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  1. My Carver 275 had adjustable bias a single point for all tubes factory set at 100 on the meter I read that some prefer less at 80 I experimented and thought that it lost some detail at lower settings I believe I ended up leaving mine around 95? The 275 took months to burn in as I didn't really know what to expect if any changes over time at around 100 hours things got more acceptable and I was less concerned with harshness, by 200 hours things were smooth sailing and I was very happy. I did not wait with my new tubes in the VTA-20 I turned that thing on first thing in the morning and ran it all day 12-14 hours for a couple weeks to rush the burn in and it helped but took a little longer about 300 hours to really sound its best.
  2. I've been very happy with my Carver tube amps (currently have the VTA-20) and Sunfire solid state amplifiers, work very well with all the Klipsch I own.
  3. Never had those exact tubes but between my last two Carver tube amps they actually settled in quite nicely over the span of 200-300 hours. They started out just a little bit "bright" or slightly harsh with some material but slowly smoothed out over time. Also with my VTA-20 bass response became noticeably better.
  4. No, they are 2.5 way "tapered array" so both woofers play all the way down to 45hz tuning they just stop one at 500hz and let the other meet the horn at 1950hz. "Klipsch Tapered Array™Technology operates both woofers at the lowest frequencies but only one all the way up to the point where the tweeter takes over, eliminating the destructive middle-frequency interference between woofer outputs characteristic of ordinary woofer-tweeter lineups."
  5. I have installed RF-5 parts into RC-7 cabinets and they really worked out quite well, was not much difference from what I was able to tell. Here's a thread I made awhile back might have some useful info..
  6. Beautiful speakers! Are those k-28 woofers? They don't appear to be the stock k-23's..
  7. I could see it taking a lot longer for most people to achieve the same level of driver break in at home, possibly 100's of hours.
  8. I'd take the 20's over Heresy's any day you did good look to KLF-30's or Chorus II's if you want to "move up" from there without getting into the large footprint models.
  9. I keep a saved search on eBay for Klipsch RC-7 always watching for good deals on complete speakers or parts: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=klipsch+rc+7&_sop=10 I see there's a few being offered as part of a set, never hurts to email the seller's to see if they'd be willing to sell them separately
  10. Singles are out there just depends on how quick you need them and much you want to spend, I've picked up several over the years in nice shape for $200-$300 each. Typical eBay prices including shipping around $500-$600 each in excellent condition. I honestly would take a nice pair of Cherry RC-7's over a pair of Heresy's well worth the effort to track down.
  11. No terminal cups but Klipsch parts finally came through only took 6 months but I'm not complaining very happy with my new speakers @Westcoastdrums was right though yet again these are not low volume fraction of a watter speakers here, these things crave power and beg to be turned up but let me tell you they do not disappoint when adequately fed at medium to higher volumes. Low volume they kind of sound like a 3-way with blown tweeters obviously geared with longer legs but still great, again I'm very happy with them.
  12. Looking good! Try finding a pair of RC-7's best smaller speaker Klipsch makes IMO
  13. "All amplifiers sound the same" Bob Carver who's been "voicing" his amplifiers for 40 years...
  14. I owned a Melody SP-7 some years back a quick google search popped up my listing on A'gon from when I sold it. The amp had a huge midrange sound but was fluffy in the bass and seemed rolled off in the highs. https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lis2h7d2-melody-sp-7-onix-sp-3-integrated-tube-amp-45-wpc-new-jj-el34l-tubes-tube?show_listing=true
  15. Amazon has these for $65-- seems they get mixed reviews some claim these add noise and not for hi-fi systems. https://www.amazon.com/Tripp-Lite-Protector-Right-Angle-ISOBAR8ULTRA/dp/B0000511U7/ref=asc_df_B0000511U7/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=167141218295&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=7575548581592825488&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9033404&hvtargid=pla-307153516462&th=1
  16. jjptkd

    Goodbye Onkyo...

    Onkyo Will Continue As A Major Audio Brand Thanks To Premium Audio Company And Sharp https://www.forbes.com/sites/marksparrow/2022/05/16/onkyo-will-continue-as-a-major-audio-brand-thanks-to-premium-audio-company-and-sharp/?sh=1054306f3833
  17. Is he advertising Cornwalls as forte's?
  18. So been listening to these for a week now I must say I'm very happy with how they sound. I was thinking about it last night and how they differ from my 335's I think the best way to describe it is the 335's are like super Chorus 1's and the 396's are like super forte II's. The 335's are much more sensitive, very forward and detailed in the mids and highs even at the lowest volumes but a little light in bass without bass boost. They have a tendency to be on the brighter side and pair very well with tube amps. The 396's on the other hand are very solid in bass right off the bottom but mids and highs are a bit recessed at lower volumes and need to be turned up a few extra DB to get that full, even sound. At a minimum volume level they sound very detailed with a pronounced smooth midrange that doesn't ever sound harsh or bright at all-- these seem to pair best with my solid state amplifiers. Looking at the specs again for the 396's I can't believe they're rated at 600 watts RMS, 2400 watts peak! They do seem to love Sunfire power. Maybe later today or tomorrow I'll swap the 335's back into play to hear the differences again.
  19. Whatever it may be there is certainly some "settling in" time whether its in our minds or the speakers / equipment itself our impressions of said item can and often do change over the course of several days. I've just experienced this with my new custom 396's which sounded very "dark" after switching from my custom 335's which tend to be on the brighter side. After a couple of days though they've normalized in presentation now all of the parts in my build were new so was it "break in" or my ears adjusting? Does it matter? Congrats OP on the new Cornwall IV's I have no doubt they are fine speakers. One thing to keep in mind is not just break in or placement but also equipment matching can have pretty dramatic changes on your listening experience including the size of image / voices soundstage etc.
  20. Damn nice find! I'd love to have a few of the 904 bins
  21. This has been my experience when comparing the Chorus 1 to the Chorus II-- I really like the pointedness and detail of the exponential over the Tractrix in these two speakers but it does come at a cost. One is as you mention more directional and two, in my experience, they can get "honky" at higher volumes where the Tractrix seems to hold it together a bit better. The miracle is the larger 2" exit drivers on the Tractrix horn like the k510-- it combines the best of both horns nice open sound of the Tractrix with the same detail as the exponential horn.
  22. A little bit of bondo and some rattle cans them puppies 'll look like new! Parts are worth the asking price alone good find
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