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  1. I'll take them, how do we proceed? Thanks, Paul
  2. Are you vacationing in Florida? To far away, great deal. Good luck with sale and ave a great trip!
  3. Sorry to take so long to respond. I had given up on selling these and should have edited my post before going on vacation. These are no longer for sale.
  4. Thanks for all the interest. After thinking about it, I really do not want to ship these speakers. I just really don't have the time to consider it.I will send pics to those who asked when I get some time off work. Thanks for your patience. I had some pm's that ended up in my spam folder. Will answer as time allows.
  5. Gauging interest in a pair of Belles WO black grill cloth 1985 in SE Fl. Remodeling so going in garage for storage. I was thinking $1350 in original configuration. Also have Crites ct125 and alk Jr crossovers. Will email pics on request, when time allows, I am working extended hours.
  6. Any opinions on Velodyne EQ-Max 15 15" Subwoofer.
  7. Merry Christmas to all and a very blessed New Year.
  8. Congrats! Something to be proud of for sure.
  9. I like the look. How do they attach to the speaker?
  10. OT but I had to ask. Is that a library table cut down to coffee table heigth? Reminds me of what one of my sisters haves in her living room, minus great looking speakers of course.
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