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  1. Wow what a deal if these were close to me I'd be down for a few pairs
  2. That's a great unit especially for the price I had one years back they have a great sound and pre-outs for every channel if more power is needed good luck with your sale!
  3. I've washed and dried mine like normal with the rest of my work clothes without issue must be the synthetic blend?
  4. Have you tried the Powersox I've been using them for years great quality last a long time and are comfortable: https://www.amazon.com/PowerSox-Bootsocks-Medium-Cushion-Merino/dp/B075NYY3MP
  5. Bad advice! I want Klipsch to sell a million pairs of these guys so in 5-10 years I'll have an easier time finding them in the used market for a decent price... us tight wads need to encourage those who can afford new to buy them and get their friends and co-workers to buy them.. you got to think long term man!
  6. The k-400 is actually a 260hz horn there is a reason distortion or something why the usable frequency is considered 400hz.
  7. Those are the k-53-k and are an even later model than the k-52'h so yeah, unless someone has changed parts around these are very late model H-1's mid '80's.
  8. From what i can see of the mid driver it appears to be a k-52 and the cut out on the mid horn that curves around the woofer I'd say these are Heresy 1.5's-- they were a transitional speaker from the original Heresy to the Heresy II which should put around the early to mid 80's, 83-85 I believe?
  9. That could be said about almost anything fill in the blanks.. obviously this is very subjective some people just like to buy new and can afford it i would say at least in this instance there has been dramatic improvements over previous models so there is that not just a re-badging or fresh cosmetics roll out, a true improvements in quality of parts and design.
  10. The Cornwall IV has a significantly better mid horn and new midrange driver that by all rights should blow away the stock Chorus II's. Tweeters are of the same basic design but the Cornwall IV has the latest Tractrix lens and brand new phase-plug technology that is supposed to help them quite a bit. The woofer cabinet on the Cornwall IV is quite a bit bigger (6.5cuft vs the 4.5cuft) allowing for the deeper bass capabilities with smaller power requirement. Also the Cornwall IV has the latest crossover technology available with steeper slopes and much higher quality parts. Add all of these things together and as much of a fan as i am of the Chorus line i just don't see how the older speaker models could possibly perform well next to the the Cornwall IV-- it should be a night and day difference based on the above but it is purely speculation on my part as i've never heard the new Cornwall.
  11. 😆😆 I was thinking that's not too far from Seattle but yeah I've got too many speakers already myself... good deal for someone though
  12. RIP Sancho! Prayers sent for the family.
  13. Gonna give you a bump on these man if we were closer I'd be hitting you up would love to have all three you have me curious about these universal crossovers I'm using the stock crossovers in my custom 335's and really love the way they sound can't really imagine them sounding better?
  14. Never ever send money "friends and family" through Paypal to a complete stranger-- some exceptions can be made to members that are well known with high post counts even then it is usually safer to just cover the cost of fees (3%?) for added security. You just never know with the age and health of some of the members here especially during a deadly pandemic raging on one could easily just fall over dead before they make it to the post office and you'd be out your money.
  15. You got a line on a pair of Jubes for $2500? Speakers look great, pictures of the crossovers and 402 drivers would help but I'm sure these will sell quickly either way, good luck with your sale!
  16. The Chief put his foot down recently in another thread JEM is officially off limits to any open discussion or criticism, they are the only factory approved supplier that's it. We all have to speak in unison, "JEM has the best sounding capacitors for Klipsch speakers" and tell anyone and everyone that who comes on this forum looking for re-cap advice, I'm surprised you didnt get the memo?
  17. If its clear at first then becomes distorted I would guess you're running the Receiver out of gas-- they are designed to handle "bursts" of extreme loudness not sustained.
  18. Shipping costs have gone through the roof I wouldn't be surprised at all if cost was over $200.
  19. Not at all, interesting though i had no idea they made home audio equipment-- i was a huge fan of their car audio equipment back in the day I used to own a Reference 700 power amplifier powering a pair of their SPL-10 subs behind the seats in my little Toyota truck .5 cuft slant boxes boy did they sound good.
  20. I appreciate that, I'm sure they sound great I really like both of those drivers easily head and shoulders above stock Cornwall III drivers. I've actually recently joined the darkside of Klipsch in the pro-line with my custom KPT-335 / Chorus configuration-- I'm afraid now that I've been exposed to the 2" exit driver midrange there is just no way i can go back now it was and is a life changing experience.
  21. What's wrong with the Sunfire?
  22. Well, if I were trying to sell a set of $1200 speakers I would not advertise them as sounding just like $600 speakers (used forte 1 prices) rather I'd probably advertise them as the predecessor to the all new and highly regarded H-IV's that retail for $3k.
  23. Saturday bump someone has to have one of these laying around? I'm willing to buy a single or a pair with or without drivers or even a KV-4 center speaker to part out let me know what you have thanks.
  24. I believe the Cornwalls are roughly 6.5cuft if i remeber correctly, the cabinet shape would likely have to be modified slightly as the k-500 is a longer horn than the k-600 but would need to verify that. Not sure about any other specifics I'm sure others will chime in sounds like a cool project that you and the kid will enjoy good luck!
  25. I grew up on Chorus / Chorus II and when i got my first pair of Cornwall's to do a side by side with the Chorus II i was actually quite shocked-- My initial reaction was that they sounded more alike than different. After spending about a week going back and forth playing with placement and what not I concluded that the Chorus II was the winner for me, they just had a tighter bass detail and overall clarity and finer details seemed to be present when listening critically. To be fair the Cornwalls i had were probably 35 years old at the time and completely stock, I'm sure with new capacitors and CT-120 tweeters / A-55g's the gap would have narrowed tremendously either way the cabinet size of the Cornwalls are a big turn off for me, really like the size / shape of the Chorus models.
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