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  1. TTT. Driving up to north Florida weekend of 2/3-2/4. Anyone interested i can bring them with me and we can meet up.
  2. FS: Klipsch XF-48s ($600 Shipped)

    I bought the polkaudio sound bar from and arrived in great condition just as described with fast shipment. Buy with confidence, great speakers at a great price.
  3. Just did. I have them on CL, offer up, eBay, US audio mart, klipsch forum. Any other? Maybe home theater shack? Ive gotten several offers for 6k. Maybe i should have just left them for 8K and i can get the 7k.
  4. TTT. Merry Christmas boys!
  5. SOLD: Polk N1 Soundbar ($60 shipped)

    I will take it
  6. CL:Tangent by Klipsch (St.Pete)

    Yea thats a good deal. If they were closer i wold have grabbed them and put them in my room or something.
  7. Wow thank you so much bill! I didn't know they had another pair of p39f's for sale, the other ones are a little beat up though.
  8. LOL. Yea ill fix it when i get home. Someone text me this morning informing me i had it miss spelled it, thank you to whoever that person was!!! I am very honest with what i sell and i have my own reputation i guess you can say i must keep. Replacing the tweeter did not affect the performance of the speakers one bit and the buyer would have never known it was done. I know 7k is a lot to dish out on speakers and i dont expect a quick sale on these. Nonetheless still a good price for speakers that retail for 20K and sound this good/look this good. At 7k i myself am taking a big hit as it is. Im gonna leave them at 7k and just wait it out. Hope its not to long before they sell.
  9. Looking to buy a set of KLF 30s or Epic CF-4s

    You could leave at 5am and get home at 10pm and make it a one day trip. Or I would just rent a cheap hotel in Miami...
  10. Looking to buy a set of KLF 30s or Epic CF-4s

    There is a pair of KLF 30 in Miami on offer for 500$. I could check them out for you if your really interested. Only a 7 hour drive.
  11. TTT Sunday bump. I will now ship FREE freight to CONUS, you MUST have a dock for delivery. Please call or text me for any questions. 305-335-4796.