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  1. I wanted to have a look in the interior of my KG4 speakers. Got them used and don't know if they've ever been opened up. Anyway in doing so, i damaged the "seal?" that holds the passive radiator in place. See pic. Is there a replacement? Is this needed?
  2. One more question - how far away from the wall do you recommend placing the KG4s?
  3. Shipping is a fortune to Toronto!
  4. MHB


    What's your final price? Would you ship to Toronto (Canada)?
  5. Thanks, everyone - now just have to find an Academy for sale!
  6. So I guess the choice is KV3 vs Academy. Do you think it would be ok to place tv directly on the Academy?
  7. Thanks for all the prompt responses! I really not have the footprint for the Academy or the other suggestions mentioned, that's why I was wondering about something more recent like the RP 450C center channel.
  8. I have a 7.2.2 home theatre system with two KG4s for my front speakers. Looking to match with a Klipsch center channel speaker. Am hearing KV3 are a good match. Any recommendations for something more recent?
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