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  1. bump for this sweet mac..... I've heard this one and it really sounds awesome... id take it but i need another like i need a hole in the head!!!
  2. I could swear that Thebe's family coat of arms reads " Nemo me impune lacessit"........
  3. [Jim:] "I don't care Shut up Play the record."
  4. Has it really been six years since you last observed N.E.W.D. ???
  5. Dave..... Some of the vintage amps including the MC30s are truly wonderful.... but as others have stated they are "collectors items" and valued as such..... I rebuilt and then later sold a MC275, and now have a very rare Sansui AU-111, worth $2500=$3000.... does/did they sound wonderful? you bet, but they were/are in my second system for giggles..... IMO any of these can't hold a candle to a well built modern design for much less $$$$ Luckily I can afford just about any gear I want but for my main system I stuck with a Rogue Atlas Magnum with KT120 outputs.... I won't gush but at <$1800 OMG!!! I tested amps 3-4 times the price and the atlas really hit the nail on the head!!! they also have a integrated based on the same amp thats about $2200 with the magnum upgrades. I'll give you details if you wish.... Cayin has some integrated amps that really kick butt in the $1600-$2000 range and even though assembled in China, have some of the best build quaility I've ever seen, I choose the Rogue for many reasons, one being 100% made in the USA .... NOS valves VRD's are also exceptional If it were me, I would get a great modern tube amp that will give you NO problems, have that magic midrange and nice tight bass slam, all in one..... bi-amping, while great can be a big pain to balance just right, and even a fully rebuilt vintage amp is still 50 years old or so years old and bound to plague you with problems down the line.
  6. SWMBO forbade the showing of said video..... Cause we were all nekkid.... LMAO
  7. Makes my heartache... All my dogs love crates, the only time they were ever closed was until about 5-6 months old, and then only at night or while everyone was out of the house... never for more than a couple of hours and really only for there protection, as not to get into anything that could harm them while unattended.... Now they all go in unsolicited to nap or sleep for the night.... it is there little bedroom... they have the run of the house and still choose to go into there crate to sleep.... I understand when you have thirty odd dogs they need to be contained but they should at least have a big run to romp and play in most of the day... kills me to see such wonderful loving dogs confined to a space barely big enough to turn around in!!!! I'm glad we added Spencer to our family, could have gotten a new pup, but there always be plenty of those... only one spencer and he deserves love and affection and the run of the entire house and yard in his remaining years!!!!
  8. Well as you can all tell from my avatar I'm a bulldog person.... short version..... We had to put down one of my females a few months ago at only 5.... tragic.... well the other day I was at the breeders home of my "Nola" and who's sitting in a crate? Nola's Sire and the resemblance was uncany.... Anyway the breeder ask's " do you want him??? he's just rotting in that crate and no one wants an old bulldog" He's got a ton of medical problems but who cares, he's sweet as sugar, so we brought him home yesterday .... normal jockeying for alpha position with my other dogs but my others chilled soon, but our new dog "Spencer" won't calm down... all day panting, pacing... all afternoon...all early evening.... not good for Bulldogs to get so stressed... play with him, massage him, but Spencer is confused as he spent the last 8 years in a crate in my breeders home...... I don't want to resort to dugs so i say to myself " fenderbender.... what relaxes you after a stressful day.... Jazz trio... Bill Evans!!! On goes "Everyone Digs Bill Evans" Spencer sits down by my side and 30 seconds into Peace Piece, he flopps over and starts snorring!!! two hours later I let him out then off to his crate for the night and he sleeps all night!!! This afternoon more of the same anxiety.... about two minutes into tenderly...flopps over and is still snorrrrrring away!!!! Can't be a coincidence!!! the real explanation probably is that Bill Evans relaxes me, so Spencer senses me calming down and he relaxes and goes to sleep...... Either way, my new bull dog digs bill evans
  9. you figured it out .... I was using "speakers" as a euphemism ...... [8-)]
  10. JB...... YOU PROMISED. If I let you date my sister, you wouldn't post pictures of her.......
  11. I was able to get one of the last pairs of the original "animas" before Immedia bought them out.... these were handmade/assembled in germany... (new versions arn't up to snuff) My dealer has them in his home and ordered two pairs, one for him as a back up he loves them so much and he has $100,000 speakers at his disposal! I was lucky enough to test almost their whole line up and the animas really are the best of the bunch.... they don't dig real deep but what they have is TIGHT and snappy not thumpy....and aren't really for Hard rock with poor studio eng. but I'm long past that phase.... They really shine with acoustic rock/folk/jazz/vocals.... I think the reviewers called them "magical" and magical they are.....
  12. LOL thanks SF! actually, my friend "Neelesteele" was there and filmed it on his phone.... just waiting for him to post footage!... although I don't think he caught me going ballistic at the end of the evening......shame, that was the best part!
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