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  1. K5SS

    What I Got Today!

    Got a new amp for my office Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. That is a beastly amp! I had the 3 channel and still have a scar from when I lifted it into my rack, a few years ago. That is a Mark Levinson design. I say run and grab that SVS before it’s sold. Do a subwoofer crawl (YouTube it) and A/B test them. I would imagine the SVS will extend a little lower and have more output. The only issue I see is the age of the SVS, mainly worried about the amp. Subwoofer amplifiers are a little more prone to failure, for some reason. At $150, you can easily sell it, if the Klipsch ends up being your preference. I have owned 3 SVS cylinder subwoofers and they are solid performers, especially at that price!
  3. I got a Lenovo Yoga a few months ago and I love it. One piece of advice, take it to a Microsoft store and have them strip out all the unnecessary programs. I did this the day so got it and it still runs better than new: It’s the Editor’s choice, in this article: https://www.pcmag.com/roundup/330389/the-best-lenovo-laptops
  4. I usually keep a TV about 2 - 3 years, which should also be factored. I’d love to see the Sony drop to the $3k range. I am thinking it might be best to wait another 5 months, to take advantage of the deals. The Samsung I am using, is no slouch but doesn’t look anything like the OLEDs I have seen in the stores👀
  5. They had it at the Magnolia, in the Best Buy close to me. I was looking at the UB-9000 but at double the price, I am not sure it’s worth it.
  6. I have been contemplating a TV upgrade of my Samsung UN65JS8500FXZA 4k TV for a couple months now. I think I have finally convinced myself that these two models would be worth the significant investment. https://www.lg.com/us/tvs/lg-OLED65C9PUA-oled-4k-tv https://www.sony.com/electronics/televisions/xbr-a9g-series?showModelPrices=true The Sony looked the best but it’s really close, so close that I might be trying to just talk myself into the Sony. I went to Best Buy today and I spoke to two different guys in Magnolia, who sounded very knowledgeable, and both said Sony was the way to go. They said that the panels are both made by LG but it was all about the amazing processing that the Sony offers. They both brought up a new Netflix feature where the Sony will know the ideal 4k calibration for all sources and auto adjust the panel, for ideal picture. Now the question becomes, is the Sony worth the $1,000 premium over the LG? With the $1,000 savings, I could buy the Panasonic DP-UB820 that I have been eyeballing and still lace $550 in my pocket. I am in no rush and can wait a few months, for a big enough sale. When is the best time to buy a TV, besides the holidays? Decisions, decisions.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Congratulations! Everyone seems to rave about the Forte III’s. We need some unboxed photos! We all have the same sickness and love when others help enable us;)
  8. K5SS

    What I Got Today!

    ML makes highly underrated subwoofers. I think the ID companies have a better $/performance ratio but every single Martin Logan subwoofer I have ever owned has performed beautifully. I still think the dual Abyss setup I had, a few houses ago, performed better in my room than the dual SVS SB-2000’s I had at one point. Still keep my eyes peeled for Decent i’s but they still command pretty high prices. Seeing you still have some Palladium’s, makes me regret ever selling my natural bookshelf/center package I used to own. Probably my biggest single audio regret:/ Glad to see you are enjoying your Depth and knowing it keeps up with amazing speakers like the P37’s!
  9. K5SS

    What I Got Today!

    I grabbed another Martin Logan Depth i. I have been wanting to run duals again for quite some time now and a good deal popped CL today and I jumped. I fully knew this when buying it but it powers on but the woofers are dead so the amp is shot. I have an email in to ML for a replacement amp, I am hoping it’s under $300 but only time will tell. Grabbed this one for $180. Not bad! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Just an observation but.. People that are constantly trying to present themselves as the most virtuous online, seem to fall very short of this virtue in person. People need to stop judging everyone else constantly and should start focusing on what they are doing to better themselves and others around them. Back to the flag, waive it high and proud if you’d like and don’t if you don’t believe in what it represents. Just respect the flag and realize that it is one of the reasons you aren’t forced to celebrate or waive it in the first place. I just about sprained my ankle, stepping of this damn soapbox. Ouch!
  11. Probably wouldn’t like my new purchase, for tomorrow’s festivities then Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Oh, man! That is going to be one incredible system. I have heard a couple JTR subs (can’t remember the model) and they showed me what true low-end could be!
  13. My normal listing level, with demanding movie soundtracks is -15 to -10. I have always found reference level too much for my taste but that isn’t a popular opinion around these parts. Since you tested your system with the AVR vs. AVR + amp and you didn’t notice a difference, I’d probably sell the amp and order a new subwoofer or two. SVS makes some great gear but since you have the loudness handled, you might reconsider your subwoofer setup. If I were in your shoes, I might sell the dual SVS subs and amplifier and pick up some ported flat packs and run dual 18” subs and a beefy 2 channel amp to drive them. Like I mentioned, you have the loudness covered so you might be searching for more impact which dual 18’s would definitely do, if they were properly setup. Just another idea. This isn’t a knock on SVS, I have owned a few, but you can build 2 18” ported subs and buy an amp for under $1,500 that would likely top 2 PB-16 Ultras. This might also be a fun summer project, if you are handy. These look like they might be a good option, for this type of project: https://shop.gsgad.com/collections/martysub-by-gsg-flat-packs/products/martycube-by-gsgtm-flat-packs-2-pack-discount-pricing-178-50-ea-freight-shipping
  14. I have owned a few GoldenEar speakers and they are fantastic sounding! I also owned a pair of Martin Logan 35XT bookshelf and 60T two towers with the Folded Motion tweeters and I have yet to hear a tweeter that my ears agreed with more. Not sure if this helps you at all but since GoldenEar was brought up, I thought I’d chime in with my experiences.
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