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  1. Johnlw7

    A fond farewell

    My son is a very special young man he has put off his education to help take care of both of his parents.19 years old and the most caring soul I have ever known.He is 6ft tall and 240 lbs.tough as nails but the most well behaved and mannered young man i know.He has sacrificed his life to help me.Even when I have been a jerk.I love you Cody.
  2. Johnlw7

    A fond farewell

    I am a blessed man to have so many friends.My transmission blew out yesterday on the way to take my son back to his home in Mountain View,Ar.We were in the boondocks and had to walk about 2.5 miles.The lord and my youngest son made sure I made to his mothers home.Those last few hills were tough but i made it.I didn't think I could make it a block being so sick the day before from the chemotherapy.I hope you guys don't think I am bragging.It will be the last time I will drive.thank god for my wonderful son who coached me on home.
  3. Johnlw7

    A fond farewell

    Thanks to all of you for your kind words and prayers.Today was not the best,but I got to enjoy another beautiful sunset here in the Ozark mountains with family.Now i am listenening to some Mose Allison on Blue Note.
  4. Johnlw7

    A fond farewell

    I have lot's of songs I could list.But I guess Sam Cooke's A change Gonna Come is my favorite for the pure emotion and soul he poured into his masterpiece.
  5. Johnlw7

    A fond farewell

    Thanks for all the very kind words and thoughts.I thank each of you frommy heart.I remember Old Buckster and will tell him hello for you guys.One thing have learned is material thaings don't mean that much.I have been very blessed to have owned most of the Klipsch speakers as well as many others.I miss them but even more than that are all of the fine people I have met with this fascinating hobby.I still listen at least 3 to 4 hours each day,and other than the lord and my family it is my greatest comfort.Take care of your bodies like I should have done.Peace and blessings to the Klipsch brethern.
  6. Johnlw7

    A fond farewell

    I am entering the final months of my nearly year long battle with stage 4 colon cancer.It has spread to my liver and lungs.I have had a wonderful life and have two of the finest sons in the world.I also have a sister with stage 4 thyroid cancer and another with pancreatitus. It may conquer our bodies but never our spirts.Cancer has wiped out most of family including my saintly mother nearly 25 years ago.Live your life like today will be your last.Don't wallow in self pity.Smile and laugh at every chance.I have truly enjoyed the Klipsch Forums and the many very good people here.So I say goodbye tonight!Please get the scope done.It is worth the trouble.Peace to all of you here and may God watch over you and your families.Please remember our fighting men and women.My oldest is a Marine stationed in Japan.
  7. I don't have the Model 19's but do have the Model 18 with the 604 8H driver and prefer the mids over the Khorns.The mids are much smoother.I like the point source driver the best.
  8. To all the heroes known and unknown.In foreign graves and here at home.Heartfelt thanks and gratitude.Hats off to my son Matt who is in the Marines and just deployed to Okinawa.You are my hero.
  9. I have a set of Ev 15 TRX speakers in mid century cabs.They have some of the smoothest bass response I have heard.I am going to put them in an 8 cubic cabs and let them really open up.
  10. Mathieu doesn't need to worry about speech lessons.He will be a millionaire about 70 times over.His accent is familiar to the cajuns in Acadiana Parish some of the best people I have had the pleasure of knowing.He and RG3 from Baylor are the best I have seen this year.
  11. I know what you mean about no job Jhoak.It really bites especially this time of year.Maybe we both will find one soon.Good luck!
  12. I believe a radio station in fayetteville or Fort Smith agreed to give them 5 minutes radio time if they didn't show up at the funeral.Arkansas has some pretty big boys and some of these nuts have already got beat down in Mississippi.I would invite them in the radio station and let some players pummel them.
  13. It is just horrible that young 19 year old passing away on the Razorbacks team.What a terrible tragedy.I also heard Westboro Baptist Church is going to picker Garrett Ueckman's funeral.I don't think they should show up in Little Rock.Talk about some whackos.
  14. My son Matthew a Marine is stanioned in Afaghanistan.Hopefully he will be home for christmas.I have know many men and admired a few.But none as much Matthew.He is a special young man.I hope those fellas on the other end like this.Semper Fi!
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