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  1. No problem! I hope all of this can get fixed for you.
  2. Hey Escher. I know it isn't much but I have an rc-35 i will send you to help rebuild your set up. No one should be without their Klipsch! Just PM me your mailing address. Jon.
  3. Looking to see if anyone has one or two they would ship to the Atlanta area. I'm playing around withsome Frankenstein sub projects and want to try radiators. Thanks.
  4. From what I have read on the topic they handle more power to prevent damage do to over powering and clipping. That is what makes them the pro version. Calling Klipsch would probably get you a very specific answer. I just put what i read when i was researching them. High freq protection circuit integrated into the X over. It uses a semi conductor to monitor the tweeter input that cuts 10db if spiked and over driven. file:///C:/Users/jonathan/Downloads/KP-201%20(1).pdf
  5. No problem. Just shoot me the info. Thanks.
  6. I have a pair of kp-201's that came out of a small, 1 room church in a little town. They sound great and probably were only used for voice PA or light gospel music. Very light use. Someone at the church built cabinets out of panneling to cover the industrial look and make them blend in with the church's decor. They also built tan grills for them. Not that bad actually, but can easily be removed and brought back to the black industrial finish. They sound EXCELLENT! No issues. I simply have no room for all of my gear at the new house so I am selling these. Yes you can demo them before purchase if you come to pick them up or if you have an inverter in your car Pick up or meeting near ATLANTA Ga. NO SHIPPING!! $450 obo. OR TRADE ( PArtial ) for RF-3 ii's or RF-7's. Cash my way or yours depending on condition, model, and what we agree upon. Thanks email or text me if interested. Jonathan. jonathan.p.lapointe1@gmail.com (678) 837-8379
  7. Hey Kriton. I just missed out on a complete R-7 set up like this with an rsw-15 for $1200 !!! A flipper got to it before i could. Would you be interested in a partial trade for a pair of kp-201's? What would be your no haggle bottom price as I would have to drive up from Atlanta for these. Thanks.
  8. I am having the exact same issue. Came here looking for an answer on how to remove the knob. It IS connected. The pot is just shot and i don;t want to break the knob trying to remov it to access the 4 screws that hold it on. Any help would be appreciated by both of us!! Yes I deox'd it. The pot is just done.
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