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  1. Does it come with original box? I have a friend who might be interested.
  2. I went with the 55”. Beautiful melow sound. I’m very happy with them. Highly recommended.
  3. Anyone know anything about wind chimes? I am between a 53" and 55" Corinthian wind chime. Also open to other wind chimes... Any suggestions? I live in Miami and these are going in my back yard. Miami is not the most windy city but i guess its ok? Thank you!
  4. https://billfitzmaurice.info/THT.html Yes. Passive. I had 2 of these at one point and they are beast. Big clean loud bass. Do some research on them. If space and WAF permits get them and don't look back. They are also priced very very well.
  5. This will be good for my room. IT looks bigger in the picture.
  6. I owned a RT-10d for years. Great sub.
  7. TTT. I am open to all reasonable offers. With all my equipment i would much rather sell it to a forum member. This is truly a great amp for the money. From Miami i would be willing to drive a couple to meet for a sale. I posted on offer up, CL and ebay.
  8. Amp purchased brand new from Nord December 2016. I am the original owner. Comes with original box and power cord, everything that came in the box originally. Amp has the Sonic Imagery 994 OP amp and has the ability to OP amp roll. I never changed the OP or opened up the amp. Amp always sat on the rack in my HT and very well taken care of. Non smoking house. If you look at the pics closely there is a tiny spec and a vary small discoloration area on top of the amp. Not sure how that got there. Other than that the amp looks like new. Please see link below for specs and other info. I won't get much into how the amp sounds as i think most know its reputation. I don't think i have ever seen these amps for sale used. People buy them and don't sell them. Reason for me selling is i am changing up my HT again. I have Danley speakers and actually put one of the speakers in my back yard were i spend a lot of my time. Here is your chance to own a great like new amp with a discount. Please let me know any questions you might have. https://www.nordacoustics.co.uk/product-page/nord-one-up-nc500dmst
  9. Don't try the one man lift... I would never do it again. That day i had no choice and it had to get done. I can not say enough good things about these speakers. I have a nord Hpex Ncore which it says it does 700 watts at 4 ohms. These speakers the louder they get they sound the same, this being said they sound better louder. Sometimes i like my music loud and they can get LOUD with no fatigue or compression at all. Really amazing. You room is very small. Your gonna get reflections right away your going to need some acoustic panels. At least on the back wall and roof. You probably know to tuck the SH50's in the corner with there sides right up against the fall to eliminate that first reflection. Do you have a sub? Let me know how it sounds?
  10. Good for you. I have a pair of SH60's and they are amazing!! I carried a SH50 myself one time. About 50 ft from counter height to counter height. Ain't a pretty lift... What you going to power them with? How big is the room?
  11. Anyone know we’re I can find the plans for the 25hz talked horn? Do they still have the kit available somewhere? Thinking on getting one for my room. 😁
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