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  1. Hi folks, I'm looking for pair of RS7 for complete setup, please shoot me an Email or IB, My email: khactuyendhxdhn@yahoo.com Thanks.
  2. Do you have originalbox? could you ship? thanks.
  3. Hi all, please give me some information if you have RC7 (cherry) for sale My zipcode: 92683 Thanks.
  4. I still want to buy Have good day.
  5. thanks.does that mean you are picking them up???? Pics or it didn't happen!i have pm him, i want to shipped because i'm very busy.
  6. i think $400 shipped for rc 7, $470 shipped for rb 75. What do you thinks? thanks.
  7. My zipcode: 95060, can you give me some information? Thanks.
  8. Bill Yes, What do you think about RB-5s and RB-75? The best price can i buy a pair of RB-75s? thanks.
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