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  1. Grizzog

    Forte IIIs vs. Heresy IIIs with a sub

    An 8" subwoofer isn't going to match the bass of the Fortes...the radiating area of an 8" woofer is 50.24, where the fortes are 226.08 with the two speakers and 12" woofers (452.16 with the addition of the passive radiator.) True bass requires massive air movements, and an 8" sub isn't going to do it. What you'll get is more distortion and the illusion of bass as it makes additional distortions in the 60hz-ish range, making you think there is more bass.
  2. Grizzog

    R-112SW - CT - SOLD

  3. Grizzog

    R-112SW - CT - SOLD

    Buyer stopped responding and did not show...subwoofer still available.
  4. Grizzog

    Scaling Back

    I, too, transitioned to 3.1 from a surround setup. It's still exciting and sound great for movies, but I'm way more interested in music and getting that right.
  5. Grizzog

    Forte III

    Depends on the room. If I were to place speakers symmetrically in my room, you'd have a heavy left side tilt to the sound due to a large opening on the right side of the room. It's about balancing the acoustics depending on what your surroundings are.
  6. Grizzog

    Mint Chorus II's in DC area

    $1200 is a bit high, but it depends where you're located. I sold a pair for $800 and they are routinely selling for around $1,000 in the CT area.
  7. Grizzog

    R-112SW - CT - SOLD

    RF-7 III SOLD. Subwoofer still available.
  8. Grizzog

    R-112SW - CT - SOLD

    Sale pending on the RF-7 III
  9. Grizzog

    R-112SW - CT - SOLD

    R-112SW black RF-7 III : SOLD R-112SW: SOLD Both in excellent condition with no dings, dents, or scratches. RF-7 III come with all original packaging. Local pickup located in Terryville, CT Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Grizzog

    15” vs 12” klipsch subwoofer

    The argument for smaller drivers delivering more punch is just not true. A well designed 15" will be better than an equally designed 12". A larger cone area can be lighter, therefore more efficient, having less distortion and the ability to move more air. Smaller drivers must be heavier to have the same amount of punch or low-end reach of a larger driver. Find yourself a really well designed 18" woofer and you won't ever say a 6,8,12, etc. has more punch.
  11. Grizzog


    They've got the mumps!
  12. Grizzog

    Long time no see.....Forte III questions

    I've owned both and currently have the Forte III. The Forte III will blow the Forte I out of the water. Better midrange, better bass, more detailed highs. It really is a completely different speaker.
  13. If everyone waits a year or two to buy used...there will be no used speakers to have. Someone has to buy new to keep Klipsch going - they don't make any money from used.
  14. Grizzog

    Forte III

    What do you mean? The rubber washers are for shipping purposes. The grills are easily removed without them.
  15. Grizzog

    For Sale: Altec 19's - SOLD

    GLWS! I've got a pair and they are amazing speakers.