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  1. saw this on craigslist this morning if you decide to break up the set I could be interested in the sub. I'm not to far from you.
  3. anyone traveling from chicago to columbus, dayton, cincy anywhere in between in the next couple of weeks to help a fellow klipsch member out?
  4. I'll be traveling later this month from dayton ohio to pittsburgh and swing right thru west virgina if anyone can get it to dayton ohio or somewhat close.
  5. two guys looking to buy a rc62
  6. RC62 for sale for $200 from a very trustworthy guy on the forums
  7. If you want new corey is out of kentucky. @MetropolisLakeOutfitters
  8. guy is selling a bunch of klipsch in cincy if you aren't opposed to the used route. I can't tell if that is a shawdow or dimples in the woofer but maybe able to talk him down a little more as well.
  9. another ohioan there is a couple right around us I'll keep an eye out and let you know I'm up the road in dayton.
  10. what is the location for the two looking for the RC62? I've seen a bunch for considerably less then what I paid for mine
  11. Was lined up to get this for under $500 he was gone all weekend and I was making the 3 hr one way trip to pick it up today. Got an email last night that he is no longer selling the sub and he is giving it to his son. dreams crushed would have had 2 rsw 12's and now 2 rsw 15's the search continues.
  14. where is the location did I miss it?