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  1. I bought a pair of Klipsch rear surrounds through Best Buy and when the key hole hanger failed (during the warranty period) and the speaker fell of the wall mount. I took them back to best buy and they kept them for a week and half and then informed me that I was our of luck they couldn't repair them. I asked did they send them to the manufacture or did they try to do the work themselves and was left with the impression that the latter is true. This experience has led me to I feel like if you want transparency in who is handling your issue, do what the card in the box says "got a problem don't go back to the retailer contact the manufacture..."
  2. As you can see I am simultaneously working on the acoustical panels which are being changed from movie theme covers to burgundy. Here is what we wanted to do and with what we did it and how we did it. Two of my nieces Denise and Monica helped me build the panels. Sound Absorbing Wall Panels DOW STYROFOAM Residential Sheathing Square Edge R4 Faced Polystyrene Foam Board Recycled Blue Jean Fabric Cotton Flannel Fabric Sound Absorbing Door Panels DOW STYROFOAM Residential Sheathing Square Edge R4 Faced Polystyrene Foam Board Cotton Mattress Topper DMI Convoluted Foam Bed Pad Mattress Topper Cotton Flannel Fabric Base Traps DOW STYROFOAM Residential Sheathing Square Edge R4 Faced Polystyrene Foam Board Recycled Blue Jean Fabric Cotton Flannel Fabric
  3. I painted the ceiling grid rail flat black barbeque paint and secured it to the screen with screws. Screw each corner Nice and straight. Smooth and Flat surface. This screen only weighed about 1.5 pounds.
  4. Once the setting area was set, it was time to make the screen. Movie Screen Custom Built 9'-0"x 5'-0" (1.8:1 Ratio) DOW STYROFOAM Residential Sheathing Square Edge R4 Faced Polystyrene Foam Board (Glued and Taped seams) Walmart Holiday Time Snow Roll (2 Layers) Jo-Anne's Fabrics Ro-clon Budget Blackout White/White Drapery Lining Fabric 60" Framed with Armstrong Ceilings Prelude 12-ft White Metal Smooth Wall Molding Ceiling Grid Trim painted black I'm placing the screen over the windows in the front of the room. I'm reusing a screen I made from my previous theater build along with improvements that I learned. I the screen consist of 3 pieces with various layers of snow roll and polyester shipping film covered with the white black out fabric. This allowed me to create a super smooth flat white display surface. I painted the rail flat black barbeque paint
  5. I placed the furniture to get an Idea of how it would work out moving the platform until it was centered in the room just behind the primary sitting row.
  6. Also maybe a rug in front of the sound stage to soften any deflections from the flooring.
  7. Been away for a minute Max but I love the finished theater room. The speaker wiring detail is excellent, and the wall brackets holding the rear surrounds are a wise choice. I installed my rears utilizing the key hole on the back of the speaker which failed one night while no one was in the theater. They still functioned fine but the key hole was broken and there was some cosmetic damage. I took them to a local Best Buy for warranty but after two weeks they returned them to me stating that Klipsch wouldn't do anything about it. Anyway I the colors and decoration is very nice as well. Please post a picture of the room dark and displaying a picture on the screen.
  8. Nice Rectangular room perfect for a HT. Beautiful Floors and nice high ceiling. Release the "home theater hounds" and welcome bro. Oh and I saw the goodies in the corner
  9. Well sorry I've been away but I've recently moved. 😭 I took pics and shot a video of the "completed" theater before disassembly. (side note do you know what the opposite of word "remember" is …. "dismember") En---nay way I will finish uploading my assembly and enjoyment of the "Dwyer CT Home Theater" featuring Klipsch audio reproduction technology as well the pics and video of the finally. We decided to down size and move closer to the "Grand :D". My new homes media space is much smaller and the whole multi-row lunge seating scenario won't cut it. I've got a couple of ideas. Ultra-Lounge style movie suite for two. Two seat love theater recliner Posh lighting and décor Closet Bar and Refreshments OLED TV instead of projector and screen Custom ultra swank console Stadium/Sport Suite Two rows of three auditorium theater chairs Stadium suite style décor and lighting Want it to look like you are looking out of the windows of a stadium suite for an event
  10. This is an excellent article for this topic https://www.anandtech.com/show/5693/cinavia-drm-how-i-learned-to-stop-worrying-and-love-blurays-selfdestruction
  11. Congratulations. Your room size is good I didn't see any ceiling height dimensions though. You planning on any acoustic treatments. I have the same metal wall art piece hanging in my theater. Good Listening.
  12. I've found this guy on YouTube who is a wealth of information His DIY videos on acoustics are an college course. His channel is Tech Ingredients and I've included a video on DIY sound absorption panels "ABS" - Absolutely Brilliant Stuff .
  13. Awesome job! Great form and function is always a win in my book.
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