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  1. Wow, thanks for the information! This seems very relevant to anyone on here who sells items online.
  2. They don't make 'em like this anymore. This is a great deal.
  3. I asked him why he added the tweeters. He responded that he was "adding to the highs". I also asked him why he mounted them at floor level. He didn't respond to that. Lol.
  4. F-3's retailed at $1000/pair new, not worth that now -or then really. But I can see why they might think they are still worth $800.
  5. Wow, I have never seen someone use Dean's crossovers in the Synergy line. What are your thoughts on the outcome? Have you done this on any reference or heritage, for comparison sake?
  6. Not affiliated with seller, just seemed like a decent deal if you need a bunch. Condition is unknown but hey, they're 50 bucks a piece. https://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/bfs/5472850738.html
  7. Interesting. The seller claims in the ad that these come from an electronics testing company. A company where they are reverse engineering products to see how they are made and what materials are used. They actually have (3) Cornwall III crossovers for sale. As well as several other Klipsch crossover for KPT's, etc.
  8. My local news just ran a story about how when to purchase tickets at the optimal time. Data proves the answer is 54 days prior to departure. That is apparently the airlines measurement period and when prices are typically the lowest. However, I have always purchased far in advance for the best fares. Perhaps I will utilize this strategy the next time I purchase tix. One thing that I have found to b extremely helpful is too be flexible with your dates if possible. Everyone has their favorite sites, we use -cheapoair . com-, if I want to travel on the 10th I will still search for flights on the 8th, 9th,11th,12th also. Sometimes they will try to push you towards those flights anyways just to fill seats, and will offer them to you at a steep discount. We flew round trip from Detroit to Miami last October for $87 per ticket total, leaving Monday- returning Friday. Had we traveled leaving Wednesday- returning Sunday as originally planned, the same flight would have been $340 per ticket. This isn't a one off occurrence, I see it frequently in my searches. Saving baggage fees is important as is not upgrading your seats last minute, also not buying in flight entertainment and food/beverage. But my biggest savings have always come from flexibility of travel.
  9. Wow, I remember thinking that was so cool back in the day! Best of luck!
  10. The black center speaker with its back facing the camera, sitting atop the stool, is not an RC-7. They are rear ported and that speaker is not. The stock picture of an RC-7 appears to be of the Cherry variety as an Oak veneer was not an option. Black Ash, Cherry, and Maple is all that was offered.
  11. Yup, I've done this too. I've also used them as rears, they're actually very universal and capable speakers.
  12. I've got a couple of spare RC-7's. PM me if you're still looking for one.
  13. Yes No. You should change it to another RF-7II LOL. And then I'll have a big monolith in the center of the TV screen Ah. A TV. Turn it on its side.
  14. Yes No. You should change it to another RF-7II
  15. I'd put it on the back wall too. Rear seat(s) may have to become rear seat
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