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  1. It's said that we die twice: once when our body stops, and a second time when our name is mentioned for the last time. With that in mind, say his name often, if only in your mind. He seems to have been a big part of your life, so keep him in your life by thinking of him often.
  2. I just came across this retrospective of Christine's career. It seems appropriate to play it now. Christine McVie -- Fleetwood Mac's Secret Weapon:
  3. Mozart? If he wants head-bobbing, try some rock and roll! Or even head banging music, but that might damage the equipment, as much as the rats. Also, anyone who has an African Grey Parrot or a Cockatoo knows that they can not only bop their heads, they often can dance, transferring their weight from foot to foot. I know that, and I don't even own one. This scientist needs to spend more time outside the lab! When I looked at the bottom picture, my first thought was, "That poor creature, with some kind of implant on its head!", then I realized that it was a human, so I lol'd.
  4. This is the video for the first song by my friend, the Hi-Fi Fairy. The Hi-Fi Fairy, dusting the K402 tweeter horn of my left speaker, is my avatar. She moved to Germany and her band is called SOSOSO. I recommend full screen and subtitles, because half the lyrics are in Japanese, and the English parts can be hard to make out. She speaks English, French, German, and of course Japanese, so I can forgive her accent in English. I don't know how her German sounds to a German speaker. The song is called Do Demo lijian. SOSOSO -- Do Demo lijian:
  5. As it happens, there's no need to have a sub (or subs) that matches the rest of your system. Timbre matching is irrelevant, because the sub operates in a different frequency range from the main speakers. Also, with the grille in place, any visible differences are much less noticeable. Based on personal experience, I recommend Paradigm subs. Before I got the La Scalas and fell all the way down the Klipsch rabbit hole (see my system description to see what I mean), I had some small Paradigm surround speakers and a front centre speaker and was happy with them. Later, after I got the La Scalas and sold the Paradigm speakers, I got a smaller used one of their subs, the PW-2100, which could go down to 23 Hz. I used that sub for years happily, then I decided to go for it and bought a pair of new Seismic 110 Paradigm subs, which are rated down to 18 Hz, and have 850 watt amplifiers, as opposed to the 400 watts of the old PW-2100. Wow! With the deeper and more solid bass, the difference was night and day. If you can fit one of those subs in your budget, you'll be set for a long time. With its 10" driver, the sub is very compact, so it's easy to find a space for it. Its cabinet is an aluminum cylinder, instead of a rectangular box, which does two things: it reduces unwanted vibrations inside the cabinet, and it has a curved top, so nobody will be putting drinks or plants on it. If that model is out of your reach at the moment, check out some other models. Paradigm has a very wide range of subwoofers, with prices from $499.99 to $12,999.99 for the top one, with six drivers. Those prices are in Canadian dollars, so discount them by roughly 30% to get the US price. One of those subs should fit your needs. https://www.paradigm.com/en/subwoofers
  6. Okay, finally got around to it. Using C weighting and with response set to Slow, my upper limit for volume is 90 dB. That’s pretty loud, and I don’t listen at that level for long. 65-75 dB is more typical. Very late at night/very early morning, l sometimes go as low as 55-60 dB. This is with the SPL meter next to my head at my listening position, pointing straight up.
  7. With my bedroom system (Yamaha RX-V750 AVR), plugging in headphones cuts out the speakers, but since the subwoofers are fed by the Pre Out terminals, they stay active. The first time I plugged in the phones, I was really impressed with the bass response, then I took them off and realized that the subs were playing pretty loud. If you’re not disturbing anyone, it’s a pretty cool effect.
  8. Actually, they do make me feel the beat a bit. They’re AudioQuest NightOwl Carbon headphones, and when combined with the DragonFly Red or Cobalt DACs/headphone amplifiers they do have surprising punch for headphones.
  9. Islander

    Car Thread

    If you want some real no-speed-limit fun, why not check out a track day at Nelson Ledges, the great track in northern Ohio? It has lots of high-speed sweepers and has recently been repaved. It also has a good long back straight and is possibly my favourite track. I raced three 5-Hour endurance races there in the Seventies and two 24-Hours there in the Eighties, as well as some sprint races, and enjoyed every lap, even the ones in the rain and the dark.
  10. Islander

    Car Thread

    On closer inspection, I see what you mean. It does look like a Photoshop job. What's extra crazy is some of those motorized bar stools. They're sort of meant to be pit bikes, but of course some of them have big engines. Here's a particularly crazy one: https://silodrome.com/hoss-fly-big-block-barstool/ On the other hand, this one looks practical and useful:
  11. Islander

