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  1. Richard, Good to hear from you, I will tell the wife...you do the same with yours, please! Thanks!
  2. Last photo won’t load, too big...email me for picture of the 2006 tube!
  3. Y’all know what this is...one of the limited edition posters, purchased in 2006. Has never been unrolled farther than to take the pictures you see here, and a picture just to show you that this is fact, the original uncrushed tube. Thanks for your consideration. B
  4. Wires? As in RCA input wires, unlikely. Has happened with multiple sets of inputs, Blue Jeans low imped right and left 1 meter wires, which have always worked for me. Could wires cause high output roll-off? Ah, now the input jacks themselves....yes, might be the culprit, but how would I test them? What would I be looking for, and where is that pesky grounding bracelet to keep me from being shocked to $#&@? Last time I opened an amp, a broken tube octal took me off my feet; I imagine I looked like a startled Rick Moranis (dating myself).
  5. Good morning. I haven’t switched speaker wires, I will try that; guess that should have been my first order of business. Have them torn apart right now, went ahead and upgraded other crossover while apart. Now they match, but might have opened another can of worms. You are correct; I am running these H1’s with the HK 730 twin; has worked spectacularly till I decided to hook a Bluetooth receiver to the little-used “input 2” RCA jacks. When the right channel appeared to suddenly lose high end, I assumed tweeter crapped out. It sounded like it was working, but things such as a high-hat rythm lost its “crispness”, so I assumed diaphragm. My old voltmeter was wigging out, so I couldn’t measure resistance across terminals to test my theory, so I just went ahead and ordered new diaphragms from Mr. Crites. However, found even older voltmeter that does appear to work, tested both tweets, got 6.2 ohms from both...so *now* I am not so sure I was right about this being the problem. I had this amp gone through and adjusted some years ago by our local amp genius, Terry DeWick, but he isn’t doing non-Mac equipment any more AND apparently has a 90 day backlog! I sent a pleading email, but even though I only live a couple miles from him, I am not hopeful. So given all that...any thoughts?
  6. Thank you for your correction. I am aware there is no SUB in most Klipsch speakers; but I misspoke. Knowing the impedance might be important if I am trying to determine whether a diaphragm is going bad, which was my first thought - now given the numbers which you just kindly revealed, I am not so sure. I believe that I might now need to test my amplifier as I have had high-end drop off in one tweeter, and I can’t track down why. Thank you for your response, I can see that the level of courteous communication has at least been maintained in my absence. B
  7. Greetings, Can someone tell me what the resistance measures are across the speakers terminals for a Heresy I, K77M tweeter? I ordered new diaphragms from BC, but I tested the tweeters resistance and they both came in the same, about 6.2 ohm...is this right? Anyone know what the squawker and WOOFER should be measured across their terminals? Thanks! B
  8. There you go, should have remembered Mr. Crites, have a CWII crossover of his...brilliant! Thanks, gents.
  9. Folks, I am pretty sure I had a tweeter crap out on me in a pair of older heresies H2’s, who is selling some aftermarket diaphragms for these things these days? I will change both out to ensure consistent sound... Thanks, Bruce
  10. Hey, just saw this thread...I have a Panasonic AE-4000U for sale, less than 300 hours, original bulb. Looking for $450. PM me; I am not on much, but it should get to me. Bruce
  11. Truly an epic journey; glad to meet Fenderplayer, glad the speakers have a good home. RS-7’s are spoken for and heading shortly to Kansas!
  12. Wow, lots of responses. To clarify, offered the set...no bites. So when approached to sell rears only, I accepted. In process of finding boxes and packing. Preferred to sell as a set, of course, but there it is... Now concerned about a wrinkled driver if I ship these things, any of them. Not trying to refute at all, but how did I get my RF7’s shipped to me, if the driver wrinkling issue was a problem with shipping? Of course the drivers were not removed, and there was no support film or anything? I could remove drivers but that would quadruple time and cost. Perhaps shipping on their backs, drivers up? Not sure what’s next...someone come get the fronts and center, I will show you knoxville while you are here? Make a trip of it, good scotch, pipe of some Latakia blend and a pair of perfect speakers cheap. How friggin sexy is that?
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