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  1. I just my DNA results back.... 50% said unknown... and they wanted me to contact them right away...
  2. "Old Slowhand" is as good as ever, even if he's getting "old', LOL!!! "Slowhand"? Watch him, and regardless of the complexity of the song, hhe just makes it look simple!!! Take a listen to "Slunky" that he did back in the 70's. LOL!!! Supports the "God" accolade!!!
  3. I agree with Eldon's comments!!
  4. Florida... "Rec" fuel which is high octane and no ethanol additives.; "Stabil" every six months the motor is going to sit; Start all motors, engines, etc., every 30-60 days; run to operating temps. Run mowers, chainsaws, trimmers, etc., "dry", then refuel with fresh fuel. You can leave motors "dry", if the fuel you ran dry has a stabilizer that leaves the gaskets, and other parts "lubricated". I do this all the time with my lawn stuff and my generators. The easy way is once a month start everything, test, and let run for a few minutes. Generators are a "critical' component, so those are run for at least 30 minutes. Schedule the oil change every six months. drain, check and in this day and age, a good synthetic works fine. In Florida, all changed after hurricane season (end of October). Then in April-May as the rainy season starts. Filters... If any of your "stuff" has fuel filters... Change them in the spring cycle. My thoughts and experience from living in the "swamp" for 30 years.... LOL!!! Later,
  5. Thoughts and prayers. Ankle disasters are really dangerous and pose significant threats to the ability to walk, run etc, if not corrected as soon as possible. Hope the surgeons are "on this" and make sure that the ankle rehab is careful and does not force use of the ankle too soon. Best of luck, and if your daughter needs, take advantage of Bill's offer.
  6. H-1... As others suggested, it's time to replace the caps. For the H-1's you should avoid putting anything in the cabinet. The H-2 design was different and that's why they put the foam "arch" inside. The best way, after replacing the caps, to reduce resonance vibrations or "rattling", is to use a foam gasket tape on the rear panel seal, check, and recheck all screws. Note on the caps.. If they are not working correctly, they can let low end freqs through and cause the woofers to rattle. Very bad as it will cause a woofer failure. Also check your "bass" settings on your amp. Back it off a bit and play the same music that caused rattling. Hope this helps.
  7. Ah! the warm fuzzies! And I always thought that was confined to SWMBO when she got out the microwaved bowl of KY and the feather duster... Let's just not go there...
  8. 401's are still the same. It is possible that a new mold has been made, but otherwise, no change. The 401 eliminated most, if not all, of any subharmonic freq vibrations associated with the 400. I have three pairs of K's; two have the 701's; the other has the 700's with a hole drilled and a lead plug installed which killed any resonance issues.
  9. You are ready for the K'horns!!! LOL!!! You have learned the Force well!!! PS. Just don't put Klipsch Heritage speakers in the bathrooms... It's a distraction from the daily chore of the morning constitutional...
  10. Bad Gravity!!! Almost cost us that Bullock girl!!! Clooney can burn up for all I care; but at least he was not trying mes with an attic ladder.... LOL!!!
  11. thanks guys... i concur I suppose, I was just wondering out loud that perhaps there was something much better for not a lot of capital and drop right in The K-55 in it's iterations is great; You could go the Selenium route as referenced; but you would probably like to replace your K-77's with the CT-125 and change the crossover to the A-4500.
  12. I can't recall.... but this "PWK signature pair" sounds familiar from either a "garage sale", or a "two channel" post from several years ago (actually many years...). The take was that it was a scam; but, like I said, I just can't put my finger on it. Huhm? Due dilligence would be seriously be in order before even considering looking at this purchase.
  13. Icebreaker? I also vote for RRS Lagnaf!! Has a ring to it!! And... as an "icebreaker", it will surely be destined (if not fated) to find the "icebergs"... LOL!!!
  14. I will wear my affiliation shame like a badge of whatever... For the record, I intend to vote for Vermin Supreme!! Besides I want a free pony for my future grandchildren.
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