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  1. Lost 55lbs last year, strictly diet based plan. I am now sitting at my fighting weight but I need to tone things up some. I have now started to walk hills and the plan is to be working out 3 days a week, every week, before the end of the year. Oh, also trying to cut back on booze and speaker purchases but where’s the fun in that?
  2. All I can say is that I am supper pumped for this new season and the 13 episodes in glorious 4K splendor! This is is my Game of Thrones.
  3. K5SS

    Home Theater Advice

    I misread you, I apologize. I would stick with the RP line but that is where MetropolisLakeOutfitters can help.
  4. K5SS

    Home Theater Advice

    I would jump all over the original RP series, especially at anywhere near 50% off. Takes a already killer $$/performance ratio and doubles it. No brainer IMO.
  5. K5SS

    Home Theater Advice

    Contact: MetropolisLakeOutfitters He is a trusted member here and a valued Klipsch dealer. Many of us in the US use him solely for all of our Klipsch purchases.
  6. K5SS

    Home Theater Advice

    It sounds like you are going about this the right/least expensive way. It is much better to build a system, as budget allows than it is just to compromise on your selections to try and squeeze it all in at once. I have owned quite a few Klipsch RP speakers and they definitely punch above their price point. Undoubtedly, members here will tell you that your system isn’t good until you have all Klipsch Heritage speakers and subwoofers the sizes of couches but if you build a RP home theater 7.2 home theater, you will have better home sound than 99% of the population. Chasing after the last 1% is where this hobby becomes an obsession. When it comes to size of speakers, I would probably start with the 6” woofer RP speakers. This seems to be a sweet spot in the lineup but I will warn you, the center with 4 6” woofers is a chunk of change. If you can fit a matching speaker, to your L/R speakers, this is ideal. The problem is that most don’t have room in their stand for this option. Your room is fairly large so I would go with dual 15” subwoofers. You can save a ton on money on subwoofers by going the flat-pack method. I am getting ready to order a couple 15” Parts Express Ultimax flat packs, if I remember correctly, I think the total in my cart was under $700. Just add an amp and you will have about $1,000 invested in subwoofers that beat subs from brands like HSU, SVS, Rythmik, PSA that would end up costing $2,000 +. My advise to you is to put more of your budget into the front 3 speakers and subwoofers, than you are probably thinking. Welcome BTW!
  7. K5SS

    Subwoofer pairing

    Where are you located? I see that sub pop up all the time on websites like OfferUp and Craigslist and for cheap to boot. Having 2 of the same sub should make everything easier to integrate. Can’t confirm but I believe the Sub-12 is the same subwoofer, minus the looks. And that sub is also everywhere used for cheap.
  8. Welcome! That’s a wonderful speaker, by the way.
  9. K5SS

    Need help with center speaker.

    I don’t think there would be a “night and day” difference between the two centers you mentioned. I misread what you typed, I thought the price difference was only going to be $70 between the 440C and the 450C. My bad. Yes, another 160M would be ideal. Front three speaker matching is also something I subscribe to. Heck, I am slowly building a all matching 7 speaker HT, even though I am temporarily living in 750 SF.. This is a type of obsession, that I lovingly embrace and I come here for support from other people “inflicted” with the same symptoms. There are many here who are much “worse” off than I😬
  10. K5SS

    Need help with center speaker.

    I used to run a 450C with 4 160M’s and it sounded great! I have said this this way too many times but I would definitely go for the best center you can afford, since it is the single most important speaker for home theater, TV and video games. Also, going the best matching center first will surely eliminate any “should have I just spent the $70 and got the larger center?” inner dialogue that you will likely have if you buy the 440C instead. Not that there is anything wrong with the 440C, just that the 450C is the big brother with a larger horn and woofers.
  11. This is exactly how the upgrade path begins.. I am sure there will be differing opinions here but I wouldn’t hesitate on replacing a C2 with a RC-62 iI. The 62 is in a different league than the C2 and I have experience with both, albeit, only the C2 very briefly. The modern Onkyo shouldn’t have a problem getting the front 3 speakers to play nicely together so I wouldn’t get too caught up on the timber matching talk. With all of that said, having your front 3 speakers matching is ideal but stands/budgets rarely allow this to occur. I would only take my recommended path if you are willing to upgrade the towers to something like RF-62 ii down the road. I think the difference in sound between the C2 and the 62 will start you down the VERY slippery slope of upgradeitis. The center speaker and subwoofers are areas that can make the biggest improvements, if you make good use of the additional money you are willing to invest. Oh, I started with Klipsch C2/F3 combo and now I have the Ultra 2 system in 7.2 configuration. Like I said, the slope is slippery.. Welcome to the madhouse!
  12. Whatever money you can take away from the speaker wire portion of your budget and put that money towards speaker upgrades, the better. Example - if you can pull get $150 out of selling your current wires and put that $150 into a better center speaker, you would be making better use of your money. A spool of quality 18 gauge wire shouldn’t cost you more than $50.
  13. K5SS

    Car Thread

    I am still driving around in my Sepang Blue, APR Stage II Audi S3. It definitely isn’t the fastest car on the streets of Seattle but we sure do surprise a few drivers with cars way up the food chain every now and then[emoji51] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Yup. I’ve spoken to quite a few different stores local to me and 80% of customers would come in, listen and, take their time and then order online to save money. There was no incentive for the store to dedicate the resources and square footage, just to help online retailers with their bottom line. I am for free market and all but with everyone shopping for the absolute lowest possible prices, we are removing our purchasing options. I myself, am just as guilty as everyone else of this. ”price quality or service pick two” Soon it will become “pick one”.
  15. K5SS

    Advice on klipsch setup

    Those are very nice speakers, congrats!