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  1. I run a seperate amp (Jolida 302) connected to the tape out on my MX110, that particular amp has a volume control and I can adjust the volume accordingly to the Heresy's.
  2. Wow! Mailman just dropped it off.Thanks
  3. Whole lotta nonsense from such a "new" member.
  4. Sadly have to let my cornwalls go.Second owner,clean,non smoking.The crossovers have been recapped.Serial numbers are consecutive. will not ship $1400
  5. I am trying to decipher the serial number on a pair of Cornwalls that I own,any help would be greatly appreciated.What year were they manufactured? My pair are consecutive numbers.
  6. hugot

    mitsubishi stack

    Nope not mine, I did see a pair in boynton for $300 on facebook marketplace I will be selling my cornwalls soon though
  7. For sale is my Mitsubishi stack consisting of; DA-F20 tuner DA-P20 preamplifier DP-EC20 turntable w/blue point cartridge DT-10 Cassette deck needs work DT-7 Cassette deck needs work DA-M10 power level meters DA-A75dc amplifier All housed in original Mitsubishi cabinet $1500 local pick up only (Possible trade for TD-124 or Garrard 301)
  8. At least I can sleep tonite knowing I at least tried.great amp, glwts
  9. I have a pair of AES SET2 (Carey Audio) single ended solid state monoblock class A amps.These were originally stereo amps and are now bridged mono amps. I would pay shipping both ways
  10. I had a yaqin preamp and likedit. I currently have 2 Jolida amps.One of which, a 502b ,powers my cornwalls and the 302 powers the heresy's. I am very satisfied
  11. I run a tomcat audio pre I enjoy the ability to adjust bass treble and midrange
  12. I have an older 302b and also a 502b,I have no issues with them and am impressed by their sound.On the 1 occasion that I called Jolida, they were very pleasant and helpful. I also have an MC240
  13. Looks fantastic, I have been wanting to do something similar with my set.However too many other projects at the moment. I have a cousin in North Little Rock that I visit often, and family in Brinkley also, Now I have to find a different airline to fly with after the Allegiant piece on sixty minutes.
  14. 2 Jolida's, 1 MC 240, 1 MX110, 1 Tomcat Audio pre, I'd say I'm in deep
  15. I have for sale a technics SL1100 turntable with a clearaudio Satisfy tonearm and new denon DL-110 cartridge I am asking for $1300 and am open to offers, I do not want to ship local pick up in South Florida. Also have a pair of Pioneer HPM 100's, recapped crossovers , new grill cloth
  16. do you have a better pic of the woofer with damage?
  17. clearaudio carbon fiber tonearm on that baby. schweeet.
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