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  1. Well let me put it this way both my Forte and my Cornwall benefit from a sub.
  2. Yes I used the piano in response to the post that stated the person did not need a subwoofer while listening to piano music. Of course there are instruments that play lower than a piano. I am not into home theatre so that aspect of a subwoofer does not interest me.
  3. The lowest note on a piano is 27.5 hz. The La Scala is -4dB down at 51 hz. Again I say the La Scala needs a sub. If someone does not think so it is because they are content with not hearing the bottom octave accurately, and that is fine if that is your thing. I would think the KPT-1802 would be a good match for the La Scala.
  4. Is there any current production grills that will fit my SB-3 book shelf speakers and my SB-1 book shelf speakers (not to be confused with the sound bars with the same model numbers). If so how can I get a pair for each set of my speakers?
  5. One thing that has always confused me is on the Klipsch brochures the Forte II is down 3dB at 32hz and the Chorus II is down 3dB and 39hz. One would think the Chorus would spec out lower than the Forte.
  6. The La Scalas and Belles I heard REALLY needed a subwoofer!! Just as much as Heresys do.
  7. After seeing this picture, I tried putting my Fortes up on stands. HOLY COW. I am really loving it.
  8. In my Prologue 6 mono blocks (basically two Prologue 5s turned to mono amps) I like SOVTEK 6L6WXT.
  9. Lianne La Havas has her truss rod cover on upside down.
  10. I would not even consider running my Forte or even Cornwalls without a subwoofer (actually I run 3 subwoofers). And as far as how far to place them from the back wall, a couple of inches can make a difference. It is a matter of getting the wave of the reflection off the back wall to be in phase with the direct wave of the front driver. That is where the fine tuning can make a difference. Of course there would be multiples of that distance that would work. I have my Forte II facing straight forward (no toe-in) and 10 1/4" from the back wall.
  11. Wives, wives, wives. Everything in the living room is too large, everything in the bedroom is too small.
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