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  1. I don’t have one, but there’s two on eBay right now for about a hundred bucks shipped.
  2. I hope you’re feeling better. They look nice. I think you should post a question in the technical/modification section. The RF7-III’s that those drivers are designed to work in, are a larger cabinet. The sensitivity is different, and the crossover points are significantly different. You may be missing something. There’s guys there with a lot more experience than I with this kind of stuff. Maybe there’s some minor crossover tweaks you could do to get them dialed in better. Looking at the specs you may had a 2db difference between the horn and drivers. Also looks like a gap in crossover points that you’re missing some frequencies.
  3. listing them here first is a great idea, an eBay ad will get much more attention. Keep the boxes of the RF-7III woofers so you can use them to ship the woofers you sell. Chances of finding someone local are slim. I have more RF-7 and RF-7II’s then I’d care to admit. One pair in storage has dented dust caps like that. So I kept an eye out for a replacement pair for many years. They come up very rarely and even the dented ones were asking over $100 each.
  4. The original drivers you pulled out don’t look bad. Just the dents on the dust caps? Considering how rare they are, you should be able to sell them and recoup some money. I’ve see ones like that bring good money on eBay.
  5. Sounds like you did a great job. Looking forward to seeing them
  6. They sound cool. Share some pictures with us when they’re finished!
  7. I’d be on my way to pick them up if I wasn’t on the opposite side of the country. These won’t last long
  8. I live in NYC too. Those have been listed for a while. I think both are asking about double what they’re worth. First pair looks like they need a lot more than just tweeters.
  9. What you’re seeing is pretty spot on. Average I see is about $800 for RF-7 and $400 For the RC-7. You can always ask more if they’re in great shape.
  10. Heresy prices seem to be on the rise. I’m thinking the Heresy IV’s will drive the III price down
  11. Gone, how much were they?
  12. Definitely a scam site. If you research “clothsoutlet” every link is about a scam. This one was entertaining at audio karma lol https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/gotta-be-a-scam-right.897506/
  13. Looks like a great deal for someone. Nice stuff. Can I ask what those interesting looking speakers in the background are?
  14. Heritage is advertised as 50% off and it says a pair.
  15. Promo code TV15 takes 15% off most of the non heritage stuff I believe as well.
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