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  1. I have contemplated doing the same thing with two separate crossovers! One for quiet listening and one for rocking out. Swapping out crossovers in an LSI tophat is tedious at best. A double pole, double throw switch on each driver, and the input. All mounted on one board under a case.
  2. @Scott Grammer, If you are looking for a pair of T2As, I might suggest checking flea bay for some used crossover boards on the cheap. They’re usually in pretty nice shape as they live inside a sealed box. Not only do you get your autoformers, but you also score the boards and barrier strip terminals, in addition to whatever else makes up that particular crossover. For example the 2.5mH woofer inductor. It is relatively easy to rework an “E” or “B” into something else that suits your goals. If a 12dB woofer filter is what you’re after, “E-2” and other boards using the 4mH woofer inductor come up often as well. If you’re patient you’ll probably get a pair of crossovers for $100 plus shipping.
  3. @Scott Grammer, Head on over to Audio Karma, there are fewer toes to step on over there.
  4. The first pair of Heresys I recall hearing were inverted up in the corners of a bar I was servicing. I had listened to Creedance Clearwater Revival on vinyl, 8-track, cassette, and CD but never heard what I did before that day. I was hooked.
  5. Hello, you must be rocking those speakers nicely to skip a CD. Not to spend your money for you, BUT… a Bluesound Node would be a cheap ticket to a world of tunes you probably forgot you loved and they don’t skip. It may just be me, but Spotify seems to sound better now than it did three years ago when I first tried it and stayed with CDs. I rarely play them now, unless the internet is dodgey. If you fried the woofer, Gentec International is just off the 407 at Warden in Markham and can set you up with new K-33s. Where’s the cottage?
  6. “the kit Cory sells to put on my khorn bottoms” What, what, what?!
  7. I am just staring down the barrel of my LSIs as I read this, and remember someone else pointing something out in another thread… The “Klipsch” logo on their speakers uses a small “k”. Now I don’t own anything current, so I don’t know if that’s changed, just passing on what little I am aware of at the moment. But thanks for your contributions nonetheless!
  8. Hifishark is a good reference. I think they're worth more than Cornwalls for their sound, but the aesthetics aren't as nice, to some. I don't mind the serious industrial look. They mean business. In decent shape with everything working I wouldn't take less than a grand. If they have the pro version of the K-48 woofers, the woofers alone would be worth half of that.
  9. Hi Scott, and welcome to the forum. Do the speakers still have the crossovers in them? They would be on one of the side walls in the middle.
  10. I don’t think $2500 is out of line one way or the other. 2G would be a steal.
  11. @Travis In Austin If it looks like spam, and tastes like spam... The above post from Is A Hacker can't be legit.
  12. I came here to issue the same caveat. I’m guilty of murder too… There was some debris down in the voice coil gap and it crushed the voice coil when installing. Another excommunicated vendor of aftermarket parts used to suggest folding over a Post-It note and cleaning the gap. It’s a game of Operation, lol.
  13. …deal of a LIFETIME right here, sigh
  14. look closely at the picture, are those, dare I say it, LMAHL tweeters?
  15. in a word, headroom in two words, dynamic power in my limited experience, the woofer ALWAYS knows what to do with the watts and it ALWAYS results in tighter, cleaner bass that makes the -3dB point shine even -10dB bass in a 101dB efficient speaker is 91dB! …no sub needed
  16. 47uF is the value for a 400Hz cross from the woofer. But, as I understand it, it is an acoustic crossover determined by the combination of everything going on in your speaker. If it sounds nice your DE85s aren’t unloaded. At least not at the levels you enjoy. Someone turning it to “11” may get them barking, or fry them.
  17. A 39uF cap would cross around 500hz. Does the squawker get a little “crackley” sometimes? That’s when I know I’ve pushed it too far.
  18. put the H3 kit in them sell the woofers and tweeters, maybe even the crossovers, for half of what the kit costs if you like what you hear, and you will, never look on another audio forum
  19. geoff.

    Selling is a hassle

    I was just going to say the same thing. …cue Frank Zappa “Flakes”
  20. @eth2, you have a PM Thank you for your time,
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