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  1. Well sorry I've been away but I've recently moved. 😭 I took pics and shot a video of the "completed" theater before disassembly. (side note do you know what the opposite of word "remember" is …. "dismember") En---nay way I will finish uploading my assembly and enjoyment of the "Dwyer CT Home Theater" featuring Klipsch audio reproduction technology as well the pics and video of the finally. We decided to down size and move closer to the "Grand :D". My new homes media space is much smaller and the whole multi-row lunge seating scenario won't cut it. I've got a couple of ideas. Ultra-Lounge style movie suite for two. Two seat love theater recliner Posh lighting and décor Closet Bar and Refreshments OLED TV instead of projector and screen Custom ultra swank console Stadium/Sport Suite Two rows of three auditorium theater chairs Stadium suite style décor and lighting Want it to look like you are looking out of the windows of a stadium suite for an event
  2. This is an excellent article for this topic https://www.anandtech.com/show/5693/cinavia-drm-how-i-learned-to-stop-worrying-and-love-blurays-selfdestruction
  3. Congratulations. Your room size is good I didn't see any ceiling height dimensions though. You planning on any acoustic treatments. I have the same metal wall art piece hanging in my theater. Good Listening.
  4. I've found this guy on YouTube who is a wealth of information His DIY videos on acoustics are an college course. His channel is Tech Ingredients and I've included a video on DIY sound absorption panels "ABS" - Absolutely Brilliant Stuff .
  5. Awesome job! Great form and function is always a win in my book.
  6. Yes the method I described extracts decrypted files from the disc your are ripping at full quality in both audio and video and writes them to your hard drive This is a conversation covering your question on Reddit MakeMKV (the software) doesn't encode/transcode anything it just rips and strips encryption. A MakeMKV rip will be exactly the quality of the source material, no more no less.
  7. My theater includes a custom built HTPC which has a 4-Bay Sans Digital TowerRAID unit attached via ESATA connection. It currently has 12 TB of storage but is capable up expanding to 16 TB of storage and I can double the capacity with a second unit. I have a considerable collection of hundreds of blue rays and DVD's that I am adding to weekly that I want stored on my hard drive array. My choice is based on the facts size of my collect and my desire to rip and store only uncompressed files that I rival the original in picture and sound all at my finger tips. You need three key applications to achieve your goal. 1. A Ripper/Encoder this program is able to read/decode the media you want to store and then write the read/decoded information to your hard drive. I've used many programs in the past but my favorite inexpensive one is "MakeMKV beta". You can download at http://www.makemkv.com/download/ I've used it for years and have no complaints. It's quick and easy to get great results every time. Another great one if you don't mind paying is AnyDVD HD. I used it all the time back in the day before RedFox got a hold of it and jacked up the price. There are a few other great programs out there that do way more but I just want a straight rip of the media into a "MKV" container for storage on the array. 2. Next you'll need app to help you manage and organize your media files. This app should also gather meta data about the media, rename when needed and organize the ripped files into a structure and naming convention that a media front end program such as Kodi (which you are showing as an example) can understand, navigate, and display within a media player's API. The resulting structure makes it easy locate and play media files on PC enabled devices. I've used both Media Center Master http://mediacentermaster.com/ which is a stand alone app that works with Kodi, or XBMC and Media Companion https://sourceforge.net/projects/mediacompanion/ which is a fully integrated Kodi solution for this purpose and found them both very capable. 