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  1. I wonder how these would stack up against some of the Klipsch Pro gear? They look like they’d be killer for home theater behind a screen. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649462192-jbl-speaker-system-2-jbl-4632-mid-range-and-horn-speakers-2-4639-mid-bass-speakers-and-i-also-have-3/
  2. He’s got them on US Audiomart too, for anyone that can’t see the link. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649513574-klipsch-70th-anniversary-khorns-1-of-70-pair-in-the-world/
  3. Shipping is always risky with heavy speakers. Klipsch packaging on most of these isn’t great. Meant to be shipped on a pallet. That being said, Adorama sells a lot of this stuff. They should make it right if something arrives damaged. Your credit card will cover you as well.
  4. Adorama has a pretty good sale on heritage stuff with free shipping. No affiliation. Here’s a link to slickdeals with links for each speaker. https://slickdeals.net/f/12962266-klipsch-heritage-speakers-singles-cornwall-iii-1300-la-scala-ii-2200-or-klipschorn-3300-free-s-h?sdxt01=2019-03-25+14%3A13%3A02&sdxt07=0&utm_source=dealalerts&utm_medium=em-i&utm_term=2517644|ma_ios_v3_search_results_page&utm_content=6707715&utm_campaign=tu7777&p=126360913&src=da_si_v2_54573619#post126360913
  5. I think that’s what happened to most of us lol I always say I’m going to sell something when I buy new stuff. Rarely happens. The girlfriend has no idea how much gear I’ve got wrapped up in closets. In fact I think I’ve forgotten half of what’s in there
  6. Wouldn’t hurt to offer him $500. Maybe he’ll take it, maybe he’ll counter somewhere in between. If you buy them right you could use them until you find your Forte II’s then sell them for what you’ve got in them.
  7. W27

    Klipsch pro credenza

    Looks like a pair of $5k-6.5k heresy’s lol ( I know they’re kg362’s) No way he’ll get anything near that. With a cheap center channel with zero separation. The receiver and eq are an extra $1200. I thought that was at least included 😳
  8. These are in a big city where Lascalas are rare and usually get top dollar. When they do come up asking prices are usually a bit ridiculous
  9. I messaged this guy weeks ago before he ever posted pictures. In fact I made him take the crossover picture there. The guy was a little out there, and very uninformative. I’m not sure how he aquired them. He had no idea about the framing in the one picture. They’re going to need a fair amount of work. His asking price isn’t too bad considering some I’ve seen. I decided to pass because I’ve got enough projects at the moment. Personally I think my max would be $700. They’ve been painted (poorly) How are your wood working skills?
  10. I know better than to go into politics here lol but in his ad he has quite a bit to say about liberals
  11. Each if you’re a democrat lol
  12. It actually looks like he just raised the price from $24,999 to $26,999. He said they’d only go up in value lol better grab them now before they go any higher!
  13. Definitely a great deal for the whole set shipped. However I almost ordered some stuff from sound distributors recently. It was also a “chip in dent” deal. They wouldn’t give any information on the actual condition. So it’s kind of a gamble. They could be like new or could be in really rough shape.
  14. This may be the rudest post I’ve come across. Especially on an actual audio site. I really can’t believe someone thinks anyone would actually want to make a transaction with him. Feel free to message him lol https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649454060-jbl-250ti-speakers-two-pair-in-photos-being-sold-at-same-time-only/
  15. Those are beautiful. I’ve never seen black tops like that. Are those custom?
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