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  1. My luck is that my original speakers are still available and in great shape. My son-in-law has them. At Thanhsgiving I removed the backs and took measurements and pictures. Only change I'm making is the front trim and the way the speakers can be removed. I'm using blind nuts on the woofers. The tweeters were front mounted and recessed so you had to pull the material back to hold/remove the mounting screws and nuts. I'm trimming the fronts out in mahogany to match the mahogany veneer. I haven't totally worked the out yet. Because of the tweeter shapes but once I'm allowed to start using my left arm again I'll get to it. My caps are 3uF 50vdc as seen in this pic. I did find the P-E links very helpful. second image is the best I've done in finding info on the IV's. In mentions some of the inner workings.
  2. Okay, thanks. I'll post my outcome as I progress.
  3. pzannuci, I'm located in a suburb south of Dayton, OH called Kettering. I did find the inductor and caps at Parts Express. I guess the only reason I'm trying to go new or as close as I can with the speakers is the fear of paying for bad/damaged speakers. My cabinets are built, short of veneering. I have $75 in the project so far. Caps and inductors are cheap enough so the next big expense will be the speakers themselves. I'm estimating a total of no more than $250 for both speakers. I've even found a Dual 1214 turntable which is what was matched to the system when new. With any luck down the road I'll find the Sony amp...I know where one is but I won't take it back from my son-in-law;-). At 70yrs old it has become my "project". I do do know that on the back of the original cabinets is a sticker saying 25watts. See attached photo. My other reason for trying for new speakers is that I realized the cones and magnets change with time, however, staying as close as I can to original frequencies will help with output for the size of the cabinet. I'm open to all suggestions and inputs. You can even call me stupid or weird as I transgress back to my days of sitting in front of my system and playing my drums with the Rascles, Who, Three Dog Night, Chicago etc. Thanks for the feedback. PS 2 weeks ago tomorrow I was Coded on an operating table. I want my legacy to be this project.
  4. I'm going to use Parts Express' tech help but I'm a little bit on the blind side of understanding what I need to either ask or even know before I ask for help. I would assume I need to know the frequencies of the speakers but I can't seem to find this info. I do know the 10" number but there is no number on the tweeter. Also, I'm not sure what you mean by drivers. I do know the model number, p1028-270-8446 for the 10" and n4850f for the 3x7 tweeter. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
  5. The caps are 3mfd x 50VDC and if you look close on the coil you can see 2.25 hand written.
  6. I bought my Mark IV Fraziers in 1973. In 2001 I gave them to my son-in-law. Last fall I decided I would build a set of my own and I'm at a point of needing some tech assistance on the cross over. There are two foiled caps along with what appears to be some sort of coil inside. Only markings on it is 2.25. Question is what is it and is there a work around. Is it some sort of an inductor? I have pictures of it if needed but I would need to reformat them as they're too big.
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