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  1. Thanks in advance for your thoughts, would greatly appreciate some input. I currently have a Marantz SR5007 driving an RC-25, a pair of RB-25s, and a pair of RS-25s with a recently upgraded excellent R-115W subwoofer providing the bottom end, with a reasonable quality 65" TV. I am generally very happy with my system. However if there's anything I'd like to change, it would be to have a little more mid-range impact in my music. My living room has a large wooden built-in that houses the front of my system including the center (above the TV), the bookshelves, and the electronics. As a results, I feel like I've benefited greatly from the front port design, since it's able to accomodate the speakers being placed right up against a wooden enclosure (they are suspended on silicone pads to minimize vibration transfer as well). Because of the layout, I don't really have an option to use floorstanding speakers (I do have a pair of RF-3IIs that used to be my fronts, that have had to move to the bonus room in this new house). There are still RB-81IIs and RC-62II that are available, but the modern Klipsch lineup all has rear porting and also doesn't offer any 8" midrange drivers, but these are rapidly disappearing. So I guess my questions are as follows: 1. Will upgrading my RB-25s to RB-81IIs provide an appreciable upgrade for my music listening? 2. Will doing the above cause my home theater experience to be inferior due to the different voicing between the fronts compared to the center and surrounds. 3. Would I then have to consider upgrading the center as well (and I believe the RC-62II is the largest front-ported center Klipsch offers). 4. Should I forget the concept of upgrading anything and just enjoy what I have? 5. Is port location not something I have to worry about for a future upgrade path?
  2. Thank you for the very rapid reply! I guess my other question would be whether you thought that RB-5II to RP-600m was a worthwhile upgrade, rather than a sidestep. Money isn't the question here, it's only whether it's going to yield results. Thanks in advance!
  3. I currently have a pair of old RB-5IIs as part of a 5.1 all-klipsch setup. These are placed on shelves of a wooden built-in that houses my TV, center and front speakers. The RB-5IIs have a front facing port that can breathe. I was thinking of upgrading to the RP-600m, but I am worried that the rear-facing port would muddy the noise or create vibration because it faces an enclosed space. Does anyone have any insight or advice?
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