3. Lastly you need a front end application that will navigate the file structure onto which you've saved your media files, Identify the files as to nature (movie, TV, Podcast etc.) and with this data create, modify, import, build and display the resulting database in a way you can deal with. I use Kodi (formerly XBMC) it is "a free and open source media player application developed by the XBMC/Kodi Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Kodi is available for multiple operating systems and hardware platforms, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. It allows users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet." I run this on my HTPC and smart enabled AV devices. I've ripped a few hundred Blu-rays so far and I'm in the process of updating the HTPC for 4k video and gaming Here is a picture of my HTPC eSATA attached storage array in my Pioneer rack If you want more info let me know
  8. My Equipment The Theater's speakers are configured for a object oriented 7.2.2 sound system. My current receiver is limited to Dolby 7.1 or Dolby Atmos 5.2.2 (switching back and forth) Below is a outline of the equipment, and every thing that went into building it: Riser 4 - Heavy Duty Shipping Pallets 51 SQR3/4" Sub Flooring Carpet Furniture 1 Vintage Pioneer CB-A9000 Stereo Cabinet. 3 - Pulaski 1985-178-083 Larson Theatre Recliners in Black 3 - Catnapper Top Gun Leather Power Theater Recliner in Red 1 - Z-Line Vitoria TV Stand with Optional Mounting Kit - Black 1 - Pierce 4 Shelf Bookcase in White (15.80 x 35.00 x 73.00 Inches) 1 - Narrow Rectangular Wicker Laundry Hamper - Antique Walnut Brown 1 - 24" Quarter Circle Glass Shelf 1 - 24" Quarter Circle Metal Shelf 1 - Cotton Rug (8'x10') Infrastructure 2 - Speaker Wire - Walmart Harmony Audio 16 Gauge CCA Car Home Stereo Matte Blue Speaker Wire Cable 75 Feet 1 - Speaker Wire - AmazonBasics 16-Gauge Speaker Wire - 100 Feet 1 - Amazon Mediabridge Banana Plugs - Corrosion-Resistant 24K Gold-Plated Connectors - 12 Pair/24 Banana Plugs (Part# SPC-BP2-12) 1 - Mediabridge ULTRA Series Subwoofer Cable (25 Feet) - Dual Shielded with Gold Plated RCA to RCA Connectors - Black 1 - Ethernet Cable 4 - HDMI Cables 1 - 35'-0" RG6 COAX CABLE (Over Air HDTV) 3 - Power Cables Acoustic Sound Treatment Sound Absorbing Wall Panels DOW STYROFOAM Residential Sheathing Square Edge R4 Faced Polystyrene Foam Board Recycled Blue Jean Fabric Cotton Flannel Fabric Sound Absorbing Door Panels DOW STYROFOAM Residential Sheathing Square Edge R4 Faced Polystyrene Foam Board Cotton Mattress Topper DMI Convoluted Foam Bed Pad Mattress Topper Cotton Flannel Fabric Base Traps DOW STYROFOAM Residential Sheathing Square Edge R4 Faced Polystyrene Foam Board Recycled Blue Jean Fabric Cotton Flannel Fabric Movie Screen Custom Built 9'-0"x 5'-0" (1.8:1 Ratio) DOW STYROFOAM Residential Sheathing Square Edge R4 Faced Polystyrene Foam Board (Glued and Taped seams) Walmart Holiday Time Snow Roll (2 Layers) Jo-Anne's Fabrics Ro-clon Budget Blackout White/White Drapery Lining Fabric 60" Framed with Armstrong Ceilings Prelude 12-ft White Metal Smooth Wall Molding Ceiling Grid Trim painted black AV Equipment 1 - Epson - PowerLite Home Cinema 3700 Projector 1 - DirectTV HD TV Set-Top Box 1 - Onkyo - TX-NR656 Receiver 1 - Samsung UBD-K8500 UHD Blu-Ray Player 1 - Audio Technics AT-PL50 Turntable 1 - Zenith VR4206HF HiFi VCR Klipsch Speakers (7.1) FL - R-15M C - RC3 II FR - R-15M SL - R14S SR - R14S RL - R-14M RR - R-14M SW - R-12SW Aiwa Speakers (Atmos Overhead) HFR - SX-R210 HFL - SX-R210 Network and Automation Equipment 1 - Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote 1- TP-LINK Ethernet Switch (Wired to Home Router) 1 - TrendNet N300 Easy-N-Range Extender (Wired to Switch) 1 - Custom Built HTPC - 1 - Sans Digital TowerRAID 4-Bay 3.5-Inch eSATA (16 TB of Storage) 2 - WeMo Wi-Fi plug outlets 2 - Insignia Wi-Fi plug outlets 1 - Woods 59780WD Indoor Remote Control, 2 Polarized Outlets 4 - Etekcity Remote Control Outlet Edited yesterday at 12:54 AM by Bronzeman62 Added more detail
  9. Build the Platform First things first time to build the platform. I built my platform out of Shipping Pallets with 3/4" decking screwed on top. I'd use this design previously and liked how performed under heavy traffic (My Murphy theater had seating for 12 and it was full every movie night) I next laid down a nice piece of scrap carpet I picked up at my local DIY Store. I decided to trim it out with lights and close in the ends later. Every thing else is built around the platform. See the rug and my DVD/CD collection in the plastic bins in the background. Next we place the chairs and that rug.
