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  1. Gee wilicers, I have a chance to buy some K-horns in Rosewood, for $1.98, do you think it would be a good deal? Gosh I don't know what to do.
  2. I totally agree. I had CWIII for a few months. The hump/coloration/resonance it had interfered with the midrange resolution. Things became blurred and wooly compared to either my Forte I or Forte II, or even my Heresy III speakers. I do not trust the CWIV will be much better in this area if it is not braced to address this issue. It probably will not be as I think there are far more Cornwall lovers than detractors. I think some people like that resonance because it gives the illusion of a BIG sound.
  3. One thing I notice on the internet, people use "then" when they should use "than". It happens A LOT.
  4. How LOUD a speaker can play seems to be a badge of honor in the Klipsch world. I doubt I ever play my stereo over 80 dB, 90 dB would be a very, very rare occurrence . I never had Chorus speakers, but I prefer my Forte I, Forte II and my former Forte III over my Cornwall III all day long, any day of the week, and at any volume level. I blew out the woofers on my Forte II because of my amp dumping 24V to them due to a malfunction. I had Miller Sound completely rebuild the woofers and for reasons I do not understand, even the mids and highs were vastly improved over when I had the stock woofers. The frequency balance remained the same, but the resolution improved and perceived distortion decreased. He rebuilt EVERTHING from scratch basically only using the frames and magnets of the original woofers. New spiders, new cones, new surrounds, new voice coils etc, all from NOS parts stash and some fabrication techniques. He is a genius.
  5. Well let me put it this way both my Forte and my Cornwall benefit from a sub.
  6. Yes I used the piano in response to the post that stated the person did not need a subwoofer while listening to piano music. Of course there are instruments that play lower than a piano. I am not into home theatre so that aspect of a subwoofer does not interest me.
  7. The lowest note on a piano is 27.5 hz. The La Scala is -4dB down at 51 hz. Again I say the La Scala needs a sub. If someone does not think so it is because they are content with not hearing the bottom octave accurately, and that is fine if that is your thing. I would think the KPT-1802 would be a good match for the La Scala.
  8. Is there any current production grills that will fit my SB-3 book shelf speakers and my SB-1 book shelf speakers (not to be confused with the sound bars with the same model numbers). If so how can I get a pair for each set of my speakers?
  9. One thing that has always confused me is on the Klipsch brochures the Forte II is down 3dB at 32hz and the Chorus II is down 3dB and 39hz. One would think the Chorus would spec out lower than the Forte.
  10. The La Scalas and Belles I heard REALLY needed a subwoofer!! Just as much as Heresys do.
  11. After seeing this picture, I tried putting my Fortes up on stands. HOLY COW. I am really loving it.
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