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  1. Wow, those really pop. It looks like you have treated them very well, good luck with your sale.
  2. Sorry you are having so much trouble with your mac. I bought my Mac mini in 2012 and have been very happy with it because it just keeps working. I'm not a computer person per se and just need something that does its job. 7 years is far longer than any other pc has ever lasted me.
  3. I could help you out with these. They’ve been listed for quite awhile so maybe the seller would take 500-600. Figure another $150 for shipping
  4. In case you stumble on another single I have an orphan I would sell. I have it packed away in a closet and I will get you actual pictures of it if you are interested. Otherwise it looks just like one of these. *image found on google*
  5. I'm using them in my living room setup. NAD 390DD, LaScallas and RT-10d. This surround setup is going into my den.
  6. Last summer I bought a new ATI 6012 amp and I am planning on using it on my surround setup. The 5 speakers I'm using are all able to be bi-wired, they are RB-75s, RC-7 and RB-5ii's. My plan is to use rca splitters on the pre-outs of my L/F/R and surround channels and run the HF and LF of each speaker off of its own channel from the ATI. I'll be using 4 conductor Canare Star Quad 4S11 (4x14ga) so I will only need to run one cable to each speaker. Does anyone see a issue with this setup? The only potential issue I see is a problem with splitting the pre-out signal before the amp. Thanks for any input
  7. There was a pair of Chorus II's for sale recently in western Michigan. If I find the ad I will link it here.
  8. Its nice to see a more industrial version of Cornwalls just like the textured black Heresy option. Maybe this will help them find their way into bars, clubs or restaurants. I wonder if the product they use for this is more durable than the black ash finish was. $2999 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Cornwall-III-Floor-Standing-Speakers-Custom-Textured-Black-Finish/392255724463?hash=item5b54435baf:g:RKoAAOSwW75ciVqu:sc:FedExHomeDelivery!85022!US!-1
  9. Your assembly looks very tight, was Rocklers able to give you precision cuts based off of your dimensions? Did you have to do any trimming before assembly?
  10. It's good to know that these is support for these older subs. What had to be fixed? How much was the repair?
  11. Today I was able to put a check mark next to another pair of Klipsch speakers I’ve wanted to own for some time, RB-75s in Cherry. I have them on LaScalla IIs I bought last Aug but didn’t get hooked up until January. Ironically both sets of speakers came from vegas, RB-75s from Travis5454 and LaScallas from Schu. Both transactions were as smooth as could be. powering them with a NAD 390(bought in Dec) with Tidal HiFi playing through a Apple TV via HDMI(using QuietHollow’s recommendation). Also using a RT-10D sub. Very happy with the cost vs performance of my setup.
  12. I think they are priced just right to get a fairly quick sale. $800/Chorus, $400/KG4. You having them since day 1 is a big plus imo. Good luck with your sale, they look nice.
  13. I don't think it will be that easy for him. I see the media KILLING him especially bad during breast cancer awareness month. Women's rights groups are gonna be what pushes him out one way or another. Legally he will be absolutely fine but the #metoo movement will drive him out of the NFL.
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