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  1. Hi All. I’ve had good luck buying used iPhones from fellow forum members than trying to buy something from eBay. I’m sure that many here have had to buy/upgrade their kids’ or spouse’s phone - if they have an older iPhone laying around - preferably 12 or newer, can you please message me? Thanks, D
  2. (Due to weight – local DC/MD/VA Metro Area only). Available for sale is the North Creek Audio Echo Speakers system– 3.1 speakers (LCR + free sub). The cabinet construction was overkill, all Baltic Birch plywood with 1.5” baffle. They are finished in beautiful teak veneer with three coats of Waterlox tung-oil finish. They were lightly used in a bedroom system, never pushed hard. I had designed the Left/Right to be wall-mounted (using a recessed French cleat system) – but they work just as well on speaker stands. T hey are sealed speakers and are meant to be used with subwoofer. I can include a passive mini-subwoofer to go with these (built using the Tang Bank W5-1138MF - basically Voxel subwoofer) – also finished in teak veneer. They are 10/10 in both functional and physical condition. Also included in the sale are a spare pair (2) woofers (just in case you ever damage them and need a replacement). I’ve included horizontal polar measurements from 0-80. This measurement was at 1 meter, response further away was even more smoother. So you are essentially getting: 8 – North 13W-06S woofers 3 – North D25-06S Silk Dome Tweeter 1 - Tang Band W5-1138MF woofer Everything enclosed in beautiful teak Baltic Birch cabinets. I don’t know what to ask, but I was thinking maybe $250?
  3. Haha - I had abandoned the project and just recently had the desire to pick back up again :-).
  4. I'm sure that many of you can relate that this "audiophile" hobby can be very much about churning through various audio components ---- we have all been guilty of it from time to time. But that being said - this amplifier has been the one item of audio I have owned the longest. I believe I purchased it around 2007 - almost 16 years ago (maybe even earlier?). That's a long time to own something in this hobby. I have owned many other amplifiers over the same period .... but to my ears, this amp always sounded the best. It has the brute strength of a Class A solid-state, and yet still possesses the musicality of the nice tube amplifier. It does equally well with high-efficiency systems (e.g. Oris horns, Klipschorns, JBL 4345s, etc) as well as low-efficiency (e.g., various DIY speakers I've built over the years). I have preferred this amp over the following amps I have owned during the same period: 1) McCormack DNA 0.5 Delux 2) McCormack DNA-2 3) Eico - Rebuilt Tube-MonoBlocks 4) McIntosh 7270 5) Welborn 300B DRD 6) Krell KSA-250 7) Music Reference RM-9 😎 Bryston 2B LP 9) Don Allen 1626 10) Baldwin Tube Amplifiers 11) others? I had listed it back in 2016 - but decided to back out after not being able to find a better replacement. There is just something special specifically about the MKIII version of this amp - just take a look at reviews on audioreview.com, or other forums. But now I am at a point when I will be simplifying my system. It is in excellent condition and has performed flawlessly, without a single hiccup, in my almost 16+ years of ownership. I don't know what is a fair price, but I don't think you will do much better than this amp at my asking price of $1,750 - and I'd like to stay firm on that price for now. Due to the size and weight - I am listing this amp for local Washington DC metro area sale only.. Feel free to PM if you have any questions.
  5. Available for sale is my DJH Preamplifier It is in excellent condition. The pictures included are of my actual preamplifier. Upgraded v-caps Many like to advertise their products as "hardly used" / "barely used" / etc. That is NOT the case with this preamplifier. I loved it - and I used it plenty ...daily. Every time it has performed absolutely flawlessly since the day I bought it. All local parties are welcome to inspect/audition it in person. $1,100 + Shipping from 20817
  6. Available for sale is my Music Hall DAC 25.3 - Tube Digital to Analog Converter - $425 It was upgraded with Burron Audio Opamps!!!! This is an excellent DAC. Even if you are a hardcore measurement guy/gal - take a look at how well new/old music hall dacs perform based on the ASR website. This is one of the few dacs where the measurement guys/gal agree on its outstanding performance. It is in fantastic functional/physical condition. - Check out hi-res pics. Solely used for my "Computer Audiophile" based music server. It has performed flawlessly from the day I bought it.
  7. Available for sale are a pair of Klipsch Cornwalls, I believe from the mid-eighties (S/N 30X705/6). I've owned from for the last 17 years (since 2005), and I believe I recapped them shortly after purchased based on the rebuild kit Bob used to sell back then. The binding posts were also updated. Sonically - they are a solid 10/10. Cosmetically, I would rate them an 8-ish - certainly living room friendly. I'm thinking $1,000 for the pair is a good price?
  8. Thanks, Tom. Agree with your assessment about "not always crisp". Erin mentioned it wasn't meant to be an "interview", but just a casual chat between enthusiasts. That being said - it does seem like a missed opportunity to discuss more technical concepts re speaker design from one of the best in the industry. I'm super impressed with Erin's guest list so far - I just wish the channel could expand to covering more technical concepts.
  9. dkalsi


    That is a very fair and accurate assessment - I do think it is "sweet and smooth" - almost laid-back ("tube-like") to me - but that is precisely why I have enjoyed it with horn-based speakers. I do think anyone who purchases this amp will be really happy with it. I mates really well with a lot of speakers.
  10. dkalsi


    I've gone through ALOT of gear being in this hobby - constantly switching my gear - but my Plinius SA100 MKIII has been in my system now for 13 years. I love this amplifier. I kept it over my VRDs, Welborn 300Bs, McIntosh 7270, McIntosh 2505, McCormick DNA 0.50 and 2.0, and many other amps that I'm forgetting. Only one that came close was McCormick 2.0 - but I still like the Plinius most. I also think the Plinius mates really well with all Klipsch gear.
  11. Considering the components used, that is some seriously good value. Best of luck with your sale.
  12. dkalsi

    FS: SOLD

    BUMP - How come no love for this deal? I would imagine a trio of Klipsch Heresys + JBL 2242H Subwoofer + Near Perfect pair of RS-7s are worth at least $900???
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