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  1. 112 SW *2 Vs 115 SW *1

    +1. The 115 is most definitely better than the 112. The 112 isn't bad, but it doesn't go as deep, and with less cone area it will, by its very nature, have more distortion than the 115. Contrary to popular belief, a smaller driver is NOT "faster." Even if you don't listen loud enough to notice the differences in potential distortion, you'll notice how much deeper the 115 goes.
  2. Klipsch SW-115 or R-115SW

    The R-115SW is a great sub. I can't speak for the SW-115 though. I did own the SW-311 which was also good, but didn't go very deep. I'd recommend getting an R-115SW both because of its performance and availability of parts if anything happens.
  3. Klipsch Quartet

    Hope, AR.
  4. The Sixes...Any feedback?

    Fantastic set of speakers. One of the best I've used on a desk.
  5. Forte III

    I've owned the Forte I and I have the Chorus II. To me, the Forte III is a totally new speaker and doesn't sound like the older ones. It is VERY realistic sounding.
  6. Forte III

    Anyone have pictures of the walnut? (not the special edition)
  7. They have a lot of bass, presumably due to the DSP used. I think it would depend on the spacing and how the other shelves interact with the port. When I used them, I had them on a desk against a wall with the port only 2-3" from the wall and they worked great - not boomy.
  8. KG 4.5 vs Quartet advice

    I haven't heard the 4.5, but I have heard the 4.2, which is very similar with a passive radiator instead of the port. I'd give the win to the Quartets. To me they have a much tighter sound, and better midrange. They are one of my favorites and I regret selling mine.
  9. Having had The Sixes, I can definitely say they are fantastic. The drivers are not the same as the RP-160. I only moved on to a different set because I like playing with different amps and added a switcher for desktop and floor standing speakers. The Sixes were just about the best desktop speakers I've ever had.
  10. @Youthman I don't think Pioneer makes the RP-260F...I think it's Klipsch.
  11. Xover Point for Center and Surrounds

    I'm pretty sure the 150hz minimum is a recommendation for the RP-140SA. No reason to cross a 450c that high - it would make it sound light weight and you'll be able to localize the sub.
  12. Xover Point for Center and Surrounds

    Industry standard is 80hz. Personally, I use 60hz - to me it makes the mains and center sound more full. Since most of us only have 1 subwoofer, sometimes you can get some more even bass distribution with the mains at certain frequencies...so I've settled on 60.
  13. RC62 II or KV4?

    I agree. Those centers won't sound anything like each other. You have to mate the center with matching L/R or at least come close to their sonic signature.
  14. RF-7II for looks.
  15. Black Klipsch Academy in CT - $200

    What a great center! Those blend perfectly with the extended-heritage line and don't come up too often. Someone should jump on this!