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  1. I would let them know your exact situation and see what they can do. Theres no doubt if you are willing to wait they can get you a cherry one. If not i would return it and contact Klipsch directly through the web and explain the same. I know if I ran the company and I had a customer overseas with a complete Klipsch setup I would want to support him and get him what he needs. Black would not look bad....but I agree with your sentiments that you deserve a matching center. If it could fit, a discount on a 450c would be a fair compensation imo. It wont overwhelm soundwise.
  2. RoboKlipsch

    R-115SW goes "poff"

    i would test it on another circuit/outlet...if it keeps doing it i would have it checked.
  3. RoboKlipsch

    rip bozo the clown

    I was on the show in Chicago as a kid. Of course like many of us also I also played bozo buckets at numerous birthday parties. Great show for the time!
  4. RoboKlipsch

    RP 260 F

    If you sit within 10feet of the speakers any amp is enough. Amazon does not know as much about Klipsch as the Klipsch forum knows. only if you crank music or theater at very high levels...105+ all the time will it leave you short. at 10feet you would have just about 105db sit closer you have more, sit further less most people listen to music from 75 to 95db
  5. RoboKlipsch

    2 subs better than 1?

    If u have workable surround speakers then get the 2nd sub and change surrounds later. I find the wide dispersion surrounds to be the coolest part of the klipsch lineup but they are really beneficial if the main listening spot is about 6 feet or closer to them because it helps prevent the sound from blasting right in your ear. But even still a bookshelf will work imo up until about 4 feet away at which point its too close.
  6. RoboKlipsch

    2 subs better than 1?

    I have 10 subs in 2 theaters yet i would argue that surround sound is more important than a 2nd sub...esp if you like gaming. Games use surrounds even better than movies. Id buy some surrounds and get the 2nd sub at a later date.
  7. RoboKlipsch

    2 subs better than 1?

    If more than one person is in the room it is very difficult to have consistent bass with 1. In that case 2 subs is imo a big help. The Geddes paper which is a landmark study suggests that 90% of the maximum benefit from placing say 50 subs can be achieved with 2 subs. 4 subs is better than 2 but has that large diminshing return. But to make a room almost perfect within a listening area 4 seems to be the key number. 1 sub is required to do HT. 2 subs adds say a 50% improvement to flat response across multiple seats...4 subs another 10 or so.
  8. RoboKlipsch

    If RF7 is 100%, what is RF82II / RP280F?

    The RF7s are special imo because they combine the ability to reproduce complicated detailed music beautifully and at the same time can play HT at any level without any issues. The high end with the large tweeter driver is unreal...it sparkles with music and will blow your ears off in HT. Audiophile music abilities with pro level HT capabilites. Magnificent. The 82imo shows it has a smaller tweeter driver. It sounds good...not nearly as good at high levels as the rf7. It is terrific with theater but is not as detailed with music. Solid. The rp280 is like the 82 but has a better higher end detail, i think, because of the redesigned horn with dampening. Capable like the 83, better high end sparkle than the 82...but not capable of the rf7s level. Solid and refined. If the rf7i s 100 Then the 82ii is 80 And the rp280 is 85
  9. RoboKlipsch

    R-15m sound "boomy" after reposition

    Sorry im late to the thread....i have 15ms. Like with all speakers proximity to any wall structure will create reenforcement and gain particularly in the lower frequencies. By moving them further apart they are closer to side walls...by moving them down they are closer to the floor. Both have impact. You likely prefer the sound without much bass with these...where they were before. My guess is the extra reenforcment caused gain at frequencies you werent getting at the old position. They are specd to about 60hz and in most rooms should play to 50s....with the move they are likely playing lower. MAKE SURE you have them set to small in the AVR! Moving them forward or up will reduce the issue.
  10. RoboKlipsch

    klipsch rt10d $350 chicago area

    https://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/ele/d/klipsch-rt-10d-subwoofer/6523902486.html no affiliation but heck of a price
  11. RoboKlipsch

    Underground Outdoor Landscape Subs

    I can understand wanting it buried for apearance but a weatherproof sealed sub on the surface in a garden like the speakers at a theme park at first thought would seem more effective. No sound benefit to burying the sub that i can imagine. Proper materials it would seem much better...curious what the pro would say.
  12. Before she became boat sized! 🙊
  13. RoboKlipsch

    Short of performance with RP-250S

    Your room...how far away the walls are, are there open areas etc have a huge impact on surrounds. As i mentioned in the above post you really should test placements. Move them back a foot another foot...forward, up down. It makes a huge difference.
  14. RoboKlipsch

    Short of performance with RP-250S

    Placement guidance still requires that you test first. Directly to the sides of the seating or back behind slightly is recommended. A foot above ear level is a good starting point. Maybe 2 feet above if it sounds better. Use boxes or stepladders....test first then install after you find the magic.
  15. RoboKlipsch

    Broke a UM 18

    The intro for Edge of Tomorrow is worth a 200mi trip by itself. Transformers is scary good. Each time I have visited i have turned up my volume by about 10db its like an unintentional shaming i receive when i go there. I would guess we hit 120db easily in his room and only our ears were maxed...not his system. Then D switches to music mode and can keep up or surpass most 2 channel setups. Rf7s and his are set up beautifully. D is also a very gracious host, and a good person in general. At this point the sub forum is so slow we NEED a build thread. Im out of commission build-wise for a while....someone needs to step up. Carl did but was too fast, we need a nice slow build with lots of pics and discussion. 👌