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  1. finallygotmyheresies

    RC-7 New Jersey, eBay $158

    Pickup only https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-RC-7-Center-Speaker-/323697622210?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10
  2. finallygotmyheresies

    Juicy Music pCats $2300 obo

  3. finallygotmyheresies

    What I Got Today!

    Picked up a roughed up RSW-12 from Offerup last night. Has a shredded grill and is missing feet(orig owner said it never had them 😕). Drivers are damage free and it pounds like it should so I’m happy.
  4. finallygotmyheresies

    Klipsch Forte III Walnut (single) Houston, Tx

    That may still be true but I believe Klipsch packages these to be strapped to and shipped on a pallet. Lots of the damage we hear about is from people trying to send these in the same package through UPS, Fedex etc.
  5. finallygotmyheresies

    Klipsch Epic CF-4 series 1 for sale!

    Would you share specifics of what you are building with us?
  6. finallygotmyheresies

    Cornwall II - $1200 - Gilbert AZ

    I’ve got to run to Vegas to pick up some RB-75s from a forum member. I could pick these up for you if you got them. Too bad they are not as nice as the ones from Tucson last year
  7. finallygotmyheresies

    FOR SALE: TAD TD-2002 Drivers, one pair, NEW

    Posting because it seems like someone is always looking for or at least considering using these to upgrade their speakers. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649493115-tad-td2002-drivers-one-pair-new/ Description Price firm since these are essentially NEW. Buyer pays shippping and paypal fees. TAD-2002, one pair, new drivers. One has been tested but not mounted on horn. Other driver has not been taken out of box. Serial No: Ra 0717, Ra 0718. Perfect condition, all original. Selling this new pair because I will keep one used other pair for my project.
  8. finallygotmyheresies

    does klipsch still replace the rc-7 horn tweeters

    Bought a RC-7 off of Craigslist recently and finally got around to testing it out and got no sound from the tweeter. Of course my first thought was that it was blown but turned out that the ground for the tweeter was disconnected. Glad I searched here before ordering a new diaphragm.
  9. finallygotmyheresies

    Klipsch Heresy II-BR for sale $400 plus shipping

    I would recommend double-boxing these for shipment. It will add weight and cost to the shipment but it will be worthwhile for all involved in the transaction.
  10. finallygotmyheresies

    $450 Heresys in Tucson, AZ

    https://phoenix.craigslist.org/cph/ele/d/tucson-vintage-klipsch-speakers/6811002475.html Looks like they are from 1985
  11. finallygotmyheresies

    Juicy Music pCats $2300 obo

    When I joined this forum nearly 10 years ago these were the holy grail of tube amps for Klipsch. I am not surprised they didn't sell before the holidays but very surprised to still see them available now. GLWS OP
  12. finallygotmyheresies

    60th Anniversary Khorns and matching LaScala center, Orlando $15,000

    That's a beautiful set. Lacewood looks nice in pictures but even nicer in person. It has a scaly look and feel. 10K would seem like a reasonable asking price to me for that set.
  13. finallygotmyheresies

    Klipschorn Custom Build

    Welcome, I cannot imagine how the job of lifting them into position is being done. It seems like it would be so top heavy.
  14. finallygotmyheresies

    wtb chorus 2 binding post cap

    I was missing one on my chorus II terminal cup and used one off of a kg4 crossover I get from eBay for $5
  15. finallygotmyheresies

    What I Got Today!

    Nice assortment!