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  1. Taken in trade on a pair of Razz. Slant risers, birch finish. They work fine and are in reasonably good cosmetic condition. $500 includes packing and shipping via UPS here in the Lower 48 If you'd like to buy these, please send me an email voltiaudio@gmail.com Greg
  2. I'm hoping someone here has one that they are willing to part with. Please email directly voltiaudio@gmail.com Thanks, Greg
  3. $2,600 Paypal Friend or Cashiers check. Includes free shipping in lower 48 via UPS. Packed in original boxes and then placed in additional boxes for extra protection. I could only find one cosmetic issue and I'll include a picture of the two tiny white spots on the front corner of one of the cabinets. I think these may be under the finish believe it or not. It's not something you notice from a few feet away, you have to be right up close to notice them. I could not wipe them off. They work perfectly. Please email as I don't check PM's here very often voltiaudio@gmail.com Greg
  4. Several interested folks! That's great. Looks like these old dudes will find a good home after all. Here's a few more pics showing the drivers. They are cool old drivers. One of them has the Stephens woofer and the other has an EV 15WK. If I remember correctly, someone years ago told me that the EV woofer was also used in them for a period of time. Can anyone confirm that? I bought another EV 15WK (which will go with this pair of speakers) so I would have matching woofers in the cabinets. The extra one is pictured above. it needs to be reconed. I don't know the condition of any of the other drivers or crossovers, sorry. Greg
  5. Gone to a good home I've had these for at least 15 years and I never even listened to them. My plan was to restore them and at the same time make them a matching pair. I was going to make sure the crossovers parts were upgraded and that all the components worked properly, but keep them stock. I just never got to it. They are a part of Klipsch history and I would hate to see someone take the parts out and sell them on ebay and throw the cabinets away. Some people would do that. The money I get for them is not as important to me as making sure they go to a home where they will be kept original, or close to it, and enjoyed as pieces of art, or perhaps even as working speakers. Is there someone reading this who would like to be the next caretakers? I have lots more photographs, so please send me and email and I'll send them to you. Greg
  6. Thank you for the interesting information. They must have been sold as mono speakers to start and then stereo eventually. It must have been something to be around during the time of that transition. I'll do my best to find a good home for them. Greg
  7. Hi Jim, Years ago I bought two old Klipsch Shorthorn speakers. I can't remember if I got them both from one source or two. Serial number 1030 and 1090. One of them has the EV 15Wk and the other has a Stephens. I bought another EV15Wk so they would both have the same woofers. I was going to re-cap the crossovers and clean up the wiring connections and basically keep them mostly original, but cleaned up and working properly. I also intended to fix up the issues with the woodwork and cloth and make them into a matched pair. I just haven't had time to get to them and it doesn't look like I ever will. So they need to go to a good home. It pains me to sell them, but it is time. I simply cannot put any time into them, and I don't have a place to set them up to listen to them anyway. Before I look into finding another home for these, I thought I would check in with you first to get a sense of the historic value of these (not looking for a monetary value). How rare are these? What can you tell me about them? I'm assuming you have other examples already in the museum? My sense is that they should be restored and kept as original. I am going to do my best to make sure that I put them in the hands of someone who will care for them, and not cannibalize them and sell the parts on ebay. Thanks for your input. Greg Roberts
  8. Good condition. Work fine. $250 with free shipping to the Lower 48. Greg
  9. Beautiful old pair of K33M. Work fine. 2.75ohm and 2.85ohm $120 for the pair with free shipping in the Lower 48 Greg
  10. These are mostly Erse Audio erseaudio.com 25 watt, some 10 watt, cement wirewound resistors. range from 1ohm to 81ohm, mostly lower numbers. These are .47 each new. I don't know how many are in the box. 200? 300? The box is 16 x 13 x 11 and weighs 30lbs. $50 and I'll cover the shipping cost to the lower 48. Greg
  11. I have two pair of ALK tweeter attenuators. One pair is complete with the bases and screw terminals. The other pair need to be mounted to new bases with wires run to screw terminal barrier strips. All four work just fine. Handy little rigs. The complete pair is $60 with free shipping to the lower 48. SOLD The incomplete pair is $25 with free shipping to the lower 48 - SOLD Greg
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