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  1. J.4knee

    DaddyDee, RIP

    This is truly sad news. Dee was such a kind man and wonderful soul. I had honor of meeting him at one of the pilgrimages in Hope. Prayers and peace to his family. R.I.P Daddy Dee you will be and are missed
  2. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/jimi-jamison-survivor-lead-singer-dead-at-63-20140901
  3. http://www.nbcnews.com/entertainment/lou-reed-velvet-underground-founder-dies-71-8C11476676
  4. J.4knee

    Some sad news

    Very sorry to read this. Payers to you, your father and your family.
  5. Been there done that, Its not that big a deal
  6. J.4knee

    A fond farewell

    I've read this about 10 times and I still am at a loss to respond other than to say you are indeed a brave and courageous man. May God keep you in his warm embrace and grant you and your family peace and comfort.
  7. That was good but I gotta admit I got lost somewhere in the 80's. Thanks for posting Bob
  8. +1 The Balvenie is my go to Scotch, the doublewood or single cask are always on hand at my house
  9. I am going with my standard Vikings and Chargers
  10. It says all your Mac gear is outdated and you should replace it and send me your old stuff. It actually calls my name out (the last word)
  11. DTEL here si a pic of the finished results
  12. Well how did it turn out, if it's done ? Spectacular I used a combo of Apple and Hickory, a pretty standard rub, and injected it with Apple Juice, White wine and a bit of the rub mixed in. Basted it over and over with eht juices as well as put the fat cap up which had a healthy does of rub to allow it to self baste.
  13. I use a Traeger pellet grill and this is going on it tomorrow. Injected and rubbed to sit over night then a rub early in the AM and a dusting right befoer she hits the Traeger
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