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  1. Hopefully DTO won. They mentioned that they are local o hopefully they won't have to pay shipping. $227 is a nice price!
  2. After seeing the pic with the grill off I'd hope the paint could simply be removed and the beautiful raw wood could be enjoyed again. Worst case to me would be having to use duratex which is far from a bad thing.
  3. If my experience is any help I have LaScala II's and I have used a Klipsch RSW-12 (12" with single passive 12), RT-10D(10" with dual passive 10s) and now a JTR Captivator 1400 (18" ported). The RT-10D is the best for music and is good for movies while, besides rap and hip hop, the JTR isn't as good for music but dominates on movies. The RSW-12 is fine just doesn't touch either of the others by comparison in my listening environment. I'd like to hear a RT-12D sometime.
  4. eBay auction ends Saturday afternoon. https://www.ebay.com/itm/KLIPSCH-KP-201-Klipsch-Professional-Speakers-very-minimal-use-midwest-chicago/153604141322?hash=item23c385310a:g:5iYAAOSw-A1dS5rv
  5. Just admiring these horns I saw listed on usaudiomart. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649544696-jbltadaltec-bentwoodhorns/ Description Bentwoodhorns sapele mahogany 2 inch HF horn which is sand casted with sapele mahogany ,with JBL 2441 driver with original diaphragm . any 2 inch can be used have tried many TAD,JBL,ALTEC . LF is a great plains 416 crossover point is 650hz The flare of the horn is similar to a altec 210 or altec 211 cabinet but with 1 416 these are very efficient my klipsch horns which are 105 db don't come close maybe 108 which is like the altec 210 cabinet These mid bass horns go down to 50hz again much like a klipsch lascala The LF section is also sand casted totally dead which makes these extremely heavy , just the LF takes 3 men to lift. If you need more lows and don't have a quality sub I also have the 18 inch sub which can be purchased also with the same sapele mahogany it to is a horn which looks like a oversized klipsch khorn
  6. If Dean's advice doesn't fix your problem I have a Forte 2 crossover that came out of a working speaker that I would sell.
  7. My previous subs have been RSW-12 and RT-10D. The JTR is in another league altogether. The only comparison I can make would be when I lived in Japan I had a Nissan Silvia that made 300whp and was rear-wheel drive and then purchased a 530whp awd Skyline GT-R. Both the GT-R and the JTR were leaps forward in performance over what they replaced. The pressure the JTR creates in the house is simply insane. I plan on getting one more
  8. "Not sayin' this is the case here" Of course you are, otherwise you wouldn't bring it up in the first place.
  9. I ordered replacement ear pads for $6 off of ebay. They were terrible and I would've needed to use hot glue to fix them to the ring that snaps into the headphones. I threw them into the garbage follower by my M40s. It was a sad day. Bose over-the-ear headphones have been a far better purchase than the M40s were.
  10. Congratulations to both Mikes
  11. My vote would be for a used Tundra 07-13. Test drive a model with power seats to see if that works for your wife. For me poor fuel economy is offset by low maintenance costs and SAFETY. Fewer gadgets means less problems. I am a Tundra fanboy 100%. Good luck with your decision
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