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  1. I'm sure they're very fine speakers-- that price tells me @Chief bonehead could make some home style KPT-335's like my prototypes and still make money while giving these JBL's a run for their money.
  2. KPT-904's just need to reconfigure the layout of the cabinet.
  3. Have you tried a pair of RC-7's? I think that's about the best it gets in the small speaker world from Klipsch without a sub.
  4. A stock 400 horn would probably match up better sound wise with what you have IMO look at Crites original "CornScala."
  5. Nice find! lots of potential there looks like the ports have been extended as well.
  6. You could always cover the tops with cloth or doily type thing. Potted plants that require lots of water work well too so I'm told. 🙃
  7. Interesting little amp / project: https://diyaudiostore.com/products/amp-camp-amp-kit?variant=7072933085218 GLWS!
  8. Yes, those are beautiful speakers and would not let them go too cheap if I were you unless you're in a pinch and need them gone. My advice is to start on the higher side price wise as you can always go down. Quick google search they're still selling for $6k a pair new: https://upscaleaudio.com/products/klipsch-cornwall-iii-special-edition-loudspeaker-each GLWS!
  9. I don't doubt any of this and even without hearing them would have to assume they are a better, more modern speaker I just didn't want the OP buying these based on something that just isn't true if you catch what I'm throwin' down that's all.
  10. As far as I know they have not changed mid drivers on the Heritage, all use the Atlas driver same size.
  11. Very cool, don't think I've ever seen this version of the shorthorn before GLWS!
  12. I've been in contact with the seller seems $3200 is the lowest he's willing to go on these right now
  13. I sent him an offer but honestly sitting here listening to my custom KPT-335's not sure new speakers are what I need at this point but it would be interesting to compare them.
  14. Quartets are a decent sized speaker and solid down to 45-50hz so stereo subs really aren't needed a good LFE or multiple LFE's should be sufficient up to a certain sized room. In a perfect world you'd want stereo subs with the Quartets and a separate LFE or four.
  15. Chances are at his original price he was getting numerous emails we have a lot of sharks here in the Seattle area lately.
  16. Yeah I would have bought them for that
  17. Most subs are just wired as LFE channels not true stereo
  18. He relisted them as IV's for $3800: https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisad3f5-klipsch-cornwall-iv-full-range
  19. Don't worry about matching subs unless you're running them in stereo IMO just get something big and bad if you want more oomph.
  20. I know the least he could do is tell you to F off.. or take this turd back or I'm busy, any acknowledgment at all?? I'd be pretty upset too sorry man!
  21. Damn man those speakers aren't even that old!! I've seen / owned 30+ year old speakers in better shape... sad. Still a decent deal I guess if they were still the original price I'd be clicking buy it now right now, at $3800 I think I'll pass, would rather spend a little more than that for something minty.
  22. Don't get me wrong they are very decent speakers I was happy with them until I was able to compare them head to head with the 75's-- once heard it cannot be unheard the larger and much higher quality horn driver is dramatically better IMO.
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