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  1. If you decide to split them up I would like a chance to get the RC-7. I need one in Cherry to match my fronts and surrounds. Yours looks to be in excellent condition.
  2. I grabbed a 65” LG OLED C9 on BF for 1,599. It arrived yesterday and I hope to have it up Friday. It’s joining a Panasonic VT60 plasma which has a really nice picture. I’ve been drooling over the LG every time I go to Costco for months. Finally got a deal I was happy with.
  3. I was born and raised in Harbor Beach. Frequented Birchwood Mall a lot in the early 90s, visited it last year and was shocked by what it has become. I loved going to Full Moon Records, Camelot Music and Taurus Comics. Those places along with the mall are where all my money went as a teenager.
  4. That amp takes up some real estate. It looks impressive, glws
  5. By the time I got out of work at midnight the storm was long gone and the flooding had subsided. Glad you got to enjoy it though, lol What will it be for next year’s monsoon? Khorns, Belles..there’s so much to choose from.
  6. I am also in search of a Cherry RC-7. I’ve chatted with this guy but he cannot confirm if this is cherry and he cannot get better pictures which is why I am not pursuing this speaker. Maybe you’d have better luck with him. https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lis9g45b-klipsch-rc-7-home-theater
  7. Nice! Congratulations, did you get them last night during the monsoon? Seems like that would be par for the course for you lol
  8. Ditto On the other hand Thaddeus, your comment was way outa line. I guess that's why it was deleted.
  9. Why has the suggestion of pro speakers continued when the OP specifically stated that they were not interested in the in their 2nd post? The behavior displayed in this thread is comparable to the behavior of forum members in garage sale ads. Which members are involved determines how far off track a thread is allowed to go. Forcing Pro Klipsch down Falcar's throat is not "helping" them. It was suggested, politely refused and then subsequently talked about for 2+ pages.
  10. The caveat on the ATI amp I will be using is that it is a 6012. I will be bi-amping and bi-wiring all 5 channels. I wanted a 5 or 7 channel amp with 200 wpc but I couldn't pass on this amp that I found locally. It was left over from a new home build that when south and is still new in box. Knowing ATI's reputation and my experience with the Outlaw I felt it's worth a shot.
  11. I'm not advocating Class D over A/B, that's just the setup I have now and have had recently. I do own an ATI amp that I am waiting to install into my small HT which is still in progress. I've owned an Outlaw Audio 7700 (also made by ATI) which I used on Forte 2s. It sounded great but I sold that when I bought a house which I didn't think could support a HT. 4+ years later and I am making a HT room . The HT will be 4 RB-75s and a RC-7 along with 2 Captivator 1400s. Should be up and running by late Oct. I think you will be very happy using the Monolith on LaScalas as well.
  12. I don't have a lot of experience using different amps with my LaScala's but I have really enjoyed the Class D powered receivers and integrated amps I have used on them. Panasonic SA-XR700, Pioneer SC-81, NAD 390DD. Everything has been very quiet for me. I do use RGPC power conditioners which may or may not help.....they don't seem to hurt.
  13. I currently have LaScala IIs running with a JTR Captivator 1400. Rap/Hip Hop sounds awesome on this combo, the sub literally makes my windows flex. I have had Cornwall IIIs but never used them with a sub. I liked them but they were always used at low volume no matter the music due to living in a condo at the time. You will be satisfied with LaScalas if that's the route you choose. They are also more visually appealing than Cornwalls in my opinion. If you are near Phoenix you are welcome to come hear them yourself.
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