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  1. What are some good text tones to use? Where can I find different test tones for the subwoofers?
  2. So anytime a sub is placed on the opposite wall of the mains the phase should be set to 180? Whereas if the sub is on the same wall as the mains it should have the phase set to 0?
  3. Thank you for the feedback...I’ll switch the phase on the back sub to 180 and leave the sub at the front of the room at 0. I’ve read on many different forums and posts that you should leave the phase at 0...why is that?
  4. Can you elaborate on “time align”?
  5. I was able to purchase another r-115sw subwoofer and I have one placed at the front of the room and one at the back of the room. I’ve heard and read how the subwoofers should be shaking the entire house. It’s weird because it seems that the pair of 120sw subs were louder than the 115sw subs. I’ve watched different scenes and I can “feel” the bass and it sounds sharper but not as loud...is it me or is that how the 115sw subs are supposed to be? I have them both set up with the frequency all the way to the lfe...the gain is at the notch just after the halfway point. I have one connected using a subwoofer cable and the other one with the wireless kit. I ran the calibration on my pioneer vsx-lx-503 receiver and it set the sub volume at -4.5 which I increased to -2. When I had the pair of 120sw subs the mcacc set it at -16dB. Is there something I’m doing wrong with my set up or does it seem that I did everything correctly? thsnk you
  6. I recently purchased an R115sw and i want to use my r120sw with it. They are on opposite sides near each of the towers. Is this fix me, or will it take away the “punch” from the 115sw? Will they work well together or do I need to start saving for a 2nd 115sw? Thanks
  7. Hi everyone! I’ve been going trough different forums and I’ve been unable to find the answer. I recently bought a Klipsch r-115sw. I’d like to use 2 subs but I cannot afford a 2nd 115sw. I currently am using a r-120sw with the 115sw. Am I able to use these two different sized subwoofers together since they are both Klipsch? Or will it mess up the sound of the bass since they have different frequencies? thanks for your responses
  8. I have 2 pairs of the Rp500sa atmos speakers for my setup. My current living situation requires everything to be in the great room which has vaulted ceilings. The pair thst sit on top of the surround speakers works great because thst is where the ceiling is lower. The other pair I gave sitting on top of the front left and right speakers but it won’t really work there since the ceiling is highest at that area. I want to experiment placing them as front heights but I’ve read and been told different things. Should I place them as high as possible to where th wall meets the ceiling, or slightly above the mounted tv so that the speakers are facing exactly where we sit on the couch? Attached is a picture of what my options are...I’m currently thinking #1 will be best since that placement has the speakers firing directly at the two main seating spots thanks
  9. Hi everyone, im sure there is a post somewhere about this but I wanted to ask it and get as many opinions and recommendations as I could. I currently have a 7.2.2 setup using a pioneer lx503 receiver. I have the rb61 ii speakers for my surrounds and back surrounds. I have been using a pair of R41sa atmos speakers as front heights, because they really won’t work at upfiring up front since I have vaulted ceilings. I’m thinking of getting another pair or Rb61ii to use as the front heights, but I wanted to get different thoughts on that. I would stand them on the top of bookshelves facing tge viewers. I would then place my pair or atmos R41sa speakers on top of the surround speakers since thst part of the ceiling is lower. Will the Rb61ii speakers work as a good front height or should I consider getting a pair or atmos Rp140sa speakers and place them flat against the wall on the bookshelves. Thanks for your input
  10. Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum and am hoping to get some help with my setup.. I was able to purchase a 2nd 120sw subwoofer but I want to make sure they’re set up correctly. I have the crossover knob turned all the way to the max lfe on both subwoofers and the gain is right in the middle. The subwoofer cables are plugged into the lfe input. The crossover is set to 80hz on my pioneer receiver. Is there a certain range the gain should be set at, or do I have it set up correct? thsnks
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