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  1. It sounds like both pairs are sold...but if somehow one pair is still available I will take it! Ed
  2. Update..... been busy with the wife and some stuff taking care of her.... I still would like to sell these but don't think I have the time to dig them out unless someone is seriously coming to look / buy them. I may even need a little help getting to them..... like 20 other pairs of speakers and an organ in the way! Ed
  3. Sorry all for lack of follow up....been insanely busy at work! i will be having a photo shoot sometime next week and will post pics then! Ed
  4. Mahogany klipschorns, need a small amount of work, one top hat disassembled and riser board missing, could use a refinish. $1500. I have to dig them out for pics, will happen Saturday.. Ed
  5. Perfect condition with monster wire upgrade. Beautiful maple finish. $850 for quick sale. perfect for tube audio, 102 dB efficiency
  6. I was at a fellows the other day picking up a piece of gear and he had 4 of these in a rack, all signed by Bob Carver, powering a pair of AR 9's and a pair of AR LST's, nice set up!
  7. https://newlondon.craigslist.org/ele/6020613125.html
  8. 3 questions: 1. Are there different models and if so what are the differences? 2. Can you / will you ship? 3. Prices? Thanks! They sound great (I want!) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Missed a pair of cane front cornwalls with what looks like some exotic wood..... Who got em, what is the wood?
  10. I guess I will bite the bullet and spend the money for the Klipsch, should I go with a KMC 1 or 3 over the groove? The larger 3 is being discontinued and is on sale....
  11. I am in MA, Local would be nice but these are generally small enough to ship. I looked Klipsch first and it looks like a new one is around $120 which is a lot more than I want to spend. Saw a JBL with a carabiner built in to it for $39.99 at best buy? I guess I am looking for advice / suggestions as well as offers to sell, This is just for occasional use, I am stuck in a small temporary office at the moment for the summer which is my immediate need, Thanks, Ed
  12. Bump for big price reduction due to 2 non original woofers, but seriously, these speakers are still amazing! I just need the space!
  13. I'll take the tubes Ed
  14. Edroom


    I thought that was a carpenters song, she ain't heavy she's my sister.
  15. Those are quite nice looking!
  16. It's just that immediately it's thrown out there that the camera angles are there to deceive, it's annoying. Did I miss it, yes, are they non original...yes, but purposefully deception.....no
  17. I take offense that you are accusing me of trying to do something dishonest. I also sent many (hopefully better) pics to efzauner directly, I was trying to get front, top and sides, when they posted sideways it makes them confusing. I have been a active member of the forums for over 8 years without a single issue. surprisingly, I did not notice the different woofers although after it being pointed out it is rather apparent, although the color match is good enough it doesnt draw the eye. These speakers have only today come into my living room...that were at my sons apartment until the other day when he upgraded to B & W 801's, they were in the garage for the first round of crappy pics but in the house today. I too am rather dissapointed in this discovery, they sounded good today even with the replacements. I will have to reassess how to sell these...I apologize for any misrepresentation it was unintentional. Ed
  18. Last one, I figured out if I use the flash it makes the file too large? Also how do you change resolution on I phone? I'd it in settings? All I all they are not in bad shape, one side has some scratching but it isn't deep and the tops have a little. "bumpieness" maybe from a plant, not really noticeable unless you feel it or closely inspect. I am listening to them in my living room and they are pretty amazing! If I didn't already have klipschorns and Bozak concert grands I would keep them!
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