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  1. Best way to reach me is by email voltiaudio@gmail.com
  2. I have a pair of slightly used Crites CS1230 12" woofers for sale. These are 4ohm woofers like the ones used in the Heresy III I bought them for testing and used one of them for just a few minutes with just a few watts of power applied. The other one was not used. Regular price is $230 for the pair, plus shipping. I'll sell mine for $200 and I'll cover the shipping cost to the Lower 48. Greg
  3. Hey everyone, long time. I thought this would be a good place to sell these, since they work great with high-sensitivity speakers Selling them for my stepdad. He built them a long time ago from the Bottlehead Kit and used them with his Klipsch Heresy's nearly every day. They sound nice on my Vittora speakers. no issues as far as performance. I'm pretty sure they are the Paramount V1.1. I don't know if they have the soft-start feature or not, maybe you can tell from the photos. They have Electro-Harmonix 300B's and I have no idea how many hours are on them. Cosmetically they are fair, with corrosion showing on the transformer caps and the wood cases are ok, but not great. The amp section is not attached to the wood bases on these, you can simply pull it right out and flip it over to look at the electronics. Selling as-is $800 plus shipping. Will be nicely packaged for shipping. Greg
  4. Send me an email with your mailing address and I'll pop a pair in the mail to you. Greg
  5. I've still got these and would like to pass them along to someone else who can use them. Greg
  6. Thank you for the kind words everyone. Much appreciated. I'm fortunate that there IS still a demand out there for high quality rebuilds. I love doing restoration work like this, but haven't been able to do as much as I used to. I've only seen 3/4" woofer motorboards. I would want to have them be 3/4", not 1/2" ChuckAb3 - Love the avatar pic! I wish I had more time to use my Hammond D152 These restored Khorns were sold to a gentleman in New Kensington, PA Greg
  7. I haven't done a good job of keeping up with updating this thread. I've completed this project and these speakers have sold. $13,500 Page one of the restoration - http://www.klipschupgrades.com/2015khorn.shtml Last page with all the pretty pictures - http://www.klipschupgrades.com/2015khorn3.shtml Greg
  8. I would have thought you would be limited to iron on or contact cement for re-veneering jobs (where the cabinet is already built). I'm really confused by what appears to be the bass horn in a vacuum bag. I've never seen more than panels put in a vacuum bag... how do you keep it from being crushed? The amount of force in those things is amazing! The bass horns have enough structure inside to keep them from crushing. I did have to use panels to cover the side horn outlets to keep the bag from imploding into them. I used the blank panels that I made the side grill frames from to cover those openings. The modified bass horn just barely fits into the bag I have. If I had plans to do these on a regular basis, I would order a bag with a removable top frame. Greg
  9. The Klipsch Upgrades webpage has been updated again. I'm spraying lacquer on them right now, and next up will be the black back paint. Greg
  10. I figured that if I was going to do this much work to these, I should put something really nice on for the veneer. Rosewood is such a great veneer for Khorns, with those big fronts, the elegance and formality of the finish really shows well. For me, iron-on veneer is very limited these days - to areas that are not able to be done in a vacuum bag. The difference in quality level of a veneered panel done in a vacuum bag as compared to iron on, is night and day. Same with the spray lacquer finishes I'm applying today - compared to spray bombing! I'm looking with such a critical eye these days, that I'm somewhat embarrassed by my past work and not sure if I'll ever be completely satisfied with my future work. Greg
  11. I've made some progress on this project over the last few weeks, so I've updated the webpage and I've included a couple of photos here. I cut the plywood for the tophats and the backs are all enclosed now. Getting ready to put the cabinets in the vacuum bag to install the front 1/4" smoothing panel. Waiting for the rosewood veneer to arrive. Greg
  12. I wonder if the 402 could be veneered in wood? Greg
  13. I think I bought this from a forum member, not sure. It was about 10 years ago and I had it shipped to NOSValves for a rebuild. It works great and looks nice too. The wood case has a few little issues, but still nice. Used it off and on over the years. It sounded fantastic on my Khorns. Will be packed really well for shipping. $600 obo plus shipping Greg
  14. Greg, It was great meeting you and the Vittora speakers sounded great. One of the guy in the audience said it best after listening to a jazz recording: "I am a drummer and I know what at drum kit sounds like in Carnegie Hall and THAT is what a drum kit sounds in Carnegie Hall!" Despite it being a challenging room to setup in, everything sounded great. It was nice meeting the $200 Belle guy too! Glad you liked it. We made a great sound all weekend and I sold a set of Vittoras there, which doesn't always happen. The room was challenging alright. When I first walked into it I clapped my hands and my heart sunk as I listened to the echo chamber. We proceeded to hang the show table cloths up all around the room and that killed the echo. Next problem was the square room and getting two of the Volti Extended Low Frequency cabinets tuned in with the least amount of bass nodes around the room. Gawd that was awful. Next problem was we had a slight buzzing in the system, which turned out to be the reostats controlling the lights in the room. The hotel got us some lamps to use and we kept the overhead lights off. We endured the recessed light cans buzzing all weekend, although I don't think anybody really noticed it but us. A couple of folded up business cards stopped the lights on the wall outside of our room from buzzing. At least I'll know what to do next year. Greg
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