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  1. Wish I owned a pair a Jubilees 🙂 Alas - this does appear to be a pretty fantastic deal. The parts also would set one back that much. Seems like all premium caps, air core inductors, neat layout.
  2. Available for sale is Elemental Design eQ.2 subwoofer equalizer. I would like $100+shipping. The attached picture should give a good idea about its function. Physical Condition: 9/10 Functional Condition: 10/10 Thanks, D
  3. Jfjacques, I’ll be shipping the cloth to Tony T tomorrow morning - if it doesn’t work out for him, he maybe willing to sell it to you. It’s will be a tight fit for him and he is going to see if he can make it work. Sorry about not responding to this thread sooner Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I believe I bought this before 2014, when Klipsch #17 grill cloth was still available. Per Bob Crites website, the cloth was discontinued and now Klipsch uses #7. So - this is the original Klipsch #17 Grill Cloth. I have enough left to cover a pair of Heresys - pretty much two pieces: 36" x 27" and 35" x 19" I have no clue what is a fair price and can't find what I paid. How about $30+shipping? My guess is shipping will be about $12 bucks.
  5. dkalsi

    WTB: iPhone - Verizon

    Need a new phone for my mom. She doesn’t need anything fancy. Verizon network only please. The following models will more than suffice: 5C, 5SE, 6, 6S. I can check Craigslist, but I’ve had good luck with forum members here. Thanks, D Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. dkalsi

    WTB. SET 45 stereo or monos, Anyone ?

    Joe, Have you looked as this listing: https://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=158837.0 Thanks, D
  7. dkalsi

    Ampsandsound custom speaker switches

    Can this be used the other way around? Like one amp, connected to two different set of speakers? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. rplace, These played relatively flat down to about 150hz - they drop like a rock after that. I always used these in a 2-way system and never felt the need to add a tweeter. I know these are sold now, but I would strongly recommend fellow forum members to give these a try. Again - these don't show up for sale often (maybe less than 1 pair a year) in the used market. As you can see, the horns and drivers were sold in about 36 hours. I say that to only highlight that, despite the $1300 asking price, the risk is small because one can can very quickly recover their initial investment. I got really nervous before letting the go because who know when I will every get the opportunity to pick up a pair locally again. Someone is driving 9 hours (one-way) to pick these up. Sad to see them go but I've moved onto other things.
  9. Drivers have also been sold. Thank you. D
  10. Horns are sold. Drivers still available. I’m sad already Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Thanks Rudy. Surprisingly, my wife is annoyed I'm putting these up for sale. She want's me to reconsider and put these back into a system.
  12. Thanks Schu. Those were acoustic tiles purchased maybe 8 - 9 years ago on CL. My music system is in our living room and the family wouldn't tolerate "ugly" textured tiles at random locations throughout the listening space. Thus, not having the heart to discard them, I painted them random Eames colors and glued them on a 1/4" ply, put a black frame around it, and hung it up in our dinning room using a french cleat system. Since then, many people have come through the house and complemented the "art work", much to my surprise. I just didn't want to toss them out.
  13. Available for sale are a pair of Oris Horns w/ TangBand w8-1808 drivers. I am the original owner of the TB drivers and I believe the second owner for the Oris 200 Horns. Oris horns are RARELY available on the used market and that is for a good reason. Anyone who is a Khorn/LaScala owner should seriously consider these horns. I have tried literally every upgrade possible on the Khorn, including Greg R's Volti Horns + BMS drivers as well as Fastlane's Eliptrac 400 + JBL2441 w/ Be Diaphragms - with Alk Universal as well as Extreme-Slope Crossovers. For me, the Oris horns outperformed any other combination I've owned. The only reason why these are for sale is that I've somewhat moved away from this hobby and moved towards woodworking. Despite dismantling my system years ago, I've still held on to these. I would like $SOLD for the horns including drivers. I would separate, but only if the horns sold before the drivers. These will be able for local DC area pickup only. I will be posting these on other forums; however, I would really really really like these to go someone in the Klipsch family. I hope fellow forum members who have had experience Oris horns will chime in and share their input.