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    ENTEC SW-1 subwoofer. Klipsch Forte I speakers. Cambridge CXC CD transport, Cambridge Audio CXA80 integrated amp, Nakamichi CDC-3A CD changer. Cambridge CXN II streamer.

    I have Klipsch Forte II speakers, Crown PSL-2 preamp, Crown Power Line Two power amp and Tascam CD-200 CD player as my bedroom system.

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  1. I have the previous series, but the upscale model, the CXA-80. It works pretty well with my Klipsch.
  2. Confused. If a speaker cannot do 20hz to 40hz, then you NEED a very high quality subwoofer. I never met a speaker that did not benefit from my ENTEC SW-1 subwoofers, including Cornwalls.
  3. Yeah but the story about his icemaker is riveting. 🤪
  4. Yeah this guy is so full of folksy patter and irrelevant content. I do not understand anyone watching his entire videos. ALL of his videos seem to be like this. As far as useful information is concerned, they could easily be distilled down to maybe 10 minutes, 20 minutes maximum. I wonder if he has anyone to talk to in real life.
  5. I have had speaker wired OOP from the factory before. It is possible the wire coming from the crossover is attached to the wrong place even though the wiring at the speaker is wired correctly.
  6. That's a fact Jack. I have learned to not ask for opinions about audio equipment as it comes to sonics THE HARD WAY. I do not even trust 100% consensus anymore.
  7. Did you notice your couch is facing the wrong way? 🙃
  8. The III had too much cabinet resonance for my tastes (of which most owners of them either denied, did not notice or actually preferred). I have found getting honest, critical assessment of ANY Klipsch product futile here on the fanboi site. I would love to get a non-hyped, honest DETAILED comparison between the III and IV, other than "it's better". My hope is to one day get a Heritage design that has a completely sonically "invisible" cabinet. A Cornwall or La Scala that completely disappears like the best British monitors or electrostats would be what I am after. Right now the closest I can get is Forte I and it is not nearly close enough. I would love to audition a AL5 or Cornwall IV in my home, but I would feel guilty returning them if I did not like them. Due to the shipping costs would be damaging to the store that allowed for this.
  9. Actually I did not. But I did hear this in another man's home with his K-Horns.
  10. How many decades did it take for Klipsch to figure this out?
  11. Do you know what they did to the cabinet to reduce the resonances I heard on the CW III? Resonance problems were even worse with the Belles I had.
  12. Interesting. I sold my Cornwall IIIs in favor of my Forte IIs because I felt the Cornwall IIIs had annoying resonances you speak of in the La Scalas. It would be great if the Cornwall IV did NOT have the resonances I experienced with the Cornwall III. Man, I'd hate to make the same mistake twice!
  13. I offered $1500 and he took great offense. He told me that he had Chorus IIs for sale and took these La Scalas in on even trade. So I offered him the $1500 he would have gotten if someone paid him the asking price for the Chorus IIs he had up for sale. He acted like I insulted his mother.
  14. I would actually put these around $1500 or so. It is almost a given money is going to have to go into the crossovers.
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