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  1. Couldnt be happier, except when the whiskey runs dry
  2. Well... they have arrived. The Forte IIIs - first shipment to NZ docked Tuesday night, and the dealer managed to convince the distributor to let me pick up straight from the warehouse on Wednesday. Had to fly out on business that night, so only got a few hours listening in, but back today and halfway through a nice bottle of Australian red while having a good listen. What a massive improvement on the RF 82-IIs I had - immediately noticed much sharper imaging and an absolutely massive soundstage. Vocals are just incredible on these. Currently have them around 40cm/15" out from the rear wall, toed in pointing straight on the listening position. Will play around with placement after a good 50 hours to let the woofers loosen up I think. NZ pricing came in at $7k which is just over $5k USD at current exchange rates.
  3. How did the Forte III compare to the RF-7 II at the low end?
  4. Sold! Ha. Now to decide the finish and hope (pun intended) that the release date over here isn't too far off. Thanks for your input everyone!
  5. Hoping for some advice and guidance from wise and experienced heads on an upgrade from RF-82 IIs. I've had the 82s for ~4 years now, and have in the most part adored them. I originally ran them from off a Yamaha Aventage AVR, then pulled out an old mid-90s top-line Technics pre/pro combo, which was a nice match, and tamed some of the harshness I found with the Yamaha. Admittedly I tend to progressively increase the volume control during listening sessions, pushing the speakers quite loud. Listening is mainly to progressive, classic and acoustic rock, with a bit of jazz and EDM thrown in for good measure. I sold the Technics on a house move and went back to the Yamaha, and was very close to moving on to something different... Monitor Audio, Sonus Faber were in the mix. Then... I picked up a PrimaLuna Dialogue HP Premium integrated (running off stock EL34s still) and it was like having a whole new speaker... WOW. I have been enjoying this combo for some time, but with the recent release of the Forte III and pending release of the RF-7 III (or very good deals on the RF-7 II), the upgrade itch has hit again. Being in New Zealand, I don't have the luxury of auditioning before buying, so keen on any advice from those who have heard the Forte III/RF-7 II, and particularly in comparison to the RF-82 II if possible. The Forte III pricing and release date is being announced in a couple of weeks and being a little trigger happy with the credit card am quite likely to scratch the itch. What I love about the RF-82 IIs is the sheer dynamics and bass, plus of course the mid-top end clarity from the horn. My assumption is that a move up (RF-7 II or III) will give more of the same with noticeably improvement, whereas moving to the "heritage" line with the Forte III could be quite a different experience. I am certainly leaning to the Forte III (in either walnut or distressed oak) as I have heard nothing but good things. Just curious on the sonic signature differences and any pros/cons of the move from those who have heard. Would I lose that deep, thick bass on EDM/good rock tracks (e.g. Mother from Pink Floyd's The Wall), or is the 12" woofer and 15" passive combo going to be even better than what I have today? Listening room is 17' by 13', with the speakers along the longer wall, about 2' from the side walls. Thanks in advance!
  6. For those who've had the privilege of hearing the Forte III, what would be the benefits/differences upgrading from RF-82 IIs? Running a PrimaLuna Dialogue HP Integrated, with a mix of digital and (mainly) vinyl. I was at the point of wanting to replace the RFs until I added the tube amp, and then the Forte was announced! Music tastes is mainly acoustic, jazz, prog rock, and a bit of electronic. I love the bass presence with the RFs (sold my sub as I never used it), so biggest concern is losing bass. Being in New Zealand there will be no way to audition so buying will be a leap of faith.
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