15. Car Thread

    Any regrets?? Had to edit. Was that bagged? The crossmember and pan look like they wouldn't go over a pebble. Like the look though.