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  1. Don't be fooled - O'Korn is more than capable (6'4" - 210lbs), that guy has a canon for an arm and he's faster than Speight. Speight is stronger, bigger, harder to bring down - your new prototype Professional QB (6'6", 235-240lbs and a strong arm). Michigan is deep at all positions but the Iowa game is the one game I had circled other than Ohio State (glad it's not being played at night). Michigan will be deep at QB for a few years Speight and O'Korn are Juniors Brandon Peters - current Red Shirt Freshman Dylan McCaffery - 2017 commit. Also the Hawkeyes where ranked at the beginning of the season - they were expected to be better than they've performed. That was also Michigan's first Night/Cold game of the year (without a side line big enough to keep the QB warmed up ....I've always liked the psychology behind Iowa...maybe that's why Michigan hasn't won there since '01 I believe). Here's the rub - if Ohio State beats Michigan - Penn St wins out - they (Penn St) win the B1G East!!! http://www.cleveland.com/osu/index.ssf/2016/11/ohio_state_big_ten_tiebreaker.html Ohio State needs help - and they have to depend on Rutgers and MSU to give it to them. If Ohio State loses to either Michigan St or Michigan - Michigan wins the B1G east - they are the only team that controls their own destiny.
  2. I use Burson Op-Amps in mine! Nord....hmmmmmm?
  3. Find your local COGIC church and they may buy it from you!!!!
  4. Ok the sale is on!!! $1600 takes all three Corns and the 4th ALK crossover as well - available on the 4th of Sept (as you see my vertical serves as my TV stand - I'll have something sourced by then to replace it).
  5. LOL!!!!! Where are you at? My Son-in-law and daughter live in Pace!
  6. Ok - I'm making my final decision in the next 24 hours. You'll either see a for sale at $1600 for all three or I will end this thread.
  7. I'm located in the Panhandle of Florida, near Pensacola and little town called Milton.
  8. Schu knows...he's just trying to be funny - like me....but he fell for the bait ....But the Cornwalls are real though. There's also an extra ALK Bv2 crossover in the deal. I have four that I bought from a forum member, but I only needed three.
  9. LOL!!! The opposite of a vertical!!!! I just said that to be sarcastic - I know all of you know the difference between a vertical and a Cornwall I You took the bait right there!!! But on a serious note, I'm really considering sell all three - would $1600 for all three be asking too much?
  10. Here's a few picks - these are just starters - I'll take some with the glass tops on when I get home this evening.
  11. This is just a feeler - I've been thinking about selling my CWO's Two horizontal and one vertical. They have ALK Bv2 crossovers, Jubilee Copper Pie emblems, ALK emblems, custom smoked glass tops, Crites CT-125 tweeters. The original recapped B crossovers are available also. These would be pick up only and are in very good conditions with the exception of two nicks on vertical (happened when it was shipped from New Mexico) but any wood worker could repair it. I'll put up some pics later on today. The horizontals are in very good condition the vert in good condition!!! All of them are in perfect mechanical condition (even the lining is still good on the inside of all the speakers. The two horizontals also include the Klipsch documentation stapled on the back of them. If you click on my avatar - those are the ones.
  12. prerich


    Klipsch will sell you Jubilee Pie emblems for $12.50 each.
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