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  1. The Fifteen

    Too bad they didn't release them as passives.
  2. Wow! I never knew about those... did Radio Shack ever sell a single speaker that wasn't a ripoff of someone else's design?
  3. KLF 30 or Klipsch RF-7

    We may never know what's behind those doors...
  4. It's all good... I was being tongue-in-cheek anyway. Home audio isn't one place you'd expect to see female body parts used to market products (granted that's an old ad). Leave that in the realm of motorcycles, sports cars, and video games. But I'm way off topic at this point.
  5. Now part of the family!

    Thanks everyone for the welcomes. I've really been enjoying them, and I'm sure like anyone with their first pair of Klipsch's, that incredible top-end detail is a blessing and a curse. Totally unforgiving on bad recordings, but like a breath of fresh spring air when the track was mastered properly. The KEF IQ9's these replaced were a lot more mellowed out, but I can tell that the price paid for that mellowness was accuracy. Easy to tell why there are dome people and there are horn people and they see the world a different way. It's asking for something different from your speakers. My biggest fear pre-purchase was that the midrange would suffer because of the woofer size and the 2khz crossover. That hasn't been the case at all. I originally thought to upgrade these to KLF-20's down the road for a dedicated mid but now I won't. If I ever replace them it will be with KLF-30's because like I always say... if you're gonna go, then go all the way! Still haven't gotten the room shuffling done so my listening position remains suboptimal. The KEF's are narrower and less sensitive so they were more forgiving of my currently cramped quarters. When enjoying music I just move my chair back as far as I can (which is limited by all the boxes and other stuff that's stored and waiting to be moved ). But don't mistake my use of the word "unforgiving" as a complaint-- these speakers are sublime! I hopefully will get in one or two "empty house" nights before the weekend, so I can crank them up again!
  6. Heh if you want unbreakable try to find a pair of Minimus 7's. Can't go wrong with a speaker literally made from metal! Seem to be a good few on fleabay for around your budget.
  7. Onkyo A-9050 Integrated Amplifier - SOLD

    I got antsy and pulled the trigger on the M-5010 Friday night. Thanks for getting back with me though. Good luck!
  8. Onkyo A-9050 Integrated Amplifier - SOLD

    That include shipping? If not, how much to ship to 23608? Was about to buy an M-5010 but I'd like to consider this too!
  9. Ultimate KLF30 upgrades

    A bit of a thread necro but it looks like the HW251 would be the equivalent speaker in a 10" package. http://www.usspeaker.com/ciare-hw251n-1.htm I'm intrigued by these as well, but I can't really drop $500 on new drivers right now. My next "toy money" will go towards a 2-channel amp for my KLF-10's.
  10. KLF-10 $500 NoVA

    He's dropped them down to $425.
  11. KLF-10 $500 NoVA

    That's the pair I almost bought! I wound up driving a bit further for a better deal though.
  12. Yikes! Thank goodness it wasn't family movie night! I hope there's a special place in hell for drunk drivers, for the misery they cause the rest of us. So glad your family is unhurt.
  13. Did you see what I saw?

    Divorce sale or estate sale, I'd guess. Poster obviously doesn't know what they have. Wow, if I hadn't just driven up to Delaware to get my KLF-10's, I'd take the rest of the week off for these!
  14. March Madness NCAA basketball 2017-2018

    They have nicknamed the game "Donte's Inferno." Oh my did he light it up. And he literally won the game for Villanova; their starting 5 was way off the mark, and really never got into the same groove they had against Kansas. The score won't reflect it, but Michigan played good defense through out the game (Kansas, by contrast, didn't defend that well). But Villanova defended well too, and when somebody gets that hot and everything goes in, it's just not much you can do.