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  1. John yours has the "EV" logo on the dust cap. The surrounds are also black. Perhaps my orange colored surrounds are not original either.
  2. Thanks for the help, guys. It's amazing that a 50+ year old speaker is still considerably more "sdvanced" than contemporary designs. PWK certainly put the glitter in the Golden Age of Hi Fi.
  3. That's good to know, dkj. The speaker is h -e -a -v -y and one of a kind. I hope to have it installed in a Centurion IV corner horn soon.
  4. Correct, there's a "k" stamped after the 15W
  5. The ohmmeter flickered from 2.9, 3.7, and 4.3. My brother-in-law said he hadn't seen one do that before. But at least the VC is 3.2 ohm
  6. Having the ohm of the VC read is a good idea. My brother-in-law has a ohmmeter. I'll let you know.
  7. Did the original dust cap on the 15WK have 'EV" or "Electro-Voice" printed on it? I recently acquired a decent 15WK with what looks like the original orangish-colored surround but a plain black dust cap. I know the 18WK had 'EV" on the dust cap. Just trying to determine if this speaker has been repaired at onetime. Thanks
  8. I have an old Electro-Voice 848 CDP coaxial horn and would like to "upgrade' it into a 848 HF for a possible Centurion IV project. Was the only difference between the standard CDP 848 horn and the home audio "HF" version their compression drivers? The standard CDP used an "828" while the 848 HF must have used the "828 HF" driver. The EV literature doesn't specify the actual driver in the HF version. Thanks in advance Chris
  9. I'll be the first to admit that I no doubt bit off more than I could chew with the particular project. My ambition oftentimes gets me ahead of what I'm actually capable of. I looked at some other EV plans such as the Empire & Cornet and may go that route sometime in the future.
  10. Thank you JL. Its basically a combination of me not having any experience with cutting plywood and the know-how. I've messed up cuttting the curves of the top part of the 200 cylce horn three times and twice on the back part # 22. And 4X8 plywood is $35 a pop. In addition I should have researched this beforehand but I doubt I'd be able to find the two A8419 plastic horns that backfire for the mid bass as well as a 18WK so its probably for the best. My hats off to those who've build one successfully.
  11. Update; I've decided not to continue the Patrician due to me discovering that I simply lack the required skills. But it was enjoyable trying nonetheless.
  12. Thanks for the tip, Speakerfritz. I did think 500 watts was a biiiit much for a folded-horn application. I did like the "long throw" feature of moving air through the column. Also the EV 18WK was 16 Ohms but had a DC of 3.2 similar to a 4 Ohm speaker to pull more power from the amp when needed.
  13. Thanks for the advice, Speakerfritz. I did think the power rating capacity was a bit much on this Eminence speaker for a folded horn application but the "long throw" feature seemed ideal. It is interesting that the EV 18WK was 16 Ohm but had a 3.2 DC rating similar to a 4 Ohm speaker to pull more power from the amp.
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