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  1. Yeah....maybe we need Mark and Beeker back to liven things up. I think things are more lively over in RTM and Vinyl Spinning. Perhaps some of our key board warriors have gravitated there.
  2. Some photos of Carl's vacation.
  3. Send a few to me and I will post them.
  4. And if oldtimer comes over make him keep his walker outside.
  5. Continues to be hot (94) and humid. Mowed the lawn around 10am......3 breaks and 3 glasses of water. LF worked in her yard for a couple of hours and now out on a bike ride😑
  6. Welcome Nutty......I have RP-280Fs and they sound good to me if not a bit bright depending on room treatments. One member has a modification to lessen the brightness I read a while back. Maybe he will pipe in.
  7. Thank you Pete.....good info. Yes it is a packaged heat pump. We are waiting on hearing from 2 other HVAC contractors with great feed back. It is LF's place so she will have the final say. Will keep you posted. As a side note I built my house in 1987 and also have a split system. The upstairs unit is 31 years old and still working! The main heat pump for the first floor has been replaced twice. Currently using a hybrid system (LP gas) as a second fuel.
  8. Thanks Mike. The tech was saying that while most brands are re-badging components Trane makes their own coils and compressors in house. Of course that was the brand he is selling.
  9. I'm betting you researched American Standard prior to purchasing. What did you like about that brand over...say Trane or Lennox? I gogled 18 SEER AS.....wasn't aware the SEER ratings went that high! I bet that's one efficient unit. The tech after doing his Manual J calculations recommended that we drop down from a 3.5 ton to a 3.0 ton. His point is that an oversized unit cycles on and off too much which is wear and tear on the unit. A smaller unit would stay on longer and help reduce humidity. I should mention that we have a split system (another unit for upstairs).
  10. You sound like me fastpuce.
  11. Great job Carl. Will look forward to the final set up!
  12. I'm impressed with all the neat zip ties on the exterior! My work never looks like that.
  13. I recall bluesboy did a suspended plat form for his turntable to eliminate vibrations.
  14. Good thinking.....no vibrations and easy to clean.
  15. Okay I see suspended shelves but aren't you on a slab?
  16. Very nice job Carl. Buying more gear or relocating what you have?
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