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  1. It sounds like both pairs are sold...but if somehow one pair is still available I will take it! Ed
  2. Update..... been busy with the wife and some stuff taking care of her.... I still would like to sell these but don't think I have the time to dig them out unless someone is seriously coming to look / buy them. I may even need a little help getting to them..... like 20 other pairs of speakers and an organ in the way! Ed
  3. Sorry all for lack of follow up....been insanely busy at work! i will be having a photo shoot sometime next week and will post pics then! Ed
  4. Mahogany klipschorns, need a small amount of work, one top hat disassembled and riser board missing, could use a refinish. $1500. I have to dig them out for pics, will happen Saturday.. Ed
  5. Perfect condition with monster wire upgrade. Beautiful maple finish. $850 for quick sale. perfect for tube audio, 102 dB efficiency
  6. I was at a fellows the other day picking up a piece of gear and he had 4 of these in a rack, all signed by Bob Carver, powering a pair of AR 9's and a pair of AR LST's, nice set up!
  7. https://newlondon.craigslist.org/ele/6020613125.html
  8. 3 questions: 1. Are there different models and if so what are the differences? 2. Can you / will you ship? 3. Prices? Thanks! They sound great (I want!) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Missed a pair of cane front cornwalls with what looks like some exotic wood..... Who got em, what is the wood?
  10. I guess I will bite the bullet and spend the money for the Klipsch, should I go with a KMC 1 or 3 over the groove? The larger 3 is being discontinued and is on sale....
  11. I am in MA, Local would be nice but these are generally small enough to ship. I looked Klipsch first and it looks like a new one is around $120 which is a lot more than I want to spend. Saw a JBL with a carabiner built in to it for $39.99 at best buy? I guess I am looking for advice / suggestions as well as offers to sell, This is just for occasional use, I am stuck in a small temporary office at the moment for the summer which is my immediate need, Thanks, Ed
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