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  1. You just need to find a favourite, fairly dynamic, well-recorded tune that you really like but don’t play that often. Whenever your system starts sounding like just another stereo, pop that tune on/in and turn up the volume. Sometimes it’s necessary to remind yourself what your system can do, and why you like it so much better than those ordinary ones.
  2. Below freezing at night to over 70F in the afternoon? That’s wild. Imagine having to work outdoors on night shift, wearing your winter coat and getting home in time to see people in light jackets or even no jackets heading off to work. That would frost my arse, so to speak.
  3. Although most purchasers buy Klipschorns and La Scalas as pairs, they’re usually priced per speaker, not per pair, for those who want more (or less) than a traditional 2-channel setup.
  4. Just last week, ads appeared on the sides of buses, looking for daffodil pickers. It’s an annual sight, but things may be worse this year. We have a few really big daffodil farms here, but the closed border makes it difficult to get the usual Central American crop harvesters, and few Canadians want to do work like that.
  5. Mr. Bosch’s claim to fame? He invented the modern spark plug. Gasoline engines must have become much more practical after that.
  6. More pictures would help, since that one picture shows only the middle of the room. It would be useful to be able to see all four walls of the room, showing where any windows or doors may be. It may be necessary to place your speakers in a different part of the room. When I first got my La Scalas, I had them placed on either side of the TV, only 5 feet apart and about 6 feet from me, with the right one nearest the wood stove, with a wall close behind it, and the left one in open space, similar to your left speaker. Luckily, a Forum member from Rimouski was in town for work, and was able to stop by for a short visit. He took one look and said that the speakers’ location was about as bad as it could be, and that the speakers and the TV should be moved to the wall on the left. That day, I didn’t have the time or the longer speaker cables required. However, a couple of weeks later, a buddy came over and we re-oriented the system on the long wall to the left. WOW! That was how amazing the improvements were. Thanks, psg! He was the Forum member. Now the speakers were 12 feet apart and 6 inches from the wall behind them (La Scalas don’t have any rear ports or passive radiators, and like to be close to a wall.), with the TV between them. That’s how the system remains, 14 years later! Now I sit around 12 feet from the TV, and the speakers are 12 feet from each other, measured centre-to-centre. They’re able to work to their potentials, and the layout of the room is better in every way. This is not to say that your situation is exactly the same, needing the exact same remedy. I’m just suggesting that you post some more pictures, or a floor plan diagram, showing any windows or doors, so it would be possible to get a realistic view of your room, so that really helpful suggestions could be made. Even the best speakers need to be properly positioned to perform at their best.
  7. Thanks for this info. You’re more up-to-date than me. I got my welding training back in the late 1980s-early 1990s. All we were told was that the welding machines would never put out more than 90 volts. We weren’t told what the typical operating voltage was. Your numbers make sense, so I agree with them.
  8. Well, that’s some savvy business model. The tobacco is the reason that you have bad breath and the first way the tobacco company makes money, then the same company sells the solution to the bad breath that they created. They get you coming and going! The card also uses the words “temporary” and “temporarily”, so you’d better buy several, so you don’t run out and have sour kisses. Wonder if they considered something to remove yellow stains from fingers and teeth as well? That one plant could be the heart of a whole sales ecology.
  9. Welding machines are limited to 90 volts to avoid any accidental shocks being fatal. The ampere output is adjustable; the voltage is not.
  10. Yeah, I thought it might be 2.3 or something similar, but opportunities for limbo bike jokes are pretty rare, even weak ones, so that’s my excuse. Your bike sounds pretty fierce. It must be a whole lot of fun to ride.
  11. Wouldn’t it be great to have a VooDoo doll of yourself? You could give yourself the best back massage, for example. I wonder what would happen if you dunked its head in your favourite drink? Lots of possibilities. BTW, that doll that my daughter gave me has a strong magnet, and it’s still stuck onto the steel office cabinet, right under the John Paul II tour magnet.
  12. Shocks and springs are lowered 23 inches? Sounds like it could limbo low, lower, lowest, mon. Seriously, though, what does it do in the quarter?
  13. My daughter went to New Orleans when she was in her late twenties or early thirties. She brought me back a VooDoo doll fridge magnet. Of course, it has no power, it’s just a knick-knack for tourists, but above it I placed a Pope John Paul II fridge magnet from his 1984 tour. Just in case. She didn’t say much about the trip, and I didn’t ask. Just in case.
  14. When powerful old men want to settle a disagreement, they send thousands, sometimes millions, of powerless young men to speak for them with guns. The first old man to run out of guns and young men has to say Uncle. See how civilized we are? WAR! WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! SAY IT AGAIN!
  15. That's ridiculous? I've got La Scalas for surround speakers! I didn't plan on it, but it turned out well for me and a new Forum member. When I got my La Scala IIs 8 years ago, I briefly wondered what to do with the original La Scalas that started all this madness for me. After all, the Heresy IIs were doing fine as surround speakers, and it would seem way too decadent to have La Scalas as surround speakers. On the other hand, they're here and they're paid for. Okay, that decided it. So the older La Scalas went behind and to the sides of the sofa, on 13" risers to let the HF section speak over the furniture. Perfect! They sound great like that. The Heresy IIs sat there in their same positions, but disconnected and serving as sound diffusors (a cluttered room sounds better than an empty room, so I've got that well taken care of) for a few years, until a new member had an issue with the used KG speakers he'd bought. It turned out he also lives on the Island, a 3-hour drive away, so he returned the defective speaker and its mate to the shop near me where he had bought them, came over for a listen, and now the Heresy IIs are making a new Forum member very happy. All's well that ends well!
  16. This is not unusual. CD players and other typical sources put out around 1 volt. Phono cartridges, however, put out just a few millivolts. This means that a signal boosting preamplifier is needed. It's called a phono preamp. If your amplifier or receiver has a Phono input, it will have a built-in phono preamp. Even so, you may have to turn the volume up higher when using your turntable. With my system, I have to turn the volume 15-20 dB higher than I do when playing a CD, just to get the same volume. This is normal. What kind of amplifier are you using? Check and see if you have a Phono input. If you're plugging your turntable leads it into an Aux socket, the volume will be far too low. Phono preamplifiers come in a big range of prices, from about $99 to about $10,000. You might even find one for less than $99. You plug the turntable leads into the phono preamp, and then run leads from the phono preamp to the Aux socket.
  17. Looked out my window this morning to see SNOW!!! Several inches fell overnight, and is continuing to fall. This is the first snow of the year. The last couple of days have been pretty cold by local standards, meaning below freezing, and the local TV news showed a backyard ice rink that a man had made for his sons. It was only about 20'x20', but his two kids, probably 8 and 10, could lace up their skates and pass a puck back and forth between them. It was an annual family effort, but most winters it was too warm to do, so this was a bit of fun for the boys. Small things make the news in this town. It's warming up in a few days, so our streets should soon be clear again. It's funny how the snow usually arrives here in February, just as RandyH000 mentioned near the start of the winter. That makes it a bit rough for the blossoms on the cherry trees, which just started to bloom about a week ago. Hopefully, they'll hang in there under the snow, and soon we'll have localized pink flurries along certain streets. I like that kind. You don't have to shovel it.
  18. Maybe consider a pair of La Scalas and a subwoofer. They won't be as compromised, and work fine under an 8 foot ceiling. Klipsch recommends at least an 8-1/2 foot ceiling for Khorns.
  19. Islander

