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  1. I'm interested in the sub plate amp if you don't mind shipping Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. In Bethesda, MD - just outside of DC.
  3. Skillz, They are about 55" tall. The main tube section is 24" in diameter and the wood pieces are approximately 27" in diameter. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks fella. I think its a good deal for someone local. These were never pushed hard. People would come over and think I some sort of bass freak just because of their size and because of the way they look :-) But truthfully, I never cared to listen to them loud. In fact, I don't like my movies loud. That being said, I immensely enjoyed these subwoofers. People don't realize how much low-frequency presence there is in movies. Even at low volumes, if there is a scene where there is background thunder, you could feel it in the room (even at low volumes).
  5. I have a pair of DIY Sonosub Subwoofers that I built about 7 or 8 years back. Each subwoofers contains a 15" TC-Sounds TC-2000 4ohm SVC subwoofer. These are passive subwoofers - you will need your own amp. I'm going off memory, but I believe they are 320liters of internal volume and are tuned to about 14Hz. I paid nearly $350+shipping for each subwoofer at the time. I also paid a $100+ for the 24" sonotube. I seen people sell old SVS passive subs for $300. Don't know what is a fair price, but I was thinking $250/each of $450pair.
  6. Just reading through this thread now. It's amazing how much of my experience has matched Dean's comments above. I upgraded my stock Klipschorn with Volti 2" Horn, plus BMS drivers and ALK ES Crossovers. Don't get me wrong - there was definitely an improvement in sound, but its was mostly experienced at high volumes. I can't remember the cost now but I think the Volti Horns were $600+/-, plus $1,300-$1,400 for BMS Drivers, plus $1,500 for ALK ES Crossover. I mean, you are talking about nearly $3,500 in upgrades. If I had a gathering at my place and we were listening to the system at loud volume, everyone enjoyed the effortless sound. At low to moderate levels (i.e., my normal listening level), I'm not sure if the improvement was easily observed. I mean you had to be listening to the music with a very critical ear to be able to detect improvement. You almost have to be looking for the improvement - which can take the whole joy out of the main objective: enjoying the MUSIC. I eventually ended up selling all my upgrades and appreciated having the dollars in my hand than to have all that money tied up in a system where I rarely got a chance to enjoy my investment. If you want to go the 2" route, and have the money, and enjoy tinkering around with your system - then it can be a fun journey. My comments are not meant to discourage anyone. I'm merely just sharing my experience - any by sharing my experience, I'm hoping it may help others set their expectations. My last comment is that if I had to do my system all over again, I would expend my energy on learning about room acoustics and use my money there. Going back to my system above, I'm sure that I would have achieved a greater improvement in sound if I had invested the aforementioned $3,500 in learning/implementing room treatment than upgrading various speaker components. Again, that comment is based on my experience, with my system, in my room.
  7. SOLD! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I have a PLX 3402.
  9. SOLD! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Bump Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Sorry CECAA850, That is for the pair. I'll make the update.
  12. Hi All, Any interest here for a pair of Acoustic Elegance TD15H drivers? They are well reviewed for their excellent power handling, high x-max, lower inductance, etc..My price is $475 (pair) +shipping. New, they are $700+shipping (and few months wait). See specs below: TD15H-8ohmFs: 21Hz Qms: 4.23 Vas: 467 L Cms: .45 mm/N Mms: 129 g Rms: 4 kg/S Xmax: 14 mm(peak) Xmech: 20 mm(peak) Sd: 855 sqcm Vd: 2.4L (p-p) Qes: .27 Re: 6.5 ohm Le: .3 mH Z: 8 ohm Bl: 20.1 T/m Pe: 500W (cont.) Qts: .26 1WSPL: 94 dB 2.83V: 94.84 dB
  13. Hi All, Just bumping this thread. Though I am still enjoying my Merlin, I'm hoping to raise some funds for my next purchase (a Laguna 14/12 Bandsaw). As previously mentioned, the Merlin is in 100% functional condition and 99% cosmetic condition (the 1% removed just in case I miss anything). Price, as previously mentioned, is $625+shipping. I'm willing to take Woodcraft giftcard as partial trade :-)
  14. Sorry, I do not. These are "e-cards" that can be used online as well as in store. There are two $100 gift card and one $50 gift card. Ideally, I would like to sell as a set. I have perfect feedback on Audiogon and E-bay if that helps. If we can talk over the phone, I'm happy to share one gift card info, prior to receiving payment if that helps. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk