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  1. Wow, this thread moves and grows really quickly. Anyway, in memory of Diana Rigg, here are her first and last appearances on The Avengers. There was always a sexual tension between John Steed and Mrs. Emma Peel, but her husband was absent and presumed dead, and we never found out if that tension between our heroes was ever resolved. As Emma leaves, her replacement, Tara King, arrives.
  2. It could be there for both reasons. Any engineers here who could clarify the reason for foam or Fiberglas sheeting inside speaker cabinets?
  3. I’ve read that foam sheeting is used in speaker cabinets to provide “virtual volume”, so the cabinet seems to be a bit bigger than its actual size, acoustically speaking. And yes, my Heresy IIs have foam sheeting in their cabinets.
  4. Islander


    The funny thing (well, one funny thing) is that most experienced trials motorcycle riders could go over all those rocks relatively easily. Thanks for the closeup of the sign. The sub-sign was hard to see in the original pictures, and it does make it more amusing.
  5. South Africa banned liquor sales for several months, earlier this year, in an effort to reduce community transmission of COVID-19. Things got better, and the ban was lifted recently. What had been a relatively quiet time came to an end, with a sudden surge in car and bike crashes, domestic violence, and crime surpassing previous levels. It seems there was a pent-up demand for the liquor, if not for all the problems that come with it. There was a fear that if the ban continued, alcohol production and consumption would be driven underground, with all the problems that would bring, like poisoning from bootleg liquor and crime from competing criminal groups. The alcoholic genie can not be put back into the bottle, it seems.
  6. It’s sad to see our neighbour turning into one of those countries that used to be warned against, the kind of place where life is cheap and people won’t be missed if they disappear. Equally sadly, parts of Canada are like that, too, especially for Native people. The World is actually getting better, but it’s doing it so achingly slowly, and now the news industry lets us hear about terrible things that happen everyday, which makes it look like it’s getting worse. It’s not. Most of us just didn’t know how bad things already were.
  7. To my surprise, today’s “cloudy” forecast turned wet. It started raining in the afternoon, but it would take some time to rinse the smoke particulates out of the air, so I’ll see how tomorrow looks.
  8. Visibility today in downtown Victoria is only a few hundred metres, even though the nearest wildfire is a long way away. It’s really sad to think of the injuries and deaths happening to our American friends. We can only hope that it doesn’t get even worse.
  9. That Blind Faith album cover was really rare in Canada. I’ve only ever seen pictures of it, since we usually got the alternative cover, the black and yellow one. Meanwhile, I’m spinning T.Rex’s Electric Warrior. That was a really popular album in Canada, but I’ve heard that T.Rex was not as well known in the US. Is Marc Bolan well known to you guys?
  10. The Jubilees now come with K-691 drivers, which definitely sound better than the older K-69-A drivers. As for the internal wires showing, you could go to an auto parts jobber and get a short length of automotive split wire loom and slip that on over them, which would make them harder to see. The price should be under $2.00. It comes in many sizes and colours, but plain black is the basic colour that should always be in stock. The white split wire loom can be handy to make surround speaker cables much less noticeable. The neat white tubing running along the white baseboards (that’s what I have, anyway) looks more tidy than three 2-conductor copper wires running around the outside of the room.
  11. Orang thinks: “Ape, I wish my hairy girlfriend had a set like these!”
  12. That’s really interesting. I wonder if the ringing of the bluestones is part of the soundscape of Stonehenge? In other words, although the scientists’ 3D printed stones may have had the exact scaled-down dimensions of the actual stones, would the lack of the ringing property have changed the results of the experiments? Mysterious monuments like Stonehenge make me wonder how much science and technology was known to the ancients, and how much was lost to history. Greek Fire is just one example. It had some properties that resembled napalm, but it was definitely a different substance. It was a very effective weapon, because it stuck to whatever it was dropped or sprayed on and once lit, it could not be extinguished with water. If the deck of your ship was burning with fire that could not be extinguished, it would have been a terrifying experience, and was often a final experience for the unfortunate sailors whose ships were attacked with it. Greek Fire showed up around 672 AD, and was used extensively in battle until around the year 1200. Then, it appears that the formula was lost or destroyed, and it has never been seen since, despite the best efforts of modern chemists.
  13. The scammers are getting lazy when they call you with a recorded message that they’re from your credit card company and there was a big purchase on your account at 5 am. Press 1 to get through to their Customer Service desk. No mention of which bank issued your card, or even your name. They’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to targeted victims. I guess nearly everyone is wise to them by now. Even so, we get a sad story on the evening news about once a month about someone who was taken for thousands. The request for payment in Bitcoin or gift cards should be a dead giveaway, but apparently not in every case.
  14. When it comes to real estate, the best time to buy is almost always last year. Sometimes you just have to jump in, scary or not.
  15. To get that big theatre experience, you need big theatre speakers, and a good receiver or power amplifier to drive them. If your budget won’t stretch that far at this point, start saving. Put some money aside every month, and earmark it for audio bargains. That way, when you find a bargain, you’ll have the cash to grab it. Look at items for sale on this forum, and check out usaudiomart.com. You can find all kinds of deals on there. If you spend much time on here, you can learn a lot. Welcome to the Forum!
  16. Well, the best surround speakers to go with La Scala mains are La Scalas, of course! When I got my La Scala IIs, I wondered what I should do with my old (1974) La Scalas. For a minute or so, using them to replace the Heresy IIs I was using for surrounds at the time crossed my mind. I thought to myself, “No way, that would be just too decadent.” Then I thought, “I’ve got them, they’re paid for, let’s do it” The original La Scalas went behind and to the sides of the sofa, and I listened happily ever after. The end.
  17. That reminds me, the new season of Lucifer is on Netflix. That show is a lot of fun.
  18. Islander

    What I Got Today!

    Unfortunately, the cell phone is a bit of tech that she’s not at all comfortable with. I’ll just follow the previous suggestion of telling Mom to make sure the hearing aids are all the way in. Thanks for the info, though.
  19. Islander

    What I Got Today!

    When I saw that graph, my first thought was, do hearing aids have EQ? Do they boost everything uniformly, or do they boost the low part of the patient's hearing so he or she has something approximating the hearing of a young person? Are they voiced individually for each patient? Considering what hearing aids cost, you'd think that custom EQ would be included. Some hearing aids have bad feedback issues. My Mom's do that sometimes. They'll whistle and buzz until she turns them down. Do you guys have any possible tips to cut down on feedback issues? Thanks in advance.
  20. Sometimes the easiest way to get CD quality is to pop in a CD. And better players do sound better. A top of the line Blu-ray player will do a great job of playing CDs, audibly better than older models. As for record mixing, some records used to be mixed to sound good through a low-end car audio. To overcome wind and road noise, there would be lots of compression. Some records would make you think they were mixed to sound good with the windows down and the volume cranked up. As for us hi-fi lovers, we’re not a dying breed, but we’ve always been a small minority, so we’re usually not the customers/listeners that most recording engineers have in mind. There are notable exceptions, of course. Steely Dan and Garbage are two bands that come to mind for really good sound. Leonard Cohen’s records usually sound pretty good, too. Finally, when listening to a really well-recorded song, and hearing all kinds of subtle sounds that add to the experience, it makes me feel lucky to have a system that lets me hear everything the artist put into the recording, and thankful to the artists who put in the effort to include details in their records that only a minority of their fans will be able to hear.
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    “The noise floor is too high!”
  22. Those look mighty fine, Tom. Hope they find a happy home.
  23. “That’s close enough for rock ‘n roll.” — K. Richards, referring to the settings on the master mixing panel in the control room during a recording session.
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