    SCTV or SNL?

    Torontonians are lightweights. When I moved there, I couldn't believe that parties would break up at 1 am. In Quebec, a party ended when the last guest finished breakfast.
  20. No affiliation, other than being an occasional customer. https://www.soundhounds.com/collections/used-gear/products/klipsch-academy-center
  21. My father and my stepfather were both chain smokers, but they finally stopped when they were in their sixties. It wasn’t the chance of lung cancer that convinced them, it was the heart attacks they’d been having. My brother didn’t get that far. By age fifty, his lung cancer had spread to his brain and liver. He died a few weeks after his fifty-first birthday. Me? I smoked a couple of packs when I was thirteen. It struck me as expensive and pointless, so I dropped it then. On the bright side, my brother’s premature death was the factor that motivated me to get serious about putting together the great sound system I’d always dreamed of. I suddenly realized that my time is not unlimited, so I’d better get to it or it might never happen. I did get to it, and about eighteen months later a pair of La Scalas arrived at my door. Two months after that, I discovered this funny farm, and I’ve been here ever since. The company is really good. EDIT: Both my father and my stepfather lived into their eighties, after stopping smoking in their sixties.
  22. Back in 2000, my dad and I flew over to Ireland to visit family and some of Dad’s old friends. The first day we were there, I was helping Dad find the phone numbers of some of his old friends, including ones he hadn’t heard from in a long time. He was a bit worried when he asked me, “What if I call them, but they’re dead?” I told him, “Don’t worry about it. If they’re dead, they won’t answer.” While that didn’t totally calm his nerves, he couldn’t argue with the logic of it, so he didn’t have anything more to say.
  23. By “cable” I meant interconnect. Just to remove any ambiguity.
  24. Wouldn’t you think that raising a subwoofer (not a main speaker) off the floor would reduce early reflections (“floor bounce”), which should be a good thing? Getting it closer to the centreline of the room, or even closer to ear level, should make for a more even soundfield. All four subs in my home (2 in the living room, 2 in the bedroom) are on tables, record boxes, etc., with heights of 13” and 14” in the living room (the main system) and 8” and 20” in the bedroom. The raised positions were at first in order to reduce any vibrations going through the floor to the neighbours below, with the subs sitting on thick neoprene pads as well. However, seeing them more than halfway to ear level (I like to listen with the sofa fully reclined) seems to make so much sense that I’d recommend it to anyone. I initially had one of the living room subs behind the sofa, on a 27” high barstool. That seemed fine, except that the higher resistance of the 16 metre cable I used meant that after the first sub turned on, the volume had to be rolled up an extra 6 dB before the second one would turn on. That didn’t work well, especially when listening at low volume would often cause the rear sub to turn off and stay off. Moving it to the front of the room and installing a 2 metre cable to match the one on the first sub cured that, and it sounded and looked better. I just had to find something to put it on, and a record box was perfect.
  25. Islander

    A Nice Topic

    I’ve got a pretty strict definition of a hero. It’s a person who puts himself at risk in order to save someone else when he could have easily done nothing. If the person saves you because he has to save himself, and brings you along for the ride, that may be a great guy, but he’s not a hero. Captain Sullenberger, the airline pilot who saved a plane load of passengers by landing his plane in the Hudson River after bird strikes took out both of his plane’s engines, is to me a very skilled and professional pilot, but he’s not a hero, since he did not have the option to walk away. He should be commended for his cool head and great skill, and he seems to be a great guy, but that’s it. Do you agree, or does that seem too strict? That question is to everyone, not only ceptorman, who is a caring guy, and the only real man in sight on that occasion he described, apparently.
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