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  1. SOLD - La Scala - Restored/Upgraded

    Very nice, GLWS. Lots of good stuff for sale in cali now a days
  2. South Fl. RF63, RC64 & RT10D

    550$ for everything. Thanks Dave I am doing great. How is everything on you end?
  3. South Fl. RF63, RC64 & RT10D

    They sold in 10 min. I emailed him 52 minutes after he posted and said they were sold. I had a friend that was going to buy them 100% ;( The good deals go fast
  4. South Fl. RF63, RC64 & RT10D

    https://offerup.com/item/detail/325500900/?ref=Search No Affil. I just messaged the guy to see exactly what model all his equipment is. Not sure if it is a RT10D or the RT12D? And also on the center channel, which RC64 is it? Incredible deal. I am local and can take a look at equipment if needed. Alex
  5. Marantz 2330 SOLD

    Awesome receiver. I had one for a while. Some say it is the best sounding vintage marantz. GLWS Alex
  6. F/S Tom Danley Runt & TD-1 " Synergy Horn"

    try his regular email. post is over a year old though :/ aayrassian@yahoo.com
  7. I got the thtlp with the 15". These things are monsters. Bump for some great subs
  8. Chorus II - Worth it?

    I wouldn't do it. Throw him a fair price and just wait on it. He will never sell them for that much.
  9. KPT-684 Project For Sale * SOLD *

    Thats a lot of subwoofer for 400$!! Great deal, GLWS
  10. JBL 4722N Speakers Austin, Texas $1500

    Very nice. GLWS
  11. Beresford Bushmaster MKII DAC. REDUCED. 130 shipped

    Lol I know. I had it for sale a while ago then decided i might keep it now i bought a preamp with a DAC so i dont need it. It has been sitting in closet for over a year. It has great reviews and for the money is a amazing DAC.
  12. Beresford Bushmaster MKII DAC. REDUCED. 130 shipped

    Price reduced again...
  13. FS - Marantz 2385 Fully Restored

    LOL no. No digital inputs either. A outboad DAC with RCA outs would work.
  14. FS - Marantz 2385 Fully Restored

    Beautiful! Good luck with sale