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  1. I have a Leben 300, happy with it, but has tube amp are, but when I go to sleep, I turn it off, so with solid state, the last amp was "on" for the last 25 years. I only closed it, when a huge electric storm could arm it. you can't do that with a tube amp... this is why, i am looking for a solid state amp?
  2. Good Evening, i lately listen to some Ayre integrated amp, sadly, it wasn't on Klipsch Speakers. So Question n1 - does Ayre and Klipsch sound good? Question n2 - What are the others options in Solid state amp, that will do well with the Forte? Thanks for any help, you could provide
  3. Sorry for hacking my own thread, but Anyhow, price goes up on amazon.ca, this is how Canadian amazon work, so i'll guess i continue my search. Amazon Canada if full of overprice product compare to amazon.com. Lately we have mayfair that open in canada, but no pun intended, but they seem they may have more fair price... and to be more acurate price there. Amazon here, work like ebay in the old day, no control on price and manoeuvring to make you pay more than you should.
  4. not available in Canada, could not see us klipsch site... thanks so it is a good turntable...
  5. Good Day, i have found a klipsch affordable turntable on amazon, does it worth it? could i upgrade the ortofon for ortofon red? regards https://www.amazon.com/Pro-Ject-Klipsch-Turntable-Magnetic-Cartridge/dp/B074ZGRHTY/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1514777261&sr=8-3&keywords=klipsch+turntable
  6. Still, tube tuner is the best for signal, loved my Fisher FM90, but desert radio nowhere in Montreal... So I listen to web radio, like FM91 Jazz Toronto on streaming from Toronto and KJEM on Web or Radio Paradise (but that's another thread...)
  7. Agree with them, Radio Desert is now in place in Canada, CBC radio 2, use to have great music by night and discover new music and new jazz, now it is a bunch of sound-alike commercial crap, the guy tries very hard, but not a good radio Dj, he is alone in his tower and they lost it. I prefer old radio style Dj, when they talk on the radio, they make you feel like you're the only one in the world and there's music choice is and presented like you we're the only listener. I remember traveling north for 5 hours and switch CBC Station here and then, New music was playing from Jazz to Rock and Man was like I was driving a spaceship on moonlight night just connected to earth-base... Miss that kind of radio Dj (they we're the superstar, and into the music, not just playing records for payola$) that have a sense of music and their listener? miss that a lot, now I have a huge playlist on Spotify with 1500 song, and some night driving, the Spotify solution bring the Alone in the world driving when you play memories with the songs but miss the Dj...
  8. My tuner and CD player, don't do well when close to each other, also computer, is a no go with tuner. i have a computer near tv and lost digital signal on tv when it's on. Also, this week bought yamaha amplified speaker with bluetooth and wifi, for my bedroom music, result no more radio station on my radioclock... So i don't know for cd themself, but ifun, ipaul and cd player is a no go with tuner. Also leaving near airport didn't help or taxi stand.... regards ps i forgot some new antenna are for digital tv, and do poor job with fmsignal...
  9. Still happy with "Ecoute" on my mac, simple aps, no fuss, no learning, just play that's it, manage the database with itunes, do the playlist in itunes. Listen everything to "Ecoute". Happy with that on my mac.
  10. is there by any chance a DAC or apple TV near FM (even an iPhone), those suck the FM signal like crazy...
  11. Great recommendation, just loved this Burson with my CJ, very neutral and transparent, exactly what I needed, regards
  12. Still listening "Ecoute" so far it is the best sound i have since long time, simple as 1,2,3 and very fun to use, no fuss, no learning curve, just music like a turntable...
  13. Itunes is fine for managing database, but too much add-on that you lost the sense of music. Roon will try, I am waiting for my AudioQuest butterfly that comes with a 6-month try of Roon. Then we will see/hear it and decide. But what I want is listen to music, not reading it... Also the third album I listen to Ecoute tonight an amazing clean sound, no messing around. Same problem with both, not able to play album randomly, only songs. Well, you could do it on iTunes, but sometimes there's are no flow in the process. The only thing I miss is when I had a Music Membership, the genius part was really amazing. Also what I hate, there is no way to reset iTunes Match/Music, it always messes up my entire library, I had to go thru my 2000 album and make sure genre and info we're reset properly. But each update of Genius, it messes up again my library. Also since I am fluent in French I turn my mac in French for family visiting, so now iTunes has genre mix-up when I turn the thing back to English. ex: I have the Classical genre and Classique genre. iTunes Match is simply Frustrating and Match does not always match with the store, so sometimes in Match ex: Norah Jones is Pop and in Store, she's singer/songwriter, so now with Ecoute, it stays that way and there are even an apps for my iPhone working the same way with music. Well, this is my 2 cents....
  14. Just found this one, thanks to your link, simple and sounds good to https://ecoute.en.softonic.com/mac#app-softonic-review The only thing missing is a genius function, but that's another ball game...
  15. Wooh, too much, overkills for my need or my use, I am searching for an app that is easy to use as a turntable. take the vinyl, take the needle, drop it on the record and voilà. No cloud, no magic update, no synchronize only a clean simple app. For the rest, Spotify does the math with playlist and downloadable playlist. When teenager leave home, i will go tidal, but for now, it will stay Spotify.
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