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  1. W27

    JBL horns setup

    That’s strange. When I click on it, it goes the the right place. They may be spoken for now anyways. Whole JBL setup on AVS classifieds https://www.avsforum.com/forum/209-audio-gear/#/topics/3157462
  2. W27

    JBL horns setup

    No affiliation. That’s a whole lot of speakers for $500 https://www.avsforum.com/forum/209-audio-gear/#/topics/3157462
  3. No affiliation, but these look nice https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649568385-klipsch-forte/
  4. W27

    Epic CF-3’s

    He must have posted it here right after I posted the alert 👍
  5. W27

    Epic CF-3’s

    No affiliation. They’re customized, but I like them. Too far for me. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649626091-klipsch-epic-cf-3/
  6. That sucks. Did you try to contact him about the bad woofer? Did you get the 650’s too?
  7. Hope it works out great for you both
  8. W27


    No affiliation https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649623621-klipsch-belles/
  9. I don’t know if you saw the pair for sale here on the forum.
  10. Great job, those look very nice
  11. Also parking is worse than ever in Brooklyn because everyone is home lol
  12. Good luck. I messaged the guy right after they were listed and never got a response. I’m guessing they already sold or was a scam.
  13. W27

    FS: Marantz PM8006

    These are great amps! I’ve got 3 of the older version because I liked them so much. I preferred them over much more expensive separates. Whoever gets this will be happy.
  14. I messaged through CL which hides my email doesn’t it? I basically just asked for a shipped total with my zip code. I got a super long detailed history of the amp I didn’t ask for. The guy talks like a kid but talks about his buddy in the army in the 70’s lol. Posting was flagged already.
  15. I emailed. If it’s legit I’ll take it
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