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  1. I've checked. Metal plate was tightly secured between 2 binding posts. Thank you for all advice. I'm looking for a Denon receiver or a seperate AV processor. I hope it will sound different then.
  2. I used banana jacks for receiver. On speaker end, it is direct wiring. Could be out of phase. I remember MCACC Pro was quite long and in detail while MCACC on LX503 is very brief.
  3. I am sorry. I am new to the forum. I just tried to combine all answers in one reply. I used banana jacks. It sounds like that before I used banana jacks. I don't know to do manual setup. I can try if you could give me a link on how to do it. I regret having sold SC-91 for only $250 to upgrade to this AVR to have 4 Atmos. I used Outlaw 5000. 5 channels.
  4. I use Outlaw 5000. Front/Center/Surround Back on Outlaw and the rest on Pioneer LX503. Probably not power issue since Outlaw is cool all the times but Pioneer is really hot while driving only surround side and 4 Atmos. I have a SPL meter but I used MCACC instead.
  5. Besides having an 18 ft tall ceiling, hugh curtains and open area of family room, I think Youthman has a point on the Pioneer. I suspect ever since I switch from Pioneer SC-89 with MCACC Pro to this Pioneer VSC-LX503, sound quality is holding back from the speakers. There is no way an RF7 and RC64 could sound less lively than RF82ii and RC82ii. I am thinking about getting a Denon or Marantz. Is sound processing that different from one brand to another?
  6. Hi everyone, I need your opinion on why my HT system sounds so dull and boring. I have RF7ii, RC64, 4 RP-502S, 4 RP-500SA, R-115SW. Running on Pioneer Elite VSX-LX502 and Outlaw 5 channels. I am confused because these are all expensive, top Klipsch Reference speakers. I ran MCACC auto calibration but it doesn't sound any better. I used to have RF82ii, RC62 and R-112SW on Pioneer SC-89 and it sounds much better. What am I missing here?
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