  10. Move In Day Let the Chaos Begin. I brought everything from my former theater located in Murphy, TX to the new home and began sorting out the design In my former theater I had built a buffet across the front of the theater to display my collectables and movie collection. You can see I brought my furnishings, A/V and concessions equipment, media storage, decorations, collectables and building materials. There are pics of my DIY acoustic panels and movie screen. Of course there are the bad boy Klipsch speakers ready to be unleased. Easy boys your day is coming.
  11. My Equipment I wired and installed speakers for a 7.2.2 object oriented sound reproduction system. My current receiver however is limited to Dolby 7.1 or Dolby Atmos 5.2.2. I am switching back and forth to test the diff on various movies. Custom Built Movie Screen custom mounted to a Z-Line Vitoria TV Stand with it's Optional Mounting Kit 9'-0"x 5'-0" (1.8:1 Ratio) Mounted to Z-Line Vitoria TV Stand with the Optional Mounting Kit AV Equipment Samsung UBD-K8500 UHD Blu-Ray Player (noisy in my opinion) DirectTV HD MiniGenie TV Set-Top Box Zenith VR4206HF HiFi VCR Audio Technics AT-PL50 Turntable Epson - PowerLite Home Cinema 3700 Projector Onkyo - TX-NR656 Receiver Klipsch Speakers (7.1) FL - R-15M C - RC3 II FR - R-15M SL - R14S SR - R14S RL - R-14M RR - R-14M SW - R-12SW Aiwa Speakers (for Atmos sound mounted Overhead) HFR - SX-R210 HFL - SX-R210 Network Equiment TP-LINK Ethernet Switch (Wired to Home Router) TrendNet N300 Easy-N-Range Extender (Wired to Switch) Automation Custom Built HTPC - Racked In Vintage Pioneer CB-A9000 Stereo Cabinet.
  12. The floors in the room are laminated wood through out. The Seating area shown is actually the raised platform. The first row of seats is in front of the platform. I am also showing a high bar counter I wanted to add to the back of the platform for the bar stool seating I want in the back. My Original plan was to do the floors in 24" square burgundy and black 1/2" interlocking carpet tiles, over a 3/8" carpet pad underlay. For now I'm using a 9'-0 x 7'-0 x 3/4" cotton braided area rug in the front of the room covering the floor in front of the screen. My furniture is laid out as shown below
  13. I used the dimensions on the initial plan to create a plan for how the main theater's key components would be set up. It shows the lay out for the seating area, the speakers and equipment placement and screen location in the plan. My Design for the inside is based on a black and burgundy color scheme. These colors were chosen because my seating consists of three black Pulaski Larson Power Theatre Recliners Model 1985-178-083. that I picked up on sale at Costco, and three burgundy manual home theater recliners which were the first home theater recliners I every bought form Conn's a few years before. The Black chairs make up the front row the Burgundy chairs sit on the carpeted 14" high platform I built out of shipping pallets and 3/4" flooring.
  14. Here is the floor plan showing the prime listening spot. It is between the center front row seat and the platform seat behind it. The plan shows the dimensions for the doors windows and speakers placement.
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