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  1. The Dude's post in Diy tube preamp chassis was marked as the answer   
    So I sold it.
  2. The Dude's post in online picture server was marked as the answer   
    Ok I think I just figured out Picasa, if I copy the link to the folder and post it like this.
    It should take you to the folder that I am sharing publicly, so If I add new pics daily of my HT build you can see the updates. I would just need to copy the link everytime there is a update so people can see. At least I am not taking up space on the forum server. I like picasa for the fact that my phone is all ready synced to it. So I can easily just add photos to the folder when I take them and wala.
  3. The Dude's post in My dads doing some shopping next weekend was marked as the answer   
    First I would like to thank you guys for your opinion, second thank Scrappy for the offer. My dad ended up with a LG 60" led 3d 240hz smart tv similar to the one above and close to that price. He picked up a Harman/Kardon receiver, and ended up with a set of Infinity's that sounded pretty decent. Anyways he liked it all and spent a little more then he wanted but has room for upgrading to 7.1 down the road. All in all I think he is pretty happy, he and his wife are liking this technology stuff more and more once they see what they can do with it. He was tickled that the receiver had a am/fm tuner built in.
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