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  1. Heritage is advertised as 50% off and it says a pair.
  2. Promo code TV15 takes 15% off most of the non heritage stuff I believe as well.
  3. Lots of Klipsch marked down. You don’t see Heritage sales often. LaScala II, Cornwall III, etc. https://www.acousticsounddesign.com/klipsch-speakers/Klipsch-Heritage-Speakers/114-klipsch-la-scala-ii-blk-black-floorstanding-speaker?sdtid=13670432
  4. W27


    What part of NY?
  5. Thanks! I can always use more wire.
  6. I completely agree. It’s more of a hobby. I regret selling most of the stuff I have over the years. Occasionally I buy stuff back. After seeing his setup I feel like a hoarder lol. I was just blown away that the difference wasn’t night and day. I appreciate the honest opinions.
  7. This weekend I stopped by a friend’s house. He was playing music over his Sonos system. It consisted of a sound bar, 2 rear speakers, and a Sonos sub. That’s it, no receiver, amplifier, nothing. I expected something like the old “no highs, no lows, must be bose.” The thing actually sounded shockingly good. It made me question the racks and rooms filled with audio equipment I have. Today while bored at work I decided to google a little about Sonos systems since I know nothing. The general consensus I’m reading online is that Bose has better sound quality, but Sonos is more user friendly and easier to use. Bose sounds better? I didn’t do any critical listening or serious comparison. Are these things any good or am I loosing it? I did have a few beers lol. Getting rid of the towers and audio rack in the bedroom would at least make the girlfriend happy.
  8. Yep, all this guy does is post Ebay links to deals that aren’t deals lol affiliated?
  9. W27

    RF-7’s $300

    Only $300 in California. Condition is a little rough. No affiliation https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-RF-7-Floor-standing-Speakers-fair-Good-Condition-Pair/283600811959?hash=item4207ecf7b7:g:2tcAAOSwBbBda8ML
  10. Price isn’t great but I know some guys are looking for them and they don’t pop up too often. No affiliation https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649548373-klipsch-palladium-series-p-17b-speakers-merlot-original-owner/
  11. Good prices on stuff that looks well taken care of. Nice find
  12. W27

    La Scala II or AL5

    I haven’t heard the AL-5’s so I can’t comment on the difference. I’m sure they’re a little better, but I can’t see 5k better. I think you could spend your money better elsewhere. Audio is all subjective anyways. What one thinks is more detailed may seem bright or fatiguing to someone else. Klipsch B stock that I’ve seen you’d never know it other than a sticker on the back. It would lower resale value a little down the road though. I’d have zero problem with demos as long as there are no scuffs. They should still carry warranty, although I’ve never needed warranty on a speaker. Personally I’d have a real hard time justifying the price difference between the demos and others mentioned. Just my .02
  13. W27

    La Scala II or AL5

    Example, here’s a post I started back in March where they had LSII’s for 2199 each with free shipping.
  14. W27

    La Scala II or AL5

    This forum has a bad habit of being nasty to new members. Especially in Ted’s first post he came here looking for information on some expensive speakers. I’ve bought plenty of 12k speakers, but I’ve never paid close to 12k for them. Everyone here knows if you buy a new pair of LSII’s at full retail and it didn’t work out in your room. You’d struggle to get half back a few months later. This is a hobby for most of us and we’re constantly changing gear. Nothing wrong with looking for a deal, as we all do. I feel op’s (abrasive) response was based on responses he got. His first post was very polite. Welcome to the forum and best of luck with your search. Adorama has blown out LSII’s heavily discounted in the past. You’ll find a great deal if your patient.
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