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  1. Palladiums P39F in Expresso

  2. Dual THTLP for sale. Miami SOLD

    Mouth of the horns is 4.5 ft from the wall. As can be seen in the pic I have the palladium between the mouth of the horn and the wall about 1ft away from the mouth. I have no other way of placing the subwoofer or the palladium. I tried the sub with the palladium were its at now and with out the palladium and it made no obvious sonic difference, I did not measuring. I have fired the subs into khorn and la scalas and all sounded good. These have very Omni directional sounds so it makes placement a little easier. I did have both subs at my old house mouth 18" away from the corner and it was a little louder but seemed a little more boomy and I feel like that room had more nulls. Could have been the room though. Read this by Bill Fitzmaurice were he speakers about placement. http://billfitzmaurice.info/forum/viewtopic.php?t=398
  3. Dual THTLP for sale. Miami SOLD

    Subs are pretty much sold. Pending payment
  4. Dual THTLP for sale. Miami SOLD

    yes. 375$
  5. Dual THTLP for sale. Miami SOLD

    I have a dock to ship out of, if you have a dock to ship into I suspect it wont be too bad. I had one thtlp shipped to me from Tennessee and it was 230$. Freightquote sometimes has sales for 50$ off especially for first time users. Anyone interested LMK and I can give zip approximate size and weight and you can get a free quote. Even with shipping at 400$ your looking at 1150$ for 2 tht's, not a bad deal.
  6. Palladiums P39F in Expresso

  7. Dual THTLP for sale. Miami SOLD

    Youthman 750$ and ill deliver them to your door. Going to Orlando in a couple weeks. Put subs up on CL already..
  8. Palladiums P39F in Expresso

    Thats the attitude i need right there!! Put the stuff up on CL and ebay, within minutes scammers start texting me. So sad
  9. Palladiums P39F in Expresso

    Yea i know not just anyone will spend 7k on speakers and i don't expect a quick sale. I am in no hurry to sell... I am open to reasonable and i mean very reasonable offers. I can work out a package deal if buyer takes the tht's as well.
  10. Palladiums P39F in Expresso

    Tom if you would have asked me 1.5 years ago i would have said yes for sure. Im trying to down size.... Thank for the offer.
  11. Palladiums P39F in Expresso

    Yes they measure 57" tall. Stacked up the THTLP's measure 37" which i can say combined both are huge but the Palladiums don't make the subs look as big as they are. The Palladiums truly are big and absolutely beautiful. Thank you for all the kind words!!
  12. Dual THTLP for sale. Miami SOLD

    Hello all. Never thought the day would come to get rid of my precious THT's. Recently bought a new house and the WAF into affect i must get rid of. Both horns have a 15" Dayton reference sub woofer. www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-rss390hf-4-15-reference-hf-subwoofer-4-ohm--295-468 One i purchased from a man that lives in tampa (about a 4 hour drive.) He builds subs and horns and is very experienced. This is his thread were you see he put the sub for sale and i responded and a couple pictures on the build. measures 72" x 18" x 24.5 http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/classifieds-speakers-subwoofers/60797-tht-lp-folded-horn-subwoofer.html The other sub i bought from Rick Lee in Tennessee that is a builder for Bill Fitzmaurice. The sub i purchased from Rick actually measures 23.5" x 18.5" (outer dimensions) but Rick assured me it is the exact same sound, length horn, etc. I painted both subs black duratex. As you can see in the picture i stained some 3" planks of wood and with liquid nail i glued to front of subs to try and hide the subs and make them "blend" more into the decor. I can take these planks off and i think the liquid nail won't be to difficult to remove. Both subs were very well take care of and 100% fully functional. I would much prefer not to ship but will at buyers expense. I can also drive up to Orlando or upper Florida to help deliver if needed. Please call or text me 305-335-4796 Alex
  13. Palladiums P39F in Expresso

    Imperfection # 2. On the base of the right speaker there is a small spec discoloration. Not sure how this got here.
  14. Palladiums P39F in Expresso

  15. Palladiums P39F in Expresso