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  1. I would try out the 64-III that's a great price if its in good shape I really liked the 64-II I had awhile back can only imagine the III is better. If you don't like the way it matches up you can resell and get your money back easy at that price.
  2. Sounds like a cool project would like to see a thread for the build with pictures. My brother had KLF-30's for the last 15 years or so powered them with Carver amplifiers first the A-500x then later a refurbished TFM-45 both sounded great and would rock the house no problem. I've never heard them with tubes but can't imagine they'd sound bad unless you try and push them too hard? A lot of variables when considering a power amp. good luck!
  3. jjptkd

    Heresy I

    Yep these were listed in the Seattle area for a few weeks looks like the listing has been pulled but a couple warning of the scam are still up: https://seattle.craigslist.org/est/ele/7549778336.html Klipsch HWO !!WARNING SCAM!! - $325 (Morningside) The listing for the Heresy speakers is a scam. If the price is too good to be true then it isn't true. Do not send your money to this POS! NEVER use Paypal Family and Friends to purchaser something from someone you do not know. Paypal will NOT protect you purchase using Family and Friends.
  4. If you haven't hooked up your tube amp yet now might be the time, equipment matching is everything with these speakers. Also have you tried listening to the m with the grill covers off? That can change the sound as well.
  5. It's a great little amp with a very wide soundstage sounds a bit warmer than my Sunfire solid state amps but just as clear and detailed. Doesn't quite have the depth of the newer Carver tube amps but this one is very well built no circuit boards and double insulated wiring for safety. Also the finish is very nice makes my new BM-275 look very plain sitting next to it. This VTA-20 was able to power most of my speakers to fairly loud levels no problem in my 14x18 room with the exception of the KI-396-II's. It would would get them going pretty good just about as loud as I'd ever want but it seemed like it was straining a bit to get there with no room left in the volume. I looked up the spec on the 396's and they're rated at 600 watts RMS, 2400 watts peak so I think this little amp did quite well considering. My other speakers I've ran with it would play pretty loud no problems. I've got this on the Carversite as well along with a few other items figured I'd give people on the forums first chance at this kind of hard to find amp, this weekend I'll probably post everything on US Audiomart.
  6. Carver VTA-20 I re-tubed this guy when I first bought it and with the tube shortage scare bought an extra set of new EL-84m's. Tubes that are in it now are 7189's they have maybe 400 hours on them? Input tubes are gold pin JJ's ECC-83's with the same amount of hours. Would like $1350 shipped with the extra tubes. A'gon listing from when I bought this guy: https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisag4j5-adcom-gfa-545-ii-100-wpc-8-ohms-stereo-power-amplifier-amp-amplifiers?show_listing=true https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisag8ba-brand-new-el84-el84m-6bq5-and-7189-tubes-1980s-nos-quad-set-below-market-price-tubes?show_listing=true
  7. Looks like a beast of an amplifier! Never had any of the Aragon stuff but had quite a few of the Acurus amplifiers back in the day wonderful sounding amps. Hopefully you got a really good deal on the amp so that repairs still might be an affordable option. Fingers crossed the fuses fix this thing for you.
  8. That seems like a good deal for k-69a's.. I've got two pair already otherwise I'd probably grab a set.
  9. What?? That is mighty thoughtful of you you know most probably wouldn't even look at the price and place them all in the tax exempt status I mean if you "accidently" ordered too many sheets for the school what would they ever do with the extra? As far as big picture goes that's not even a drop in the ocean but it does show good character on your part. I see this all of the time at my large construction company different scenario I suppose but over-ordering and billing to a job only to use the "extra" elsewhere really seems commonplace. I'm not on the book keeping end of things so not sure what the advantages are in doing things like that.
  10. You can try and contact him through his eBay page, he usually has a couple things for sale there but not right now. His handle is Radioman731: https://www.ebay.com/usr/radioman731?_trksid=p2047675.m3561.l2559
  11. If you bought them new they may require a bit of a break in period to open up and sound their best but equipment matching and positioning can have dramatic effects. I noticed some time ago getting speakers out of corners can really help with imagining and sound stage my current set up speakers are 6ft from the side walls, about 8 inches off the front wall slightly toed in. Also where you sit in the room can have a big impact. I'd keep them playing as much as possible to break them in the first week or two and keep adjusting their placement at some point you'll hit a sweet spot.
  12. Yep I was rockin' the Tractrix tweeter lenses in my Chorus II's way before it was even "cool." Kind of a pain in the but as the motorboard is 1" thick and needs to be shaved down a bit to make it work.
  13. Home Depot typically sells 4x4 and 2x4 cut pieces might be an option if all you need is the one piece up side is you can fit the 2x4 size in your car no trailer needed.
  14. Bought some of these at Safeway when they went on sale for $2 each, not bad really. Quick, easy and cheap taste decent for the price and serving size is about perfect for a light lunch. You do have to look at the ingredients and nutritional facts not all of these meals are what you would consider "healthy" some are loaded with Cholesterol, sodium and sat. fat. https://www.fredmeyer.com/p/healthy-choice-simply-steamers-unwrapped-burrito-bowl/0007265545458?fulfillment=PICKUP
  15. Seems a little high on the price considering you can buy generic brand for $180 new: https://www.amazon.com/LASE-BM-D750-2-Throat-Titanium-Compression/dp/B08BPFMBX2 Or the newer version of the Paudio for $340: https://usspeaker.com/paudio bmd750-1.htm I've purchased a couple pairs of the k-69-a don't think I've paid more than $300 shipped. I apologize if the seller is a forum member but they are not posted for sale here as far as I know.
  16. According to his A'gon listing: This setup includes the Xilica 8080 active DSP crossover,KPT-402-HF Tractrix® Horn with a K-1132 two-inch exit titanium compression driver. https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisb08bc-klipsch-kpt-942-4-pro-jubilee-full-range
  17. I always knew you'd come through eventually, thanks Chief!
  18. I can see the torch light and silhouettes of pitchforks in the distance.. vultures I tell you, vultures.
  19. The k510/691 combo is incredible, I have them in my Chorus II's listening to Zepparella right now just amazing would love to see a home speaker model Chorus III? I'd buy the first pair if you'd let me.
  20. You could try it with and without, I'd try it without first just to hear what the 510 combo will do on its own. One thing to consider the 4500 crossover is designed for a mid driver with a 16ohm (12ohm) driver so the actual crossover point will be a bit different, should OK and safe as long as you don't blast it.
  21. The newer k-691 is a DE75 with a "hardened?" diaphragm IIRC. The two bass bins should have similar sensitivity though the 904's should have a much broader usable frequency band, 45hz-800? vs the 55hz-400?? The older crossovers didn't have a high freq cut on the mid horn as the driver had a natural roll off but the k510/k75 needs some EQ to get the high end from what I understand. If you do hook up the the horn to your 4500 crossover I'd just plug it into the mid out only don't combine the tweeter output with it.
  22. This has frustrated a lot of people and why most of the regulars have all but disappeared. I have a feeling this place will go away soon I'd recommend downloading any info, specs, pictures or schematics you may need in the future, I've already done this just to be safe. I'm sure the show will go on somewhere in the webs, just not here.
  23. Great little speakers one step below the famed RB-75's use them however / wherever you need them they should be up to task.
  24. I have two different passive crossovers designed for the driver combos just different cabinets; currently using the KPT-325 network but also have the KI-396 II networks on hand.
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