    Car Thread

    An RD400-powered Honda Minitrail? Is this yours? Is it actually ridable?
  12. I get really annoyed/frustrated when I’m around people who loudly talk over each other, so that only the loudest one gets to finish any story or even any sentence. But I guess that’s a separate discussion.
  13. One important question: are we measuring at listening position, or 1 metre/yard in front of one speaker? Since this is a subjective question, should I just assume that the level at our ears is being discussed, without precise regard to the sound level at the speakers, since everyone’s room is a different size and shape, with a different degree of liveness?
  14. Pink Floyd Back Catalogue: I've got the same picture on my living room wall, in a similar size. It sits above a larger vertical picture of Jimi Hendrix in a military-style jacket and playing a dark sunburst Stratocaster. Both pictures are lenticular, for a sort of pseudo 3D effect. Why not? Nice Industrial Scala, too.
  15. Thanks, Randy! Hmm, I wonder whether the AL-4 upgrade would be applicable and useful for 1974 AA models? Would there be gains in sound quality and sensitivity? One could be increased; the other would be more of a challenge.
  16. If they're only 20 minutes away, maybe go with a companion to check them out. That will collapse the wave function, so they'll either be there or not be there. Right now, they seem to be in a state of superposition, so it's almost equally possible that they exist or don't exist. If you can arrange a meeting to hear them, I would not recommend going alone.
  17. And yet headphones can reproduce deep bass tones. That seems impossible, but I’ve heard them myself.
  18. What other upgrade kits are available? I’ve never seen them listed. Just curious. Thanks.
  19. I guess the joke jiggled right past you...
  20. Interesting. I’ve never seen tatas with motors. Are these ones self-gyrating? No offense intended to any tata electricians in India.
  21. That seems like a definite possibility to me. If your speakers are connected out of phase, with one woofer cone moving ahead while the other one moves back, your bass volume will be seriously compromised. I’d check every speaker wire connection to be sure that the positive (+) plugs (probably black) are going into the positive sockets on the receiver end and the speaker end, and that the negative (-) plugs (probably red) are going into the negative sockets at both the receiver and the speaker end. If even one of them is connected wrong, the woofers literally won’t be pushing together, they’ll be working against each other, so their bass output will be really poor. Even if you connected every connection properly, it can happen that the assembler at the factory hooked them up backwards inside the speaker cabinet, but this is extremely rare and should be caught during final testing. It should only be considered after everything else has been double-checked. I don’t know how much you know about sound systems, so I’ll keep it pretty basic. Is your receiver set to put out a signal to LFE? Modern AVRs are pretty complicated. My current AVR is a 2016 model and is my 3rd AVR, starting with a 1998 model. Even so, while setting up this one, back in 2016, I had to call Yamaha Music’s Tech Department to get some help to get the system sounding how it should. It turned out that there were a couple of spots in the menus that had to be set correctly to get the subs working properly. The settings were not obvious, and the tech said that this was something he’d had to explain to a number of customers, so it wasn’t just me who struggled with it. For the subwoofer settings, the phase switch should be set the same on both subs. It’s easy to overlook. As for the subs’ Level setting, it should not be necessary to turn it up past 11 o’clock, especially with two subs. Next and last is the subs’ high-cut, which sets their nominal highest frequency. Don’t be misled by these types of controls. It’s not like the subs put out full power right up to the frequency that you set, and then totally drop off. Their output will start to drop off around that frequency, and some output may go a bit past that. As for the speakers, they put out their sound down to a certain frequency, and then it starts to roll off, until the output is so quiet as to be ineffective. Their lowest rated frequency is usually where the output is down by 3 dB. That’s a noticeable drop, then after that point they really drop off. HMM, I JUST SCROLLED UP AND DISCOVERED THAT THIS THREAD IS 3 YEARS OLD, AND THAT THE MEMBER HAS ONLY 5 POSTS, THE LAST ONE IN APRIL 2019. THIS IS CALLED A ZOMBIE THREAD, AND SHOULD BE LEFT IN ITS GRAVE, SO PEOPLE DON’T WASTE TIME RESPONDING TO SOMEONE WHO’S LONG GONE. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS. THANK YOU.
  22. Beware of the enablers! They lurk in many places in the Forum. They'll help you spend all your money, until your living room is full of giant speakers and your friends always want to party at your place, but there's only room for a love seat and an armchair, so they have to sit on some of the speakers, which is no problem, because they're that big. Also, as Coytee pointed out many years ago, La Scalas make excellent speakers for a guy in university, for a couple of reasons. First, they're too big to steal, and second, they're stable enough for drunk college girls to dance on them safely.
  23. It's hard to estimate closely just how much it will cost someone to put together a high end system. The first question will be how high? Then, new or used? After that, it depends on what's available in your area. That applies mostly to speakers, because of the size and weight of Heritage speakers, but if you like to hear the gear before you buy, it's very relevant. The next factor is how lucky you are, which is dependent on how much time you put into following sales listings. The more you look, the more you'll see, which also educates you as to prices for stuff. Also, keep putting money into that stereo account, which doesn't have to be kept in a bank. If a month goes by, or even a few months, and you don't spot anything interesting, that's okay, your account is still growing. Count on spending a few thousand every year, until you reach the point where you're satisfied. Only you know that point. Remember, you can get off the merry-go-round at any time.
  24. That won't get it done. If you're trying to put together something that will approximate the performance of Jubilees, then you need sources that are of the same calibre, meaning excellent power amps and a good preamp, and so on, including a pro processor, not a cheap one. It would be better to keep saving, putting aside whatever you can afford, and keep looking for bargains, until you have the budget to buy the right stuff. You can often save lots that way. You can wind up surprised at how much you've spent, and at the same time surprised at how much you've saved.
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