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  1. Looked up "exercises for low back pain" and found a list by Kaiser Permanente. Got out the exercise mat and did a few exercises a couple of times. Bien! Helped a lot to stretch out the back some. And all along I have been very careful and resting my back rather than moving it a bit😐
  2. Yep but I'm not like them.....I'm a wimp for pain!
  3. Thanks Randy H and Dave. Dave when you get a chance tell me more about the procedure, discomfort, performed in office or hospital, and other info you think I need to know. Either here or in a PM. Thanks
  4. I think the "cash cow" remark (meme) was a response to my statement about Chiropractors keeping you in treatment forever to have "cash cows". Nothing to do with politics what so ever.
  5. Hardly struck a lick in 6-8 weeks. Three days a week at the Chiropractor for the lower back pain. Friday is the last scheduled adjustment and decompression along with the reevaluation. Want to bet they try to get me to sign up for more therapy and take another $6-7 hundred bucks. Feel like I'm one of their many cash cows😐
  6. A toaster Richie......just think. No more waking your neighbor up to make a slice of toast😀
  7. By my count it looks like Richie wins the toaster. Now let me get all the crumbs and dried butter out and it's on the way😁
  8. Look fellas....Ben posted! Steve was just asking about him!
  9. I see what you boys are doing......page 2999 and hoping to win the toaster!
  10. 72 y/o and a handful of supplements every day. Maybe that's why I'm prettier than slushie boy!
  11. Looked Victoria up on google. Seems like pleasant weather but rarely gets to 72 degrees. May lose my tan. Housing a bit pricey?
  12. So sorry my friend.....glad you are safe.
  13. Cheers mi amigos! On Bourbon #2.
  14. A challenging section of the Appalachian Trail runs through there as I recall. Got Poison Ivy too.
  15. I bought a bit of Virgin Galactic stock awhile back and it took off much like the space ship😊 Yep my good. Regarding the toaster I forgot when or for what goal I offered a toaster. Maybe one of the younger, fresher brains will recall. As for posts in the Lounge and for this thread in particular we don't use a lot of graphs or charts, not very technical at all, most here wouldn't know a diode from a corn chip . We are a friendly lot though and most of us know how to mix a proper Martini😉
  16. Now no multiple posts...........I know you want that toaster bad.
  17. 15 more pages to 3000. Who will win the coveted Klipsch toaster with a timely post?
  18. For clarification Chuck's the good looking older gent. Carl's the bald slushie maker.
  19. tommyboy last visited 2009......... 2009
  20. Three more fingers of Scotch with my bud John Lee Hooker then put my *** to bed!
  21. Have often wondered what became of tommyboy. Last post was 2009 and I think he was about to deploy to Iraq. Hope he just moved on to other pursuits.
  22. Nova 8s from Radio Shack around 1973 quickly replaced by McIntosh ML 1Cs. Not sure how good they were but the cabinets were pretty😁
  23. I need a cat for a few days to take care of the mole in the front yard......but just for a few days.
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