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  1. Awesome receiver. I had one for a while. Some say it is the best sounding vintage marantz. GLWS Alex
  2. try his regular email. post is over a year old though :/
  3. I got the thtlp with the 15". These things are monsters. Bump for some great subs
  4. I wouldn't do it. Throw him a fair price and just wait on it. He will never sell them for that much.
  5. Thats a lot of subwoofer for 400$!! Great deal, GLWS
  6. Very nice. GLWS
  7. Lol I know. I had it for sale a while ago then decided i might keep it now i bought a preamp with a DAC so i dont need it. It has been sitting in closet for over a year. It has great reviews and for the money is a amazing DAC.
  8. Price reduced again...
  9. LOL no. No digital inputs either. A outboad DAC with RCA outs would work.
  10. Beautiful! Good luck with sale
  11. I ordered the p5 yesterday
  12. TTT. Bringing old thread back up. I changed my mind and was going to keep it but i just got a preamp with a built in DAC so i don't need it. See links below for info. This is a great dac and headphone amp.
  13. The Eastern Electric Minimax looks nice but yea no remote, no XLR out. It would be perfect if i can find a nice used stereo tube preamp with remote and RCA and XLR out for $800. Does this exist? The emotiva XDA 2 has everything i am looking for and can be found pretty cheap.
  14. I have been exchanging emails with Colin from Nord, who has been excellent, and he said the monos and the stereo sound exactly the same. Said its a true mono in a stereo casing. The just ordered the amps so have to find me a preamp within next couple of days.
  15. Looking for a preamp now so decided to start another thread. So i decided on the Nord One UP NC500DMST Stereo Black amp. Highly recommended and i am very excited!! Check it out at As you can see the budget has been extended a little:) This will be powering my new palladium p39f's. I was looking at parasound halo p5 which i can find for low $800 so this is my absolute max budget. It does NOT need to have a headphone amp, NOT need to have phono, and a DAC is not a must because i already have one. People have been suggesting tube preamps but i am having a hard time finding one in the price range. It MUST to have a remote and much prefer it to have XLR out for the amps. I also need a preout for the sub amp so if it has XLR out and also RCA out or dual XLR out it would be great. Thanks for all the help and suggestions.