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  1. There have been a lot of these discussions from buyers and sellers over the years on various forums. The one thing I have taken away from them, and learned from experience is, effective communication is both an art and a skill. State your conditions up front and assume nothing. There is a very fine line between “no harm, no foul” and “sour grapes.” Expectations are unfulfilled resentments. Why would a sane person engineer that into any relationship? My dad always said “don’t give sh!t a place to happen.” ...because it will
  2. Have you heard the Chorus 1?
  3. I could tell right away when I mixed up a brand new pair of Kappa 15Cs with a well enjoyed pair that was several years old while swapping out parts in various speaker projects. Thought I had them wired out of phase compared to the performance prior to the swap. I actually compared the two pairs to see if there were different markings on them and they had revised the product “to serve me better” (pfffft!) Nope, exact same speakers. Except one pair had “broken in” and the other was fresh out of the box. I would not judge any new speaker before a solid month of play. Especially BIG woofers that only move mere millimetres to produce heavy decibels. Thought I had read over the years of various reputable speaker manufacturers stating in the manual to allow for break in periods of several dozens of hours.
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    Oh wow... and flutter
  5. Would love to “hear” the answer too. Bob makes a host of crossovers I ONLY see on this forum in the Garage Sale. He really ought to make a special section in his website for all these brilliant options...
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    I was at the zoo once when a hippo fired a cannon against a retaining wall lined with visitors. I was about a football field away and heard what literally sounded like an explosion. As I turned in the direction of the blast the crowd let out a moan while the cloud of atomized feces descended upon them. Those who were able could be seen running for their lives. ...oh, the humanity...
  7. Those with money to spend will spend it on whatever they want. Substitute diamonds for toilet paper. What percentage of the population did that just encompass? The jaded and the thrill seekers fuel a fools market. Social contagion and gambling are are no substitute for the algorithm of the day. But what is really to lose? Bankruptcy is a business strategy. Investments are disposable. Only now it’s investments from the government, globally. The rich lose nothing but their “inc”, and their staff, that are now unemployed. Their wealth is safe under another name. There is no long term in the market, only today and once quantized, tomorrow. I have seen nothing about the elephant in this room: What happens when 3 trillion dollars worth of business investments declare bankruptcy and take our money and run? What happens when the entitled become enabled? Or will the milk of human kindness find an alternate ending? Hmmm, maybe I’m just skeptical.
  8. We all find what we are looking for. I just need to always make sure I’m looking for the right things. It’s better for my constitution. ...and now I’m gonna crank “Live and let die” on my KP-301s...
  9. Ya, we need pictures now. I may have LaScala envy...
  10. I am not sure what I’ve accumulated after years of substitutions. You see, if something stops working (aka gets fried) I replace it with the flavour of the day rather than try the same old, same old again. So there is always a one-off left over. A couple of Cornwall turned Chorus-walls and a LaScala or two later and I’ve amassed more replacements than I’ll have any need for in the foreseeable future. Thought maybe I’d keep the only matching pair
  11. Thank you all for your responses, detailed and qualified, as always! All things being equal, the difference would be insignificant outside of an anechoic chamber. Good to know.
  12. I just measured a couple of K-77Ms I have sitting on the “project shelf”. One measures 6.1 and the other 6.6 ohms. My question is, in decibels, how much of a difference in sound pressure level will one have over the other? Is there a rule of thumb for this? Much obliged,
  13. The number of unemployed workers in the United States has just exceeded the entire population of Canada. That is staggering.
  14. I think that’s the best deal I’ve ever seen...
  15. ...you never told us LaScalas were an option! I have LaScalas in an 11 x 19’ foot room along the short wall. When it is really quiet they are (more) mind blowing! (Expleted deleted!) Go get those LS!
  16. I sold a mint pair of Quartets three years ago for $650. The buyer was thrilled to take them home. Hadn’t listened to them since I got Cornwalls. I was thoroughly impressed with their sound during the audition process. Sold a decent pair of walnut Forte 2s a couple years back for $1000. That new owner was smiling when he left too. I think the Quartets will scratch your itch at a price you can recoup when something with a bigger woofer at the right price inspires you to climb up the Klipsch ladder. Oh, and do it now... The only regrets most of us on here have, myself included, are the ones we let get away. Good luck with your search and please keep us posted.
  17. “Peavey” FH1s do not come stock with ”Klipsch” K-33s... The difference in performance between a non-stock K-33 and a non-stock Kappa 15C as a replacement in a Peavey FH1 is day and night, and head and shoulders above the stock Black Widows. In a Peavey FH1 the Kappa 15C is undeniably an upgrade over stock and an upgrade over the venerable non-stock K-33. To argue this would be gratuitous.
  18. It get’s better, as the woofers continue to break in you will pick up a few more Hz down low!
  19. Never heard Chorus 1s. Had a chance a couple years back to get a pair for $800 but I balked because the bass presumably “spec’d” too high for my data sheet liking. Facepalm (I have disabled my emojis). I have since come to appreciate that the -10db bass on a 101db speaker is none-the-less substantial. And specs are for those without the wherewithal to put their ears where their mouth is. The “ports” on these are just holes, lol. And there is zero acoustic foam inside the cabs. With a few inches of PVC tube or some insulation the bass should finesse nicely. I wonder what the optimum size cabinet would be?
  20. @jjptkd , congratulations on your finding a pair of KP-301 IIs! I drove ten hours round trip pre-Covid (January) for a pair of just plain old 301s. The price was right, but one diaphragm and two fuses were blown. Fortunately for me I keep my feathers numbered for just such an emergency... had fuses and a spare pair of Crites Ti diaphragms for the tweeters. The next day after work they were singing. I was not in the least bit disappointed with the sound, loud or soft. My son remarked just the other day that he has never seen me leave one pair of speakers in rotation for as long as the 301s. I have a pair of Chorus IIs sitting idle in the basement and the modded Cornwalls pictured below in the master bedroom. But these KP-301s, man! There is something about that K-48 and the steeper crossovers and filters in that pro cabinet that is special. In all my decades of listening to Rush I had never heard the definition in the opening drums on Lakeside Park like this before. I would be reluctant to change that crossover out on your 301 IIs, BUT if you do and have no use for it afterward, I’m calling dibs! Any way you slice it, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Please keep us posted on your progress,
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    Can’t sleep

    I installed fluorescent lights in the bedroom and keep a stack of math textbooks on the night table. After two pages, I’m out cold!
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    Covid19 redux

    Eating Wuhan lab animals? What is that like the Chinese equivalent to the Tide pod challenge?
  24. This is a very important point to keep in mind. I’ve read it here many times, but it did not sink in until I swapped out a pair of the exact same woofers in the exact same cabinets and wondered what I had done wrong. There was nothing “wrong”, one pair was new and the other several years old. It sounded like almost an octave was gone from the low end.
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