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  1. Center for CF-4?

    Where are you located? There is a single CF-3 in the Seattle area..
  2. The 3313 was a stout unit so I am not sure if you will notice any difference in 2 channel listening, over the 7200. If you are just looking to add detail and oomph to your 2 channel listening, I would just add a solid 2 channel amp to drive the RF-7’s. A subwoofer would also add to the experience and take some of the “strain” off the 3313. You should only buy the 7200 if you need the modern technology that it comes with. That’s my 2 cents anyway:)
  3. Live Bald Eagle Cam

    I thought this was going to be thread for something more like this:
  4. My first Klipsch Center!

    Sounds like a fun trip!
  5. My first Klipsch Center!

    I had 4 RP-160’s with a RP-450 center and I thought they sounded amazing! I even had some time with them next to my Palladium front stage and they handled their own. I was always a huge Reference II fan but I think the RP series is a step above. You will love the new center, especially when you add some RP-150 or RP-160’s into the mix. Congratulations on the new center!
  6. Rotary Subwoofer?

    From the limited articles I have read, they are supposed to be the lowest “hitting” style subwoofers available. Hopefully one of these smart fellows has some experience with them. This could turn into a fun thread, if they do!
  7. What I Got Today!

    I had 5 of those, they are very nice looking and sounding speakers!
  8. Favorite childhood toys?

    They probably made the 70 for years but mine was new in 86. Still miss that thing, even to this day!
  9. Favorite childhood toys?

    Woke up to one of these on my 6th birthday Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Acurus 200x3?

    I am in the Seattle area.
  11. Acurus 200x3?

    Yeah. I had a lead on a Proceed HPA3 for $1,400 but I hear that design is very hard to service and only out of state shops are even willing. Decided to pass.
  12. Acurus 200x3?

    Thank you for the input willland! I have read so many good things about Acurus so I was quite surprised when I read all the issues. I also understand that many people only make a review when things go wrong, for whatever reason, so the ratings can be a bit skewed.
  13. Acurus 200x3?

    Hey guys, I am about to jump back into the land of separates here in the very near future, to power some Martin Logan speakers. I have always read good things about Acurus amplifiers, especially their $$/performance ratio. I just got a lead on a Acurus 200/3 for a good price but when I read through the reviews, they were less than positive on many of the websites. The majority of the negative comments were due to reliability issues. Just thought I ask for some feedback, from Acurus owners, past and present, before I make a drive to buy it. Thanks in advance!
  14. Matching RP-260F with Center

    OP, buy from this guy^^^^!
  15. I had that exact speaker setup and they were wonderful! I powered them with a Pioneer Elite SC-97 and my ears would stop me way before the volume knob ever did. How big is your room? If you add a sub or two, and cross your speakers over at 80hz, most modern high quality receivers will drive them just fine in most rooms.