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  1. Somewhere (I never throw ANYTHING away... according to Mrs. Summer). Let me look a bit.
  2. "Warning: Beware of Offers to Sell by PM" Whoa! There for a second, I thought I'd done something wrong or been hacked!
  3. A MEDIEVAL CHRISTMAS The Boston Camerata Joel Cohen - director Elektra Nonesuch Erato
  4. I flipped a coin today as to which 'potentially grossly disappointing or outright thrilling' movie to see today: FORD V FERRARI or MIDWAY. MIDWAY won, and I wasn't disappointed (the cringe I knew was going to be there was... CGI and Harrelson as Nimitz). As historically accurate as any WWII movie will be. FvF will be seen next week. Bale looks a great Ken Miles... Shelby should have been played by Matthew McConaughey.
  5. Glad you found a buyer. I have a pair in reserve for when I am moved into a 'home' with no room for the K-Horns. Really nice speakers.
  6. MARY'S MUSIC Songs and Dances from the Time of Mary Queen of Scots Scottish Early Music Consort Warwick Edwards - director Chandos
  7. Dear Mr. Klipsch, Late to the party, as I've been too busy listening to amazingly reproduced music through your premier design. I cannot thank you enough. Your birthday has made an awful lot of folks VERY happy!
  8. Take 'em back to unfinished, and then poly seal 'em. Beautiful! ...and 'Congratulations'!
  9. Looks like a pawn shop. Hard to tell. Definitely decorator/industrials.
  10. BTW: No association, but I'm only an hour away from them. Willing to inspect for a serious prospect.
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