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  1. Surrounds at a certain height come into better focus. In a theater there are often multiple rows of seats and they are high to reach all seats. In this living room its flexible but i think say 5 or 6 feet is ideal but whatever height i would want the one on a stand to match so i would look at stands and match the height to the stand. Anything above ears is good and a little higher allows the whole room to hear them better. If the couch is your main listening seat it really should come forward a few feet the wall will reflect a lot of sound at you. In the theater pic u can see how they tilted all the surrounds down to try and reach ears to compensate for the higher mounting.
  2. I can only see the one picture but I assume there is no wall there ?.... so you want to face the speakers at each other. Stands are often used in your situation but yours are very high up the wall....how about lowering the other one and putting the one you want to rotate on a stand or putting both on stands...which solves your double door problem and lets you place them forward from the back wall. Sound quality would be way better imo ☺ A more complicated solution for you or a carpenter friend is to build a small shelf for it in that same spot and face it as you suggest. It could also hang from the ceiling but that would be a complicated job imo and my first suggestion is far superior for audio quality.
  3. Klipsch RP-440C Center Channel

    it is ideal....seamless transitions and matching sound. your situation is minor....move each piece left or right theres room in front. move the left one there to see how it looks and show her as a test people spend years and lots of cash chasing center channels you have a chance here to do it right once!
  4. Need help solving subwoofer issue

    Raise the crossover to 80 or 100 that should do it w speakers set to small.
  5. Need help solving subwoofer issue

    In the Denon are the speakers set to LARGE? That would be the most straightforward explanation.
  6. Klipsch RP-440C Center Channel

    you will be much happier imo with a center that matches. put it in front of the entertainment center theres room tilt it like the others.
  7. Newbie needs help with HT choices and settings

    without subs you go large and when you get subs you go small...small tells the Denon you want the subs to handle below the crossover point....large for now says u have no subs and the main speakers should handle it all i like both the 160s and bipole surrounds. its truly a preference and for sides i do really like the bipoles but either will be Great short answer on subs is that one sub is always enough but if you want a really hq theater 2 makes for much more consistent bass over a larger area. you want subs to be audibly invisible....u dont know where they are and if possible for bass to be very consistent. with one sub its possible but quite often it will only sound 'great' in one small area. 2 really takes it up a level but not because of volume....because it is smoother. also your denon has 2 sub inputs it will very nicely integrate 2 for you. used is always a nice option. i got my 160s for about 250 + shipping
  8. Subwoofer/Speaker Delay.....

    Sub delays make a big difference. With measurements u can get it exactly right but for someone with a good ear like u im sure you can do well. Subs are almost always delayed unless mains are further and even in those situations it still may need delay. Avsforum has an amazing tutorial google mtg90 integrating multiple subs and mains....doing what he said for the subs made a huge difference...it can be 15db increased output at the crossover. Avrs are poor at sub distances ime
  9. Klipsch Speaker Placement for surrounds and Atmos

    Google the manual. All the answers are there.
  10. I use 4 subs with my 160s so i like subs. They are rated to maybe 45hz and thats a stretch. A lot of content is from 20 to 45 in a movie. Music would be ok but anything modern might be lacking.
  11. Klipsch Speaker Placement for surrounds and Atmos

    With atmos the surround height is more critical....based upon your room you will have a good answer in the guide. Ceiling height plays a big part, i believe the spec is no more than 1.25x the height of the front speakers. It also states ideally all speakers are at 3.9feet above floor but remeber its a guide not a strict requirement.
  12. Klipsch Speaker Placement for surrounds and Atmos

    As surrounds they need to be above ear level for a few reasons. One is if you sit in the right seat and the right surround is directly at your ear you wont hear anything else because of the direct spl overtaking everything else. Second you would block the seats left of you from hearing the surround well. Somewhere between a foot and 2 feet above ear level will be ideal...maybe 3 max. If you sit close to the speakers higher is probably needed and the further away the lower that they could work well imo. If you are going atmos, google the installation guide and breeze through it. I believe on top of the 280s is correct for your purposes.
  13. Theory Behind the Twin Surround Speakers?

    How about in wall speakers?
  14. Theory Behind the Twin Surround Speakers?

    beautiful setup! i would venture a guess that the calibration is such that the fronts are a bit strong in the front row vs row 2....u could try dropping the levels 1 or 2db on the lcr it might balance the front better. very impressive design did u build yourself?
  15. Theory Behind the Twin Surround Speakers?

    rp140as are not surrounds and are not right for the purpose you can wall mount any klipsch bipole or bookshelf bipoles use a keyhole mount.....i recommend a snaptoggle to mount those bookshelves use wall mounts i get that appearance wise the 140s look like mini surrounds but they are too mini for this purpose. corners are poor because a lot happens in a corner....room modes....wall loading....dispersion from a corner is not how they are meant to be used. it can be done and be good but is far less likely in most rooms 5.1surrounds go on side of mlp or just behind....too far behind it loses some of the direct sound forward of mlp is fine actually and works well. my advice is above ear level so all seats hear them