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  1. Raining every day here grasshopper. Guess we are in the "dog days" of summer. Everything sure is green though. LF wanted to start watching a series on Netflix together due to all this rain so we started watching Longmire yesterday. Saw 3 episodes. Not bad. Sent an email to our old bud minermark but have not heard back.
  2. So sorry JohnJ. Very nice tribute from the neighbor.
  3. Seems we were talking Bloody Mary's and Minermark's gifts a while back.
  4. I like it Mike. I bought a Nagaoka first and one of the pins fell out while unpacking. Sent it back and got the high output Hana. Seems well made though I did have to buy a MC preamp. I like it better than the more expensive Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood that it replaced.
  5. Okay back to regular programming. Charlie Musselwhite "Aces of Harps".
  6. Hope I'm not hijacking the thread. So if you get bored just say so. I have a small issue with the set up. I would really like to bring the R2R on the right to lady friends place but I also like the clean, non cluttered appearance. I love to watch the big reels spin.
  7. I ordered the cabinet with a pull out for the turn table and it's behind the door on the right. I saw a picture Chris A. posted and the zero gravity chairs were in the back ground. I messaged him and he gave me the low down. They are comfy. That is the music room at lady friends place. I have a larger one (below) at my place but am rarely there.
  8. Jake doing a sound check for me.
  9. Thanks guys. Added a SVS PC-2000 sub even though the Spatials get down to 32hz. And for streaming/DAC the Node 2i. Tinkering around with toe in I found it made little difference. The Spatials are self cancelling to the sides so first reflection is not a problem.
  10. Have a good night MM.
  11. Yes sir.....on a Rega Planar P3. Step it up through a Schiit phono pre. Jolida CDP and a Maverick Tube Magic Dac.
  12. Not sure who turned me on to Davis Lanz but that's a fine recording.
  13. Bob Dylan and The Band
  14. The Sweet Vinyl Sugar Cube SC-1
  15. Spinning some Bob Dylan followed by Mandolin Orange.......
  16. Klipsch Jubilee in Florida on usaudiomart. Look nice. Who's are these?
  17. Good thread Sam! I like to hear the pluses and minuses of different areas. I'm in NC and just four miles from the ocean but for the first time could consider a move.
  18. Minemark sent me some of the Bloody Mary mix too. And some See's candy. Carl never sent me anything but Thebes has shared his tube supply with me. Two RCA clear tops this week!
  19. Sorry but I've got to have horseradish in a proper Bloody Mary.
  20. Man I though you were talking about a cement mixer with the discussion of gravel and block that Eric just got😑
  21. Okay well if you can't go I'll see if slushie boy will.
  22. Stew.....go on over and give Eric a hand. He may buy you a Molson in return.
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