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  1. boric2480, JTR's shop is somewhere near Chicago so if you went with his offerings you may be able to save a fair amount of money if you could pick them up locally.
  2. I use 2 Captivator 1400s and their output is ridiculously obnoxious. Not as good for music but for movies I have not heard better. I'd rather watch a movie at home than any theater. I went with the 1400 only because I found one locally for $1,000. Ordered a 2nd one new so for less than $3,500 I have bass like I never dreamt I'd have. I think there is a chance I would be happier with 2 Captivator S1s only because they "should" do better with music while still preforming well in my 200 sq ft room for movies. I have no reason to chase that improvement though because luckily I have Chorus IIs in another room for music. With proper setup of the electronics I could probably dial them in better for music but for now I am happy. With your listening needs I'd lean towards sealed subs. An added bonus to having a system with truly substantial bass capability it makes nearly everything better. There is so much more to hear when watching tv that you never knew about with a system that cannot dig ultra deep. Even though I bought all of his plans I never got a chance to build a large Bill Fitzmaurice horn sub and now I don't have a reason to
  3. I’m my experience these aren’t too common in Walnut.
  4. I cannot speak to its ability to drive Cornwall I’s but I can confirm that it has enough power to drive Chorus II’s with ease.
  5. When working it was quite an impressive sub. It was a big upgrade from my RSW-12 and even better for music than my JTRs are.
  6. Just curious to hear any opinions about whether I should convert my RT-10d to a passive sub and run it with a iNuke NU3000 I already have or should I send the amp off to get rebuilt? Total investment of the amp rebuild will be less than $200.
  7. sorry, I thought you were giving a cost for shipping single 75's. I drove to Vegas to pick up my first pair because it was cheaper to drive than it was to ship them and then it was safer as well obviously.
  8. Please don't get anyone's hope up that shipping will be cheap. If I were to ship these each one would ship in a original box that is surrounded with HD foam. Dimensional weight is what drives the cost of shipping up. I paid around $80 ea when these were shipped to me (AZ) from NY.
  9. Yes they sound very good, just like my other pair do. These could be shipped but expect that to be about $75 per speaker so it'd be close to $600 total. More and more shipping is becoming a deal killer in our hobby.
  10. Yes they are. I will post a better picture of the corner with the issue.
  11. I have 2 pair of Cherry RB-75s. I have one pair for sale on offer up that I would sell for $400 because they have a slightly damaged corner. I have a nearly mint pair I’m using in my home theater as well. If you wanted those I would only sell them for $750. I have their original boxes as well. I’m in Phoenix if you are interested in either pair https://offerup.com/item/detail/881587210/
  12. Very strong and well-built integrateds that sound great and have quality components with really nice binding posts. Good flexibility by being able to use it in a home theater setup as well. GLWS
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