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  1. I found a solution. This can be closed.
  2. The RP-280F's I recently bought for the living room system did not have bases. This was fine on our current hardwood but the house we are renting for the next year or so is carpeted all around. I don't want to risk them tipping over and hurting anyone or anything. A pair from Klipsch will be ~ $150 shipping included. Just seeing if a member has a pair that they aren't going to use and how much they would want for them. ZIP code 23602. Thanks!
  3. Audiogon is a great site to buy lightly used equipment at tremendous discounts, because rich guys drawn to the next new shiny are willing to clear out their living rooms at a significant financial loss. Awesome place to shop, terrible place to do research.
  4. kvndoom


    Wow! I was heavily eyeing these as a possible purchase next year when I had some funds, but here you are selling them half price! I'm wary of dual 8's not putting out the kind of bass I would want. As an owner can you give ma an honest brief review of how they stand? Harsh or smooth highs? Accuracy of the mids? Can the lows move your soul without a sub? I'm rethinking my whole setup and in the process of selling all my speakers (even the KLF10's) and starting over. These were on my short list, but the $$ wasn't there to buy new. And since you do have the boxes, would you be willing to ship to the east coast (on my dime, of course)? Even with shipping costs, it would be well south of the $2500 for a pair of them new. I know I'm asking a lot, but if you have the time I'd appreciate it!
  5. Well, Cleveland gave up in the 3rd quarter. Literally not even playing like they care. Both teams should just clear the bench in the 4th and call it a night. Congrats Warriors, again. Ugly game to end LJ's Cleveland career. (now if I wake up tomorrow and find out that Cleveland came back and won, shame on me 😛)
  6. Offensively I think both teams played excellent ball. It was the best game of the series so far, if you like watching team ball and execution. Lots of screens, cuts, drives and so many beautiful passes from both teams. That game last night exemplified why we're watching Cleveland and Golden State, and not Houston vs Boston. It was really a shame that one team had to lose. As an added plus, it was a close game that wasn't decided by officiating. When Durant hit that 3 from the exact same spot where he won Game 3 last year, I just burst out laughing. Total deja vu.
  7. kvndoom


    Congrats! I knew they wouldn't last long at that price.
  8. They played good enough to beat any other team in the league. Unfortunately, GS was finally playing GS ball, and they're unstoppable when that happens. Of course it doesn't happen every game, so we'll see how the Cleveland trip plays out.
  9. I think true audiophiles look at anything with a combination of sensitivity above 90dB, a woofer larger than 8", and bass that doesn't extend below 40Hz as a "party speaker" .
  10. Rooting for Golden State but Cleveland gave that one away. Damn! Once they blew a sure thing in regulation they had no life left in them. And OMFG Draymond Green really needs to stop trying to be Dennis Rodman. Sometimes he does more harm than good out there.
  11. Last I saw on Tuesday they were still $1200 (well $1195 for whatever reason).
  12. Indeed, and in the 1st half they were doing great in the paint as well as outside. I had to go to bed at halftime or I wouldn't have gotten the 5 hours sleep I did manage, but it seems like they relied too much on the long ball when GS was chipping away in the 3rd. Game 7 was almost a mirror image of 6. They've been saying for decades, you live by the 3, you die by the 3. Even without Chris Paul they had a fair chance to win both those games and should have won one of them. Let's hope they rematch next year with both teams fully healthy.
  13. I was rooting for the Celtics and Rockets to make the finals, but both teams stunk it up in Game 7. They were playing street ball, fire at will. At least Houston had people in position to rebound most of the time. I know it's due to inexperience, but Boston wasn't running any sets or isolation, so their bigs were never in place when the shots went up. Sadly, "bombs away" only works when said shots are going in. 27 straight 3-point misses for the Rockets? Had they drove to the hoop for half of those possessions they probably would have won. They were doing well with that and went away from it. So now it's Cleveland / Golden State AGAIN. I'm calling Warriors in 5, 6 at the most. But at least we'll see some drives and layups and dunks instead of three dozen 30-foot bricks per game.
  14. kvndoom

    Spearkers, Klipsch

    $5000 invested? Let me guess, he bought them out of a white van in a mall parking lot...
  15. Mmmmm, Bob James/ Sanborn "Double Vision". You've just prompted me to dig out that CD for my next 'music night'. ...which would have been tonight but rumor has it that there will be visitors so I can't unleash the KLF-10's full fury.
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