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  1. K5SS

    This thing is awesome!

    https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/ele/d/vintage-1940s-rca-theater-amp/6641190041.html Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. K5SS

    Klipsch Speakers & New Marantz SR 7012

    I would run your 5 main speakers (R, C, L, surround R and surround L) with the amp. The Marantz will not have a problem driving the remaining speakers.
  3. K5SS

    Palladium p-17b looks like good deal

  4. K5SS

    RP-280S with Palladium Fronts

    You should put more effort into your posts instead of just typing “P27C” in every thread that mentions Palladium speakers. What are you asking?
  5. K5SS

    Palladium p-17b looks like good deal

    I had the Palladium Center Speaker and it was the best Center I ever heard. Hopefully the KL-650 that I just ordered gives it a run for it’s money.
  6. K5SS

    Klipsch RP-260F Floorstanding Speaker

    I am pretty sure your posts in the Alert section aren’t what this thread was intended for. Haha
  7. K5SS

    What I Got Today!

    Finally found another pair of these babies! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. http://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649446795-very-rare-klipsch-heresy-i-speakers-zebrawood-consecutive-serial-numbers/
  9. K5SS

    What the heck are these?

    That’s totally it! It is out of my price range, otherwise I would message her and ask about the bins.
  10. K5SS

    What the heck are these?

    My apologies if you don’t have the OfferUp app but I couldn’t save a photo to share: https://offerup.co/qYUJCG0VeO
  11. K5SS

    How to mount an RP450C center to the wall?

    If you can’t see it, I would get a couple heavy duty, metal, garage L brackets. The 450C is quite large and heavy. That Center is also ported at the rear so it would be best to keep it at least 6” from the wall, more would be better.
  12. K5SS

    Klipsch Palladium P-17B Bookshelf Speakers

    $3G’s? You post ads with retail or + retail. I wonder why...?
  13. K5SS

    Opinions on amplification needed for 7.1 HT

    I was hoping you could help me with that. Haha! I have been contemplating hiring a company to come adjust my video/audio but I am temporarily renting so I am leaving it up to Audyssey MultiEQ XT for the time being.
  14. K5SS

    Opinions on amplification needed for 7.1 HT

    I am currently living in Bothell but can travel.. That gear in that room has to be quite the experience!
  15. K5SS

    Opinions on amplification needed for 7.1 HT

    You have some very nice gear. Where are you located in WA? I would love to hear that setup! I have a beefy 7 channel B&K amplifier we could even test out at your house, to hear if we hear a difference in sound between the Integra and the B&K. I have ave owned a bassx Emotiva amp and it would probably be fine but I would definitely hold out for a used XPA series. I would even prefer a used Outlaw Audio or Acurus amp over Emotiva, due to the efficiency of your setup. There are other amplifier brands out there but Outlaw and Acurus pop up on the used market from time to time and they are usually priced around used Emotiva gear.