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  1. You Texas boys got your surf mats ready?
  2. No. I just ordered and installed the Rega/Moth arm this past week. Not a lot of time to listen though that would be interesting to compare. I suspect the different speakers would influence the comparison quiet a bit. Spatial M3 Turbo S and the Altec/LS home brew.
  3. I saw that video previously on YouTube and the concept was intriguing. It would be fun to me to be able to A-B my 2 tables. One vintage and one new but they are in different systems, with different cartridges and tone arms so that wouldn't tell me much and would be too much work. One is a Denon DP-1250 from the mid 80's. It has a new Rega/Moth tone arm and a Ortofon MM cartridge. The other a Rega Planar 3 with a Hana MC cartridge and a more expensive Rega arm. The Planar 3 should win but would be apples to oranges comparison. So I'll be left to wonder..........
  4. With ketchup dip and a Molson?
  5. Rich will be back with a photo......as soon as he takes the training wheels off.
  6. Any of you guys have these in the 70's? Speakers I mean......
  7. Two slushies aka Reyka martinis. A Jack Reacher novel and an early night. Life in the slow lane!
  8. Doing fine thanks.....busy week. Abandoned the ADC tone arm project and ended up buying a new Rega/Moth arm. Required drilling the plinth and that made me nervous. Then the arm kept taking an abrupt right skipping across the record. Had to set the anti skate to zero, fool with the counter weight and finally victory. I'm getting to old for this vinyl sh*t. Second slushie and LF just went upstairs to practice billiards. Going to be a long night.
  9. I think of that every time I see Al. Wasn't it at the White House?
  10. Power was out for 7 hours......back on at 5:30am. No trees down. Yep we dodged a bullet.
  11. Tarheel

    What I Got Today!

    Cartridge pin to tag replacements. 20 for $11 on ebay.
  12. CAT 2 around 9-11pm here. Will be too dark to see what's fallingšŸ˜²
  13. Grew up in Wilmington and have never left for a hurricane. Saw Hazel rip through when I was 5 years old and too many to count since then. Lost one Jeep Wagoneer to a falling tree and had one Oak fall softly on the roof. Never taped or boarded up windows either. I do the small things like securing potential missiles in the yard and then hope for the best. Always filled the bath tubs for water to flush or to dip in after a day of yard clean up and no electricity. Sometimes fill up tupperware and freeze to keep the fridge cold. That's about it......maybe 30 minutes prep.
  14. Waiting........such a slow moving storm......much like Florence. Best guess....land fall on the Outer Banks but we may get 105 mph winds and up to 10" rain here in Wilmington. Wrightsville Beach (3 miles from me) and Carolina Beach (13 miles) under mandatory evacuation. I'll keep you posted.
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