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  1. unfortunately no tags, cabs are regular plywood.I did the Crites crossovers and horn driver upgrade long ago.Thanks for the info.
  2. 98U140 98U122 these are the serial numbers on the cabs of my Heresys and wonder what info can be obtained from them.Thanks
  3. I run a seperate amp (Jolida 302) connected to the tape out on my MX110, that particular amp has a volume control and I can adjust the volume accordingly to the Heresy's.
  4. Whole lotta nonsense from such a "new" member.
  5. Sadly have to let my cornwalls go.Second owner,clean,non smoking.The crossovers have been recapped.Serial numbers are consecutive. will not ship $1400
  6. I am trying to decipher the serial number on a pair of Cornwalls that I own,any help would be greatly appreciated.What year were they manufactured? My pair are consecutive numbers.
  7. Nope not mine, I did see a pair in boynton for $300 on facebook marketplace I will be selling my cornwalls soon though
  8. For sale is my Mitsubishi stack consisting of; DA-F20 tuner DA-P20 preamplifier DP-EC20 turntable w/blue point cartridge DT-10 Cassette deck needs work DT-7 Cassette deck needs work DA-M10 power level meters DA-A75dc amplifier All housed in original Mitsubishi cabinet $1500 local pick up only (Possible trade for TD-124 or Garrard 301)
  9. At least I can sleep tonite knowing I at least tried.great amp, glwts
  10. I have a pair of AES SET2 (Carey Audio) single ended solid state monoblock class A amps.These were originally stereo amps and are now bridged mono amps. I would pay shipping both ways
  11. I had a yaqin preamp and likedit. I currently have 2 Jolida amps.One of which, a 502b ,powers my cornwalls and the 302 powers the heresy's. I am very satisfied
  12. I run a tomcat audio pre I enjoy the ability to adjust bass treble and midrange
  13. I have an older 302b and also a 502b,I have no issues with them and am impressed by their sound.On the 1 occasion that I called Jolida, they were very pleasant and helpful. I also have an MC240
  14. Looks fantastic, I have been wanting to do something similar with my set.However too many other projects at the moment. I have a cousin in North Little Rock that I visit often, and family in Brinkley also, Now I have to find a different airline to fly with after the Allegiant piece on sixty minutes.
  15. 2 Jolida's, 1 MC 240, 1 MX110, 1 Tomcat Audio pre, I'd say I'm in deep
  16. I have for sale a technics SL1100 turntable with a clearaudio Satisfy tonearm and new denon DL-110 cartridge I am asking for $1300 and am open to offers, I do not want to ship local pick up in South Florida. Also have a pair of Pioneer HPM 100's, recapped crossovers , new grill cloth
  17. do you have a better pic of the woofer with damage?
  18. clearaudio carbon fiber tonearm on that baby. schweeet.
  19. hugot

    WTB Cornwalls

    Same amp a Pioneer Spec 2, I use A/B switch. Sometimes if the wife wants me to keep it low I only use the Heresy's.
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