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  1. Thanks - I did not know that.
  2. Saw this add on facebook Marketplace. Thought someone might be interested. Single Klipschorn for $1000 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/401017028549048?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A80472520-1a47-49a3-bb27-3383ef1f15b9 Happy hunting - don't think it will be around for long.
  3. Thanks for the effort - Another member pointed to it fo me. Best Don
  4. Does anyone know where I can get a Xilica XConsole Software download. It is not available from the Xilica site. I have a call into Xilica but may take some time to get a callback. If someone can sent me the Zip file it would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Thanks - Think I'll get the mini while I am looking for the Xilica XP.
  6. Thanks to all - I'll start the search.
  7. A little too rich for me right now. I've been snooping for 402 cousins that sound close but haven't found anything yet. Going to try the JBL's I have and compare to the 510's. Haven't even started switching the drivers yet. I've seen real sound improvements with each step I take. I thought I'd hit a cost/benefit plateau by now but am pleasantly surprised I haven't. Think I'll have to sell some more of the equipment I have laying around so I can start upgrading. Best DK
  8. No - The price was just too high for me - Could not justify it in my mind when I haven't really optimized what I have. Maybe down the road a bit. I am also looking hard at the Jubes up in Connecticut. Very enticing. I have set up the REW analysis equipment and started looking at the basic perfomance of my system. It really helped in adjusting the L-Pads to balance the sound. Once I had the speakers set I did a system cal with each of my speakers then all the speakers together. It seems I have some serious spiking going on - especially in the mids. I'm going to play with room set up for a while while I look for a DSP to level things out. Can anyone give me recommendations for a reasonable DSP to start the next phase? Its tough searching for Audio Umami - aint it. Best DK
  9. Could I get a price on two 402 assemblies please. Thx - Don
  10. Much thanks - Especially for the reading material. Gives me something to chew on. I am using the crossover that came in the KPT-904 box and L-Pads to balace the bass module to the horn. I had read that the horns run hot to play through the theatre screen. This simple balancing made a big difference in sound. Next step is to set up the REW to get some detailed data. I wanted to do it by ear first to try and train my listening but I think I've gone as far as I can with that approach. Much thanks Don
  11. Much thanks to all for your thoughts/guidance. PrestonTom - I will keep that offer in mind. One of the biggest issues I have is that I have not heard what the sound can be - I am making all this up as I go. That's part of the fun. Where are you approximately so I can see how far it is. If you are ever my way please feel free to stop in. I will try some of the JBL horns on the KPT-904 box. That could be an interesting comaparison. I'll let you now how it goes. I have both 2384 and the 2374 horns and drivers. I'l call Paducah Home Theatre tomorrow to see if they still have the K-402's. I have done a lot with speaker orientation and locations to optimize the sound - based on my ears. I will get the UMIC/REW system running to see how close I dialed it in. Will probably be pretty humbling! I am not at the point of biamping or splitting my amp/pre set up. For now I have an integrated amp and will optimize around that. Long term, once I get the integrated system optimized, I will probably look at a split system where I can shape the sound better. I also would like to state that the system sounds fantastic to my ears - with all three sets of speakers running concurrently. The K-510 is just slightly off from the others. I thought I would have severe interference issues running the different Bass Units together. I have horn loded, active enclosed, open and passive bass units running at the same time but the sound in much better that I thought it would be. I was actually pretty shocked at how good it sounds. I expect to see some issues with the Bass setup once I start the REW review and I can start turrning the bass units on an off to see how things change. If anyone is interested you are more than welcome to come by for a listen. I live outside Bangor Pa (Eastern PA between the Lehigh Valley and Stroudsburg Pa). Would love to get another ear opinion. I am learning how to become an active listener. I have a ways to go but reading this and other boards has helped me immensly and I am very thankful for the input.
  12. Thanks for the fast response. I am in the process of setting up my sound system. I kow there are many aspects and componets that need to be addressed and it is an iterative game where you make adjustments then reset the system to see how it sounds. I've pretty much set my amp/pre to my Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum 2 integrated and have done a lot of tube switching to get the sound I want. I may add a line of seperte amp/pre later so I can do better sound shaping. I've got a decent turntable in a Denon DLP-60L, my CD/DAC is a Cambridge Audio Azure 851C and I'm running a Pioneer RT-707 for my tapes.. Each step changing to these components really improved the sound. I know its not the best equipment out there but it is the best I'm going to run with for a while. On the speaker side I have gone through a lot of variations. I've had Heresy, Forte and Cornwalls both with and without the Crites upgrades. I have tried Vandersteens, Polk SDA SRS, Vienna Acoustics and a few other brands that I found wanting. They were all good speakers with great soud but it was not as full as i wanted - even at higher levels. I wound up with a Lascala setup that sounded really good with the squawker, tweeter and crossovers upgraded. What was lacking was the sound that makes you feel like you are part of the music. About 6 months ago I got KPT-904 and JBL 4722 speakers and have got them cleaned up, fixed up and setup in my listening area. I started doing A/B/C comparisons between them and found they all brought something to the table that was a little different from each other. I like the sound running all three sets at the same time - it makes me feel like I am in the middle of the music - especially with live music records and tapes. The Lascala had a very crisp mid and high and the JBL had a different sounding but very natural sound. The K-510 had a little bit of a tinny sound that detracted from the overall sound a little bit. I tried a couple JBL horns on the KPT-904 but they were worse. What I am trying to find is a horn that compares to the K-402. I have never heard a K-402 but it is referenced as one of the best. You note that just listening is not the best way to set up your system and I agree with you. I'll be doing the REL analysis once I get the system where I want it to be with just listening. I look at the REL analysis as a tweak and my ears as that main feedback. I really don't know if that is corrrect or not as I'm making this all up as I go along (and really enjoying the process). I figure I am looking for the 90% solution as my listining area is far from ideal - it is in my shop. I have one bay set up as my listening / electronics workbench area. I'll be happy if I hit the 90% mark with the setup. I have searched extensively online but can't find any K-402's available and havent found any good suggestions for a replacement. I know the drivers are just as important as the horns. I am using B&C DE-75-8 drivers on the K-510. My understanding is that these are pretty good. Any thoughts or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  13. Does anyone know of a very good sounding replacement speaker that is equivalent to a K-402 to go on a KPT-904 setup. I have the knock-off K-510 and is sounds great but does not have the visceral feel I am looking for. I am runnning the KPT-904 in parallel with a Lascala/KP-480 setup and a JBL-4722 setup. The system sounds fantastic but I think the K-510 is a little underpowered for the group and doesn't balance in quite right. Thats why I want a larger horn for the KPT-904. I have added L-Pads to all and done a rudimentary balancing along with crossover upgrades, speaker wire upgrades and etc. Still have a long way to go with the tweaking but I want to get the framework sounding right before I continue. Any and all thoughts are appreciated.
  14. I don't have one to compare to. I looked at google images when I type in B&C DE75-8 in the search box and did not see one with the numbers. All my other searches came up empty. At witts end on next steps. I'll probably buy a good replacement diaphragm then compare sound to see if I should use or change.
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