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  1. Unfortunately it is not position dependent, I have this averaged across multiple measurements in ARC and I can measure it in any seating position. Seems to me it would likely be a null from a reflection canceling out the 100Hz wave versus something to do with listening position.
  2. Thanks, yes I am thinking floor bounce could be an issue. I have a thick wall to wall shag carpet but I guess it is possible that it could be acting as a reflecting point. The leather sofa could be a more likely culprit... it is not a null at a listening position BTW it is measured across all of my measurement points when running Anthem Room Correction, which tells me it's not something from the listening position. If the 100Hz wave is bouncing back at 12' and cancelling itself out then there could be the issue. Another thing is I have the problem from both the left and right speakers. I am going to try a couple things with the sofa today, possibly measuring with a comforter across the back, and also moving it forward by about a foot.
  3. New RF-7 IIIs delivered yesterday, and I am going to be using them pretty exclusively for home theater. Over the past couple weeks I have demo'd both the RP-6000 and 820F before deciding to move up to the uncompromising performance of the RF-7 IIIs. Thing is, with all 3 of these speakers I have been experiencing a big null at 100Hz, and I am having to set my crossover at 100Hz to avoid it. I have significant subwoofers (2 SB16 Ultras & 2 JL e112s) so lack of powerful bass up through 180 Hz is not a problem. But especially with the RF-7s I know they have great power and drive in that lower bass region between 40-100Hz and I'd like to take advantage of this. I have tried pushing the speakers all the way against the wall to about 24" driver to wall and it has little effect. Because of the side walls and placement of a center console I am pretty limited with moving away from side walls etc. And 24" is about the limit that I can bring them out into the room due to the RC-64 sitting on the center console below the hung TV. I do have a large leather reclining couch placed 12' in front of the speakers. I have read that a 100Hz wave is 14' and I'm wondering if there are reflections from the placement of this couch that could be causing the problem. I could move the couch either forward or backward by about 1' but I doubt that will make much difference. The other option could be ceiling panels. I have large GIK panels behind the speakers and at 1st and 2nd reflection points in the room so the only thing left would be "cloud" panels on the ceiling. But that is a great big pain in the *** if it didn't really fix the problem. Final note, I have had both Heresy IIIs (sealed) and Monitor Audio Gold 200s (dual rear ports) in this same position and not had this issue. It only seems to have come up with the larger Klipsch floor standers.
  4. I have a Uniti Atom paired with a pair of Heresy IIIs and I think they are a great match. I am also using a Uniti Nova with my Volti Rivals in my "big" room and that pairing is even more stunning. A better fit than the Luxman MQ-88uSE tube amp I was using with them. The Rivals are pretty much like Forte IIIs on steroids.
  5. I may have a little wiggle room on the price for a local pickup but sorry, I can't separate them (unless you know someone else looking for a single LS II!) Thanks!
  6. Thanks Pat... I did actually fall into an opportunity to replace the LS IIs a few weeks ago, and they are now listed for sale. I downsized quite a bit in both my office system and my home theater - now using my Heresy IIIs for fronts in the home theater and my old RP-450C on the floor for a center channel (on a stand). I would mention the speakers that replaced the LS IIs but I think they would get a mixed reception around these parts. Suffice it to say I am both extremely happy with the new speakers and very sad to see the LS IIs go. But also very glad that I could repurpose my Heresy IIIs which were not getting much use.
  7. I am selling my La Scala IIs which were purchased from a local dealer in 2018. They are walnut, 1 owner, less than 2 years old. Tweeters were replaced under factory warranty in August of 2018. They look and sound amazing. This walnut version has slight cosmetic issues, with scratches top on one speaker due to a DVD player being dragged across it, and some laminate chipping on edges and corners of both speakers. Cosmetic issues are barely noticeable unless standing right in front of the speakers. Selling for $3500 for local pickup only in Salem, VA.
  8. Good point, though it would void my warranty if I did any mods - I've already had to replace both tweeters at one point under warranty due to a burst of digital noise. But still, that's a big argument financially for exploring mods to take the LS II more in the direction of the AL5s (assuming I find them to be an improvement once I hear them). My local Heritage dealer has the same LS IIs that replaced the ones I bought from them 2 years ago, so I may have to do some traveling to hear the AL5s. Or they may be at Capital Audiofest this weekend?
  9. Yeah I'm totally convinced that Jubilees are amazing sounding speakers, I learned a lot about them on this thread. And it makes sense that they would dominate the conversation when someone comes in and says "Hey, what does Klipsch make that's better than the La Scalas?"
