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  1. I’ll pass. Great speakers. But I’ll pass.
  2. I message the seller on offer up if still available and he said yes. This was 2 days ago. Now unlisted. I live in Miami if anyone interested I can check them out for you.
  3. These possibly might have been mine at some point. I sold cf4’s maybe 10 years ago or so. I braced them inside and did a few other mods. Not sure if it’s these.
  4. I have had many horn speakers. La scales and Klipschorns. Only sub bass that sounded good or matched the speakers was horn bass. I also ran a pair of thtlp. Great subs. You can see them in my sig. Thats a very old picture. I am in a very different situation now. I run a single Danley th115 tapped horn. Doesn’t sound the same as the front loaded horn.
  5. Nice subs. Glws. Any idea what you will be getting next for subs?
  6. alexg5775


    Nice subs!! Glws
  7. I have a friend that might be interested. Would you be interested in a trade black with klf30’s? Braced with upgraded crites tweeters?
  8. These looks beautiful. The one klipsch speaker I never owned and always wanted to try out. Glws
  9. TTT. sub has sold. Still got the prolites. I took some pics will post them tomorrow. Click the link above these are great amps with some serious power. 3150 @ 4 ohms bridged each.
  10. Also, selling 2 crest polite 3.0 which i had powering the sub. I bought used also a little over 1 year ago. Amps are also in great condition and i will post pics soon. I am willing to drive as far north as Orlando to deliver. Also willing to ship. subwoofer sold 250$ for each crest prolite. Call or text me at 305-335-4796. https://www.danleysoundlabs.com/products/subwoofers/dbh/dbh218/ https://peaveycommercialaudio.com/product/pro-lite-3-0/
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