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  1. @jjptkd, from the majority of comments over the years regarding crossovers the AA always seems to hold it’s own. I honestly thought I would be missing out on the magic if I strayed from the venerable AA crossover. The very same magic is in the A/4500. Just crossed lower to the tweeter, with less parts. Now, what of this swamping resistor mod that seems to garner a lot of positive reviews. Is this something that would improve upon an A/4500?
  2. ...like I said, some days are better than others Yes, you did!
  3. None of you reading this at home can see this, but the lightbulb above my head is flickering brighter... A great deal of what I have read on here over the years is starting to gel. Some days are better than others. If I am NOT using K-77s I really don’t need an 18db per octave cross to the tweeter do I? This is why the A/4500 was not designed as an AA/4500?
  4. Now, on to the next question... Sometimes I notice the overlap from the bass bin to the squawker, not in a good way. Would this be the fix?
  5. @Dave MacKay, Q Components has the ONE part we need! Assuming you have a pair of tweeters that won’t get fried...
  6. So... if one wanted to simply make an A/4500 out of an AA you could just parallel the two existing 2uf capacitors, add the .5mH coil to the midrange and “cut out” the .245uH coil and Zeners from the tweeter circuit? I feel like I just graduated kindergarden, duh... I paid good money for a pair of A/4500s years ago and I have no use for these AAs until now. And I REALLY like the A/4500s.
  7. Until now, I never really noticed how similar the A and AA crossovers are:
  8. @AuralTone, if and when you come across the specific drivers throw them out on here. There are a lot of members that have resources long gone from any internet searches I can find. And many times the images in this forum have disappeared, I blame the elites, anyone else gets you a slap on the wrist, lol. The tricky part is getting those members to be actually reading the forum when you post. But sometimes another member reading the post remembers which member has the goods and gives them a heads up. Best of luck, and remember, you can’t be the only one who wants to know and the rest of us thank you.
  9. I’m just looking for clues... So did the T3A autoformers turn out to be one of the reasons the AL crossover did not appeal to many?
  10. That is not a bad idea. But was there not also the consensus that the AL-4 was less than desirable? I’ll have to look back in the archives... Funny thing is I remember seeing all the threads on La Scalas and Klipschorns and glazing over because I never thought I would make it that far up the Klipsch ladder. But the seed was planted. And it has been a good crop! In my case though, I am already in possession of a pair of AA crossovers and if swapping a couple of capacitors is all it takes to see what they sound like it is a no brainer. I would probably still need to do something about the tweeter level relative to the midrange, the resistor or autoformer mod.
  11. I cannot speak for anyone else, but the thought of using the stock K-77 in anything this century is as far from the plan as it gets. Even the original CT-125 drop-in tweeter option sounded nicer to me. And now with the CT-120 and the SMAHL as options it only gets better. I was thoroughly impressed with the Crites A/4500 crossovers and always wondered what capacitor changes would be needed to be made to the AA crossover, for starters. I am surprised nobody else has tried this yet, or was it that bad, lol?
  12. Was just reading another post and noticed @Dave MacKay asking a question that has crossed (no pun intended) my mind more than a few times now. EVERYTHING Klipsch now designs crosses lower to the tweeter. The latest La Scalas have crossed at 4500hz for two generations now. Since the AA seems to hold it’s own amongst the competition how would it be modified to cross at 4500hz? Has anyone tried this? And if so how were the results?
  13. I would be very interested in this as well. Maybe this deserves it’s own topic!
  14. @Deang, I can't speak for anyone else on here but I ALWAYS appreciate your willingness to share what you have learned and your perspective as a result of what you have learned. If I remember correctly, you were the first forum member to assist me in my very first post years ago. And speaking from personal experience, a cottage industry is more a labour of love than a for profit industry at the end of the 12 hour day. No overtime pay and 24/7 accountability. No thanks! LOL
  15. I tend to get things in the wrong order. I knew at some point La Scalas would enter my life so I bought A/4500 crossovers and CT-120 tweeters when I had the opportunity, before I even owned a pair of the speakers to put them in. First pair of LS to cross my doorstep had the AL-3 in them and they sounded so good to me I never even tried the A/4500s and CT-120s in them for the two years I owned them. Second pair had AL crossovers and I was surprised to find that I had no objections to the sound. At all. After everything I had read I still couldn’t take issue with them, lol. But I did try out the A/4500s and CT-120s in them, just to know what I may be missing. They are two different sounds. And I was impressed with the A/4500 combo. Still wonder if putting a couple 100uf capacitors across the woofer section would make it even better... The CT-120 tweeters made a huge impact with either/any crossover. Almost non-negotiable. I now have Dave A’s SMAHL lenses and DE-120 tweeters in a pair of LSI Splits with a Crites AB-2 crossover (AL-3 minus the tweeter protection). I know I could just as easily enjoy the A/4500s for different reasons. Tried AA crossovers too, always sounded like the highs were “missing” compared to the others. Tried them in two different pairs and each time immediately ran up to the speakers and put my ear to the tweeters to see if they were working. Thought I had fouled something up, but no, they just didn’t sparkle like I was used to. Maybe at 90+ db, but that is not happy territory in a living room with La Scalas. I think the AL knocks the midrange down 6db, the AL-3 down 4db, so there would be perceptual differences there. If the AL sounds good to you, that is all that matters.
  16. @Racer X, too funny, and I get it! I bought my son a pair of the Costco Ion Total PA speakers to play around with and was deathly afraid they would steal some thunder from the Klipsch stable. Was relieved to discover they are two different animals that can co-exist together. Impressive nonetheless for $200 a pop.
  17. Hey Dave, you could try it on the bottom of the speaker or the back of a riser... Tung oil is funny, it sometimes dries shinier than I was hoping for.
  18. these are actual Klipsch parts from an AL crossover, looks like treated wooden wedges to me
  19. Would there be any benefit to going with round ports and tubes as opposed to a port shelf? I always felt the shelved port didn't do the first three iterations of the Cornwall any favours. And the shelf was replaced by tractrix ports on the latest Cornwall. ...asking for a friend, lol
  20. geoff.


    They are unicorns. Even the singles are missing links. I contacted the seller and went out to empty the work van to make room and was immediately overcome with a sinking feeling. Sure enough when I measured my basement entrance it came up short. And just when I thought I’d found the perfect home for my spare K-33s. I don’t think you could buy the lumber to DIY these for that price. There ought to be a bylaw against building single family dwellings that won’t accommodate MWM doubles.
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