  10. Yeah I want to hear the AL5s before I pull the trigger. I'm assuming a lot, but something tells me if I really love the LS II sound and if the AL5 can do all of that with a bit more refinement with the new model, I'm probably going to be happiest "staying in the family." Has nothing to do with looks, I made one comment in my original post about the "industrial" look of them, then an addition 10-12 comments about my concerns with going active and working with crossovers and bi-amping and all that stuff. I feel like my journey of exploring that route (and then comparing it with the sacrifices it would require of my current system, which I have built over considerable time and expense), and just deciding that wasn't the route I wanted to go, is pretty well documented in the pages of this thread. Hopefully that's not offensive in any way to current Jubilee owners,, but I'm just traveling down a different path here. Klipsch is my favorite brand of speakers, I own 3 pairs of them. Came here assuming this was the "Klipsch" community and not the "Jubilee" community, so again, no offense to anyone here if in some way it seems MY preference isn't exactly in alignment with yours. As far as budget and expense, I am well aware of what all lines of the current Klipsch Heritage models cost, and also how much a Jubilee system with a Xilica crossover would cost. Didn't come here to talk budget or price, just exploring all my options. As I mentioned, you guys have been great in steering me in the right direction.
  11. Thanks for all the advice and feedback here guys.. it has been a very educational experience! And I can say it has guided me to making the decision on my next speaker upgrade in 2020. After listening to Tom Petty's Mojo this evening it confirms it - the upgrade from my La Scala IIs will be: The La Scala AL5 My LS IIs are just so amazing and everything I want when it comes to dynamics, detail, scale and nuance. Really the only reasonable thing I can think that may be that "5% better" is the AL5, only this time in matte black instead of walnut. Thanks again and I do have to hear some Jubilees. I don't think they're the right speaker for me but I am sure they are amazing.
  12. Well this is the final area of resistance for me actually and why I'd really need to hear this system to see how much of a difference the "speakers" make versus how married I am to the sound and investment of my digital front end. I've been told "you won't hear a difference" but I have to believe there's a trade-off. Between my Chord stack and Innuos server I have more money invested than my preamp and amp combined, and only slightly less than if you added the La Scalas themselves in with the amp & pre. I get many people will say "a DAC is a DAC" but the digital side of my system is contributing a huge amount to the sound - especially when paired with such highly resolving speakers like the LS IIs. So the trade-off is toss all that aside and end up with an additional A/D/A conversion through a utilitarian DAC in something like the Xilica, then do the Jubes' incredible sound restore/make up for it or at the end of the day is it all a wash. I definitely would need to hear the Jubilees to make that judgement call.
  13. HA! I didn't mean people who did that were idiots, just that in my way of thinking I was an idiot for not realizing I could just use the L/R outputs of the tube amp to power the HF instead of vertical biamping as you say... yes it would make more sense for me to use the existing amps I own in that configuration versus buying another Luxman tube amp to power the other half of the system. I'm going to circle back to this idea after the holidays - hadn't planned on buying anything for the remainder of the year but at least I know a lot more now and the idea of using my own existing amps is definitely do-able. Don't be surprised if I hit you up on a road trip to Knoxville from Salem VA at some point after the first of the year. Thanks again to everyone for all your help and advice.
  14. Well now that you put it that way a lightbulb has gone off. For some reason I was thinking I'd use the L/R from one amp to power one side of the speakers (ie top and bass bin of left side) and L/R output from an identical amp to power the other side of the speakers, which is totally idiotic... I'd actually be using the L channel from the Luxman valve amp (20 wpc at 8 ohms which should be plenty) to the left 402, then the R channel to the right 402, THEN a separate amp to power the bass bins in the same way. I have no idea why this didn't occur to me sooner. So using a different amp like my solid state vintage Luxman M2000 (150 wpc) to power the bass bins would be totally fine then and I'd keep the Luxman MQ88uSE for the tops. I'd use my Backert Labs valve preamp with 2 separate outputs to go from my source to the L/R of the Luxman MQ88uSE (preamp out 1) and to the L/R of the M2000 solid state amp (preamp out 2). And I assume there is a digital crossover somewhere in the mix. That's actually much more do-able than what I thought would require buying another identical amp to power the other "side" of the speakers.
  15. That's a very kind and generous offer... When you say it's an "active" crossover, does this mean I would NOT need extra amps to power everything or that if I went down this road I'd still need to run multiple amps across the system? This ultimately seems to be the dealbreaker for me every time I get feeling brave about it. I've just searched too long to abandon my Luxman valve amp and I can't afford to buy 3 more of them Kind of related question but I've looked into the Avantgarde Zero TA XD as well - it seems to me like this is kind of the same idea with onboard electronics to handle the DSP and an active subwoofer built into the speaker. Not that I'm comparing that speaker to the shock and awe of the Jubilee, but is this speaker addressing the same timing/phase type issues by having everything built-in to the speaker itself (and ability to use your own stereo amp & sources)?
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