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  1. Yeah Sam Walton was the same way I hear.
  2. I was really interested in the turn table. Always a fan but never an owner of Micro Seiki. You have some nice gear my friend!
  3. Mossy.....that's a mighty handsome Linn.
  4. I had one of Akkerman's LP's maybe 30 years ago titled Tabernacle. Looked for more recently and couldn't find anything. You must have them all😑
  5. There is a nice looking Denon DP-45F over on Audiocircle for $300. Check it out...dust cover can be replaced.
  6. My point is in that photo I'm at least 6" taller than you. I'm 5'9" in bare feet so you should be......around 5'3" even with your platform shoes? No top shelf peeking for you.
  7. Only because you spend it all on top shelf bourbon.
  8. What? You're probably like a bazillionaire by now. You know....like Richie.
  9. Hunkering down are you?........what changes have you had to make? Being retired not that much has changed except not going out to eat and not socializing with friends. They did close a beach because the young folks wouldn't cooperate with "stay your distance" but still a little cool for me to be there anyway. Sports on TV is weird. Watching basketball games from 2008. Going to meet with an insurance agent after lunch to look at my medicare supplemental. Won't be shaking his hand though even if he does save me some money. Now I did read Coytee's news about his lawn tractor tires. That's some funny stuff😑
  10. I love you grandpa......now can I have the damned thing?
  11. You never built me one of those when I was your grandson😢
  12. I herd my dog on occasion but he is usually far ahead of me. Is Joe really from NC?
  13. Feel free to poll a few and find out.
  14. It's a little box for the money ($1500) but it does it's job very well. Talking about the Sugar Cube from Sweet Vinyl. Three settings......a bypass lets you hear everything pop and clicks included, then "remove" that takes all the tics away, and a third setting in case you just want to hear what's being removed. You can adjust the level of removal if you want to hear just a little noise so you know you're playing vinyl😇 As I have mentioned this opens up a world of music on the cheap. Yard sale vinyl finds, record store cheapies, friend donations that they no longer listen to. Takem home...clean em up....adjust the Sugar Cube......and you're off and running. Want to learn more google Michael Fremer's review in Stereophile magazine. Mine even came with an extra tiny little washer that rattles around inside😆
  15. I looked at some Denon tables on line and the prices have shot up. No personal experience with Fluance turn tables but read the reviews on the RT-83 on youtube. Table with auto stop, dust cover, and Ortofon Red for $349.99 new, and shipped. May get you by for a bit.
  16. I would look for a older Denon from late 70's through 80's. Try the usual sources and read their feedback. I would look at usaudiomart, Audiogon, and even ebay.
  17. Maybe the toaster is held up at customs due to the Modelovirus.
  18. Hey DoubleJ ......they are Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-420 Zero Gravity recliner. Around $5400 for two with free shipping. Chris A told me about them.
  19. I gave up on growing tomatoes due to the squirrel population. They would bite a green one and leave it on the ground. Miss growing them though but probably spend more than I would buying them.
  20. Still experimenting with toe in. Recently read an article about extreme toe in where the music axis is slightly in front of you and I'm trying that. Yes I listed the Spatials on usaudiomart just to fund their new X5s but these sound really wonderful with the Primaluna. This is the (HP) version for high power. I am in a happy place and will likely never go back to boxed speakers. Your speakers look great my friend and I would love to hear them. Listening to Mandoli Orange Tides of a Teardrop and lady friend has that look in her eyes. She says I did good!
  21. The Sugar Cube by Sweet Vinyl is the bomb if you Gents get a chance to audition one. Vinyl without the pops and tics with no content loss. Now that my music room is done I may get to join you folks again. Cheers!
  22. Forgot to credit Chris A for steering me towards the Zero Gravity Chairs.
  23. Finally......not much fun crawling around the floor at my age. Thanks for the help. Listened to the Sugar Cube on an older record and nary a bit of noise. When LF gets home we will mix a cocktail and have a listening session. I was a bit concerned about reflection but it sounds fine even without the oriental rug and pad on order. Came with 8 EL-34s installed and he sent a second 8 KT-120s. Now what to do with the Horn Monos, Pioneer SX-950, and the ATI 1502.......
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