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  1. Thanks for sharing... your speaker/amp combo is high on my list of my next 2 channel system, I haven't had one in over 10 years now. I've been using my HT system since then which is surprisingly good, but I would still like to also have a good 2 channel system for my music listening. Being a fellow Canadian I'm curious as to where you are getting your tubes from? I've never owned a tube rig yet but it does sound like a lot of fun.
  2. I'm also of the opinion that the 300 integrated has enough power for the CW4 speakers. But unless my budget becomes very tight I still would prefer to get the 400. Just wish that there was an integrated option that had balanced inputs and outputs. The PL 400 preamp is outside of what I'm willing to pay at this time. As someone previously mentioned... PL should offer a 500 integrated amp with the balanced in's and out's.
  3. Finally got to the end of this thread. Thanks to everyone who posted... I found it very informative. Thinking about getting my first integrated tube amp and the PL 400 may just be the ticket. Would love to combine the 400's with the Cornwall IV's. 😀
  4. FWIW... CNet's Steve Guttenberg just the other day picked the 600M as "The Audiophiliac Speaker of the Year". Here's the link if you are interested in his thoughts - LINK.
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