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  1. Chris, outstanding work and contribution, as always. As an aside, I’m very impressed by Roy Delgado’s work on furthering Paul’s legacy on the entire heritage line. A real renaissance.
  2. Having spent some time on this issue myself, I’ll share my two cents: Seeking the Klipschorn nirvana in the bass department is all a matter of your time, effort and money - for relatively small differences. And the performance differences between woofers are highly “personal preference” based, with both the slot size and woofer crossover design key to optimization. Having tried and measured a lot of woofers, crossovers and slot sizes in the Klipschorn, my personal preference is for the original Stephens or EV 15wk, using an ak-3 like 2nd order woofer crossover. Second choice would be either woofer with a tailored first order inductor. Third choice, and nearly as satisfying to me, would be the Crites cast woofer (and yes, Bob Crites knows what he’s doing) with either the 3” or 6” slot and proper woofer crossover. There are differences in the 100 - 500hz range, which you can tailor to your liking. Keep in mind that those old, original woofers from the 50’s are fragile - shipping is risky, they don’t take much power (abuse), and once damaged, they’re basically done. Today I run older 6” slot Klipschorns with Both EV wk15’s and Crites cast woofers. Only a very few visitors can distinguish any difference at all - good or bad. Enjoy the hobby!
  3. Ok, I need some advice and information before I embark upon a DIY horn subwoofer to enhance my Klipschorn and Lascala music experience. I’ve read a bit about the THT LP and the F20 for my application and practical space considerations and believe that one of these two designs is probably best for my needs. I intend to maintain a passive network system, with a multi channel amp system to drive the subwoofer. I’m interested in getting more clarity around a few things: What does the 1watt/1 meter sensitivity levels and distortion levels look like on these two designs at say 25hz and 30hz? Anybody have measurements / specs on this? Based upon those specs, can either or both be used without equalization to provide flat frequency response with handoffs from 25hz to 50-80hz. (Let’s say -3db down at 25hz from a Klipsch system 104db sensitivity)? Can either design utilize an 18” woofer to real advantage? Is the THT LP worth the extra build difficulty? Thank you in advance.
  4. I have a pair of Volti audio k55 Vt-120 adaptors for the Volti tractrix horns. These allow you to use the original Klipsch k-55 drivers with Volti horns. I bought these new and went to 2” driver instead, so these have never been used, like new. New they are $200/pair, these are $100/pair plus shipping. Thank you.
  5. I have one very nice, thick collar k400 metal midrange horn available. This is a very nice, near mint, orphan. No driver support bracket. $100, plus shipping. Thank you.
  6. I have a set of original Cornwall type B crossovers that are recapped with new Crites capacitors. Perform perfectly. $125/pair, plus shipping. Thanks.
  7. Moray, I’m all over it with my best effort! Hope this helps, difficult to get good pics without special lighting I’m sure. Throats on the k-600 have a nearly, but not quite, rounded entry point moving aggressively to a squared taper. On another point, I’m in need of a new project and I’d like your opinion on a question that I’m sure you can answer. Should I build a jubilee, an mwm, a California, a University Classic, or Claude’s quarter pie? I’m thinking full range cleanest horn loaded bass down to ~35hz, probably cross at 300-400hz. Unlike the Lascala or Klipschorn that stops horn loading below ~100hz, I’m thinking in terms of best horn loading efficiency between the alternative designs, and the closest to 35hz loading. Thanks Moray!
  8. Moray, my apologies for the delay. I’m not on here much. Here are additional pics, I actually have two pairs, buyers choice. One pair has slightly thicker face flanges at the mouth. Of course as you know, there was variations in the castings over the years. I don’t know the story behind that, but it is true with the k-400’s as well. Best
  9. Looks like a 12db slope on both sides of the mid and the woofer. And I’m guessing those carefully sculpted bass ports were tailored to reduce distortion/resonance relative to the past. But by how much? Is the Cornwall IV getting closer to clean LaScala bass?
  10. Having owned, modified and tested Klipschorns quite a bit over the years, I’ve come to believe that Klipsch should be offering a prepackaged electronic crossover system and associated equipment to correct for the time delay, ever-present room issues and unique folded bass horn behaviors - and deliver the ultimate Klipschorn experience to EVERY user. Just an opinion, of course.
  11. I have an extra matched pair of original K-77m tweeters in excellent condition. Work perfectly. $110 plus shipping.
  12. I have an extra pair of original Klipsch Cornwall k-600 metal horns available in mint condition. These are quite rare. $150 + shipping
  13. I don’t blame Roy for not wanting to divulge competitive information, but I’d like to see a disguised comparison between the Cornwall III and IV illustrating the change in both frequency response and distortion from say 30hz to 1000hz. Of course there’s a product line to market, but I’m still thinking......3/4 Klipschorn and 4/5ths LaScala..... I know there’s a lot of chat here about flared ports, woofer location and the new midrange, but what do we know about the crossover especially concerning the woofer and midrange. Extreme slope?
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