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  1. Thank you. this photo. It doesn’t require the a+b channel output on the preamp.
  2. How would that affect the sound? Does that mean the method in the first photo is the better option? I couldn’t find where the article you’re referring to is located.
  3. Anyone ever try this? (See attached photo) It’s from the Klipsch biography. Im still working on getting my two channel mx110/MC30/Cornwall system up and running. But I always wondered about the Klipsch three channel stereo. I know the mx110 preamp has a R, L, and a R+L output. That would require a third MC30. If you look at the photo though, Klipsch is running all three off of just two power amps.
  4. hi, I bought a pair of used and abused forte II's off ebay about six months ago. Half of the individual drivers weren't working. I got half of my money back, it wasnt worth the trip/tolls to return them. When i opened up the back i saw that both of the crossovers were damaged somehow. The cabinets are pretty beat, which makes me not feel like dropping the $200 or so on new crites crossovers. There must be a few people on here who have updated their crossovers with crites, if you have the original crossovers laying around I'd gladly take them off your hands, or buy them if you want to sell them. I'm not looking to pay too much since im just patching them up for now. I would really like to hear how they sound, maybe they'd replace my heresys. as of now they're still gathering dust in my closet and it makes me sad.
  5. I bought a pair of x10's when they were on sale on amazon a while back. I never really did any research on headphones until recently and I realize now that quality headphones benefit from a headphone amp. Do the x10's need one? I was looking at the Fiio E6 mainly because its portable (I'd be using it with my iphone on the go), but if anyone has any other thoughts/recommendations please chime in. At this point im still doing some research, I cant find too much on using the x10 with an amp, which is why i'm posting here.
  6. I bought some deoxit D5 and tried it on the pots on my old pioneer amp. I also read online that people use it to clean the tube sockets on tube amps, so i did that. I always had more noise and rumble coming out of right channel, but after using deoxit on the tube sockets there is barely any sound coming out of the right channel. I can only hear a very faint sound coming out of the right channel when I put my ear next to the tweeter and squawker. I messed around with the speaker wire/terminal connections and that should be fine/not the problem. When i first turned the amp back on after the dexoit on the tube sockets the right channel was very distorted. I fiddled around with the phono/tuner/aux knob as that used to get rid of the rumble for a while, but this time the right channel just cut out. I'm not really sure what happened. Any thoughts?
  7. So the seller agreed to refund $150 out of the $300 since they weren't as described. Not a bad deal, gives me a new project to work on. Plus I don't have to drive all that way to drop them off/pay the tolls.
  8. Too late, took the passive woofers off. The one speaker that has sound coming through the woofer and squawker, but not the tweeter looked OK to me. I didnt see any loose wires and the connection at the tweeter was intact as well as the other end of the wires going from the tweeter to the crossover. This is the first time ive seen a forte crossover and to me i couldnt see anything wrong with it. However, the other speaker that only had sound coming through the squawker had part of the crossover broken off some home. Im guessing when the speaker fell or something. That speakers has a pretty chewed off lower corner. Heres a photo of the crossover. Oh, the connections at each speaker were all intact. Also, one of the passive woofers has a pushed in center part of the cone. Im not sure if thats something to worry about. I'm going to email the seller letting them know that it doesnt work as described, since they said they worked fine. But my real dilemma is if its worth replacing the crossovers in a set of fortes that have G - cabinets. Replacement crossovers cost $213, the crossover repair kit (sonicaps cost $63). I have experience (barely) after replacing the caps on my cornwalls and heresys, but ive never replaced whole crossovers. Some guy had a really nice set of forte I's for $500 and i opted to go the cheaper route as these were just for my house with my friends. That, plus the fact that the heresys i have set up at the new house are starting to grow on me are making me feel like I shouldn't have bought these. I cant even turn them cause then i'd be the jerk selling busted speakers.
  9. I have a dilemma. Those forte II's I bought on eBay are a mess. 1. One of the speakers only has sound coming through the squawker. The other speaker doesn't have any sound coming out of the tweeter. 2. The cabinets/veneer is a little rougher than I thought they'd be based off the photos. I'm not really familiar with the forte 2 and how to get to the crossover and speakers. I'm used to the cornwall and heresy where you just unscrew the back. I'm debating whether to pursue updating the crossovers and tweeters etc or just returning them saying that the item wasn't as described. Sucks that it cost me about $20 in tolls just to pick them up.
  10. I couldnt agree with you more. When i listen to my cornwalls, I usually put a pillow on the floor in front of the couch and just lay back. The sound is so much bigger down there. One thing I dont like about the hereseys is that the sound is pointing up from below, they sound nice, yet so small in that aspect. Also, the seller I bought those fortes from said that they do have the raisers for them, but they don't have the screws. Any idea what kind of screw(s) I'd need?
  11. I noticed that this pair I bought and the other pair that sold on ebay both dont have the raisers. Every other pair of fortes that I've seen has the raisers, so I thought that it was a standard thing for them, but I guess not?
  12. here's the link http://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Forte-II-Main-Stereo-Speakers-Matched-Pair-In-Sequential-Serial-Order-/200949084074?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEWNX%3AIT&nma=true&si=lrSbxpiA4YVjYrrFkzM1Grc6JOE%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc
  13. I bought a pair of heresy 1's a year or so ago for the house im moving into with my friends. I have a pair of cornwall 1's. After replacing the caps on both and refinishing them as best I could they both sound and look better. However, I still could not get over the lack of bass response of the heresy compared to the cornwall. So I started looking into the forte 1 and 2. On a few older threads on other forums people recommended the original forte over the 2, so i was looking to get a set of originals. But then here you guys seem to like the 2's better. Anyway, Ive been looking on craigslist and ebay for the last few weeks. All the forte 1's are $$$, but I was able to find a decent looking pair for $300 local pick up off ebay after negotiating with the seller down from $400. What do you think? Good deal, bad deal? I already paid for it, so it doesn't matter really, just curious what you forte users think. My next issue will be if the house mates are cool with them being a foot or so away from the wall. It does have a footprint about the same as the heresy, but when you factor in the fact that they need to be away from the wall, the footprint isnt so small anymore. We shall see. I could always try to sell them if it doesn't work out.
  14. Hi, Can some one point me in the right direction. I've had my speaker wires just wrapped around the screws at the out put of the amp and input of the speaker. I went to radio shack to see if they had any better solutions. They had some crimp on spade lugs, but i thought i'd run it by my fellow klipsch people first to see if yall have any advice. I looked up a few older threads, but they were a little confusing.
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