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  1. Suggestion for HT Receiver

    Audyssey is great imo regardless of room conditions in a highly reflective room it helps lower some of the ringing in a treated room it makes speakers even better the issue is not just the speakers its the room brightness comes from strong reflections of high frequencies different speakers or avr could help but you are fighting the room consider a few early reflection acoustic panels....they would improve ANY setup you have and will eliminate the brightness the underlying problem is the room....fix it you can use any speaker otherwise you are working around the room issues
  2. if it set it to 2db it sounds like it its getting signal. the signal either is strong enough or not....turning it up after just boosts the sub which is ok but not necessary for calibration. you need to run some test tones off youtube. try subwoofer test and look for a few and see what they do dont crank them up at first see what they do then go up as needed. theres a blue screen one that tests from 100 down to 5hz which is a good ez one. the splash screen has 60hz on it. if the tones are consistent and loud then the issue is your ears! if not theres more investigating to do. when using a "real" sub that is calibrated it can seem disappointing because the one note boom of a sub like a 12sw is powerful on certain notes....without that...because the svs has a smoother response....it can seem weak. this should be ez. you may not be used to a good sub calibrated or the sub may not work right you need to use it more before judging imo
  3. is the svs new or bought used?
  4. This is the "tell" that setup did not go right. Some avrs have issues with providing enough signal to the sub to properly drive it. Having to turn the gain all the way up in a room less than massive says the gain is not high enough from the avr. Dont judge it until you get it setup properly and can judge what you really have.
  5. Subwoofer/Speaker Delay.....

    The Denon is handling it so they are 2nd hpf and 4th lpf
  6. Subwoofer/Speaker Delay.....

    here is a set of measurements showing the value of dialing in distance/delay. the 10 measurements have identical everything except they differ by 1ms in subwoofer delay -- 100hz crossover setting. as you can see frequencies as low as 50 hz are affected by the 100hz crossover as are frequencies up to 150hz. audyysey does not get this right very often placement and room treatment are more important but failing to adjust the delay can result in terrible midbass and getting it right creates an almost flat graph across all frequencies with multiple subs they must first be dialed in together and then delay set as a group again since audyssey cannot set delay properly (with regards to the sub channels ONLY) I would always recommend someone with multiple subs dial in the subs first manually and then treat as one sub for integration purposes
  7. Othorn...

    no need to build this one then pick another horn design!
  8. Othorn...

    http://www.data-bass.com/data?page=system&id=81 http://www.data-bass.com/data?page=system&id=95
  9. Is this a mis-match

    What you first asked about would work but it would help if you explained how you came to those choices imo matching series is a benefit especially up front with full respect to all opinions my view is matching the center to the series you buy is more important than which is perhaps the best if you get rp280s get a 450c if you get rf7s or rf62s even an rc64 is great when three speakers up front are identical its amazing when the three up front are the same series i.e. rp280s with rp450c its close because tweeters match when they are different series and sound pans across the three its a bit obvious the change in sound my 2c! 115sw is a big upgrade in the low end but 112 is fine
  10. damsel in distress. can i mix reference lines?

    i too have the above and originally bought a r25c the r25 is the only speaker i ever returned i could hear the difference immediately if you dont want to spend that much you could get a used rc52 or rc62
  11. Paul W. Klipsch 06.21.1954 Interview

    What is so cool for me is the realization that in the 50s there was no real sense amongst anyone that sound could be reproduced.....at all. yes they had phonograph players but we all know how good they were.....well those of us over 40 You think of history science and technology and realize we are living in the birth of sound reproduction we didnt miss it like so many advances....loved this interview its so basic what she asks yet his answers touch of deep topics like low frequency wavelengths im proud to use Klipsch....prouder now after hearing this lol anyone with a Klipschorn here he explains it....as he says a JOKE at first! woofer term used in 54 midrange is a "squawker" then tweeter he never says klipschorn but i asuume they were looking at a brochure with the name on it his voice has that authoritative tone of "real men" of gravitas and respect. i enjoyed this as much as anything klipsch related absolutely delightful ☺ listen to the final minute you hear an announcement regarding the mccarthy senate hearings wow what a clip this is
  12. Newbie Setup Questions

    Welcome aboard Houston 👍 You will quickly forget this comment as I know the excitement of the new equipment is overwhelming and awesome My #1 goal if that were my room -- $500 to $1200 on treating that room. Early side wall and ceiling reflections and then as many bass traps as you can afford in budget. DIY is an amazing value but pro made works great just more expensive. 1. The first rule of HT is nobody talks about treating the room. In a small room its make or break imo. 2. If you do #1 then spend $1500 on subs. 2 really nice ones. 3. That's $2000 to $2700 there. $500 on a nice used AVR. 4. $800 to $1500 on speakers. Unless you are going to move to a larger room soon you dont need big speakers in there. Smaller front stage with bass traps and good subs will turn out better imo. 5. Bonus buy: Go used on everything save an extra $800 and get a 60" or larger 4k tv. Doesn't need to be top of the line just solid. Used is a huge savings for speakers and AVRs. DIY treatment is fun easy and very cheap. Speakers are key but almost last in the process. The key is the room will dominate all other factors until it is tamed. Once tamed it will beat real theaters and be able to play LFE down below 10hz easily and past reference (headroom).
  13. Subwoofer/Speaker Delay.....

    Imo alignment of sources is about distance from sources and at lower frequencies the room is the most important factor...blending multiple subs is entirely room dependent. so yes outdoors will be different because the low end only has the ground for reenforcement while inside there are the walls and ceiling.
  14. Subwoofer/Speaker Delay.....

    Your output at, above and below the crossover are at their highest. If youd like to see an example im sure ive got some measurements. What many people do is this....set your crossover frequency....then reverse rhe polarity of the sub (s). Change the distance until you haventhe biggest null - suckout or huge dip in response. Once found change the polarity back and you then have optimized the crossover timing.
  15. Subwoofer/Speaker Delay.....

    When we time align subs to mains the crossover is often 80ish and because of this the distance setting repeats every roughly 7 or 8ms. So lets say swl finds 0ms to sound good. If we measured the response a similar low end response would occur at say 7ms and 14ms delay. What would change is the integration of the upper low end bass as you go to 7ms and 14ms. Precisely the range being discussed. Delay is extremely critical and has up to a 15db gain or loss around the crossover but also has huge effects on nulls. Time alignment ime is more important than everything but placement and treatment.