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  1. External Amp advice?

    Imo u need an amp with clean power of 300watts or more to make a significant difference. Since u already ran an extra avr as an external i wouldn't think it worth it to switch for less than 2x power. I actually use inukedsps (cheap class D) to externally amp my diy fronts and mbms. They work very well at 8ohms with a flat response. But fan noise and s/n ratio of the amp itself are issues (which i resolved and of course would share) but....with a 99db sensitive rf7, similar to my diy at 97...i would recommend u go with very clean power.
  2. Tuba Home Theatre Low Profile...

    listen ur a big guy you can shoulder press those tubas πŸ˜€ go the extra mile and separate them and try again. the larger the sweet spot the better at worst they go back together at best its another evolutionary step, now that u touched the monolith πŸ‘¨β€πŸš€ ive said many times ive put in prob 200hrs in my basement theater not bc im smart or good but simply on a quest to have it be perfect because u have an open room the decay of the low end bass under 30 will be quick already whuch is often a stumbling block i.e. u would need 50 bass traps in the concrete basement to speed the decay of 20 to 60hz but upstairs with a roll off around 20 or 25 its likely perfect. because u have open wall on one side...even though corner loading helps i would tend to say the bass will become better in the room placing them on the open side. in a corner wall they get a ton of reenforcement which they dont need unless u run out of spl. on the other side the bass escapes into the kitchen. by putting one on the front wall on that side and one on the back wall, you create 2 point sources that provide the most bass ouput precisely where its the least by structural design. it will bounce of the wall side with plenty of reflection and power.....so ime at a certain distance left of center looking forward....the positioning will be perfect. just a few thoughts from my own experiences.
  3. XF-48 Surround Setup

    that should def be the recordings. some are 2 channel and some are 4 channel without a center too, your processor also may have the ability to convert to other formats. to know if your system works a movie dvd in 5.1 will do the trick. after that, you are dealing with the fact that music recordings esp old ones have few standards and are all recorded differently. if u watched the more recent DG that was 5.1 and your system works fine. all that said....calibrating the channels using an spl meter or your ear, with the avr test tones could help get you a better baseline to listen to everything
  4. XF-48 Surround Setup

    i had not heard of this system so i read a review. it sounds like there are two sets of inputs for the main speakers l and r. if this is the case try the 2nd set of inputs and then try to recalibrate. since u have a receiver it may be mismatching with the different inputs and you cant get them to match because the other set of inputs are what will send the proper signal to the mains.
  5. I'm amazed at what some older Bose speakers sell for

    I had a bose acoustimass system for over 20 years and was able to originally buy it through a rep at cost and managed to sell it on ebay 20yrs later for half what i paid. ive spent the last few years educating myself through immense amounts of reading, listening, learning, asking questions and trial and error and diy building. its amazing what 1000 page threads about theory, theater construction, acoustics, design and physics can teach you with enough interest. my simple conclusion about bose has always been this -- the vast majority of people dont have the time interest or money to get into what a good room should sound like. they go to a theater and hear what sounds very impressive -- flat consistent response with fast decay and very loud peak volumes. bose acoustimass, in an average living room where someone (I) simply placed the speakers and sub, have no room treatment and no real understanding of a full sound spectrum...it sounds like a mini theater at home. for all the wrong reasons, but it does. the lack of low end, high end and certain midbass frequencies caused the decay when watching a movie to be very fast, simulating a highly treated room, albeit a really, really bad one once u know what a good one sounds like. it was true genius on boses part, they made a cheap poor design but did it in a fashion that an untrained ear thought was much like a theater. they never posted frequency response graphs and resisted those comparisons instead pushing their sales pitch and it worked, and still does. it is, imo garbage, but to me and many others, it was a cool simulation that we didnt really understand, but enjoyed up until the point when something clicked and told us to try something better, tg in my case Klipsch which happens to be a brillant set of designs.
  6. Send a pm if u havent already, usually helps wirh a fast response.
  7. Multiple Subwoofers....what I didn't know

    I had 1 and its fine for 1 seat only. Then 2 and it got 3 seats good but not matching. I maxed out what could do in an l shaped room. 4 is the sweet spot. Its enough to provide ample headroom and lots of nulls and peaks nicely cancelled. Beyond 4 gets even better but is more a matter of slam and punch bonus ime. I still request a sweep from 5 and up. You bettet not be high passing at 20! 😈
  8. DIY center channel from a RC-62ii and RP160m speakers

    imo crossovers are complicated and very important, it needs to be left to a designer sell them and buy a used rc64 the costs would be close, you might have to chip in a hundred or so towards a used rc64
  9. Swl lol cool bro its all good. What my original intention was to sell it for any price to an established member but not below what i paid. My concern with posting the low price i got it for was that someone else could buy it and resell it for an easy profit. Believe it or not...not a single established member came in with a best offer. Eventually a nice guy came along and we struck a deal including delivery. I consider swl a friend and owe him a dinner at some point when i get back up north to hear his newly calibrated earthquake tubas ☺ swl has the best trained ear for music i have ever heard, his music is simply exquisite and his entire setup including mods were done without measurement equipment. and now that he has a minidsp and umik and can measure and further refine his setup im thinking it will be sublime. If people could hear his modified klf30s how he has them in his room they would never want rf7s....that good.
  10. RB-5 II or RS-52 II for surrounds?

    At a close distance the rs series will perform better by helping disperse the high frequencies. Both work but a direct monopole is harder to manage up close and imo only should be done by placing them up at least a foot above ear level. At 2.5 feet and with depth close to a foot that driver is right in your head!
  11. The Subwoofer is dead as we know it

    they look like the monolith from 2001 😊
  12. Thank you for asking. it is sold and i even delivered it too, to a very nice local gent.
  13. Multiple Subwoofers....what I didn't know

    just wanted to mention it. many people calibrate then use the full gain, just wanted to point it out. u know what youre doingπŸ‘
  14. Multiple Subwoofers....what I didn't know

    in the top section here the creator of audyssey mentions sub trim https://audyssey.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/212347563-Subwoofer-setup-and-MultEQ
  15. Multiple Subwoofers....what I didn't know

    I could be wrong but i think -12 on the sub trim is maxed out...its still too high. Audyssey cant lower it enough to perfectly balance with the other speakers. You may want to try rerunning it after lowering gain a few clicks on the knobs. Anything higher than -12 will show it is in range from what i recall.