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  1. That’s a great price on that stand. They are well made and can be taken apart for easier transport.
  2. Looks like a darn good deal. Used prices are around $500 for older models. This is a really well-built 2-channel integrated. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649516986-marantz-pm8006/
  3. I received the Skylan stands I ordered for my RB-75s yesterday. It was not an easy decision to order these as stands can be found for much less than I paid, $385/shipped. However my only experience with speaker stands is when I used Sanus NF30 with RB5s and I remember how unstable they were. I didn't want that issue with the RB-75 so I bit the bullet and ordered these custom from Skylan. The owner Noel was easy to communicate with and I gave him the specs of the RB-75 and he determined that a 22" stand was the most appropriate height for me. From an aesthetics standpoint I did not think a 4-post stand would look right under such a tall bookshelf speaker. Noel confirmed that the 2-post version would support the weight and the base of this stand was also large enough to support the width and depth. The top plate was made to match the RB-75. After assembling and filling with rice, per Noel's recommendation, each stand weighs 21.6 lbs. Each of the square tubes holds between 5 and 6 lbs of rice. I bought 4 10# bags of rice from a local bulk foods store (Winco) and have 1 1/2 bags leftover. @ $.60/lb it wasn't expensive to fill the stands and rice is easier to clean up than kitty litter which is the other material recommended by Noel to be used to fill his stands. I am very happy with the stands. The top and bottom plate have a really nice texture to them as do the square posts. Assembly was a breeze and the packaging was done very well. These stands are sturdy and I cannot imagine the speakers ever being accidentally knocked off. I'm not one to be able to give a critical review of their sonic influence but I can say that they look nice, are made from quality materials and provide a very stable stand for my speakers. I feel good about my purchase even though they are twice the price of the Pangea DS400 and B7W STAV 24 and over 3X Monoprice Monoliths.
  4. As a fan of that speaker I ask that you don't paint them black and leave them as is. But they are yours, do as you please 😀 I just really like the industrial look with the unfinished cab and black metal grill. Painting the cabs black would make them far less unique. Nice score!
  5. Good name choices, short and distinctly different from the other. The training stage is awesome, not easy but oh so rewarding. My puppy training experience is only with Lab and a German Sheppard pups and no knuckleheads so I'm probably luckier than most.
  6. So sorry for your loss Marvel. I don't know you but just based off reading your posts you seem like a genuinely good person.
  7. Looks good! What kind of flooring are you going to install?
  8. That picture is Pure Michigan. Makes me miss home.
  9. Welcome dlee, $300-$1000 based on their condition. To get a more accurate value please post pictures of the speakers. Front, with and without grills, sides, tops and rears. If they have riser bases their condition would also be helpful. Your location is also good in case there is an interested buyer here.
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