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  1. Thanks, All. Wanted to mention that my brother may consider a partial trade for an older 5.1 HT Receiver. The condition being that the receiver must have HDMI inputs and it must be reliable (i.e., have decent user rating on amazon or other website). He just needs something simple for bedroom. If anyone has an older Anthem MRX - 300/310 etc. - that would be awesome. Thanks, D
  2. Apologies for the late response. See pictures below. The dimensions are approximately 44" x 44" x 26" Have no idea how much it weighs.
  3. BUMP - Now $350. Again - the price for drivers alone if purchased new is $440. No one local interested in some extreme musical bass?
  4. PS - these 2db step graphs are killing me!. One has to really pay attention to the scale; otherwise its easy to dismiss the performance of the AMTs.
  5. This does not surprise me. The off-axis horizontal response of the AMTs was quite good. I took 0, 20, 40, 60 measurements and the AMT was performed perfectly well up to 20Khz+, 17Khz, 15Khz, and 13Khz, respectively. That.....to me....is solid. Based on that, I don't think its worth while to toe them in.
  6. (Location: Just north of Washington DC - 20852) My brother is looking a to sell his Folded Horn Subwoofer. He had it professionally built by a local woodshop entirely of 18mm baltic birch plywood. - He spent quite a bit of money considering its a challenging build. I believe it houses dual 12" Eminence Lab12 subwoofers. It is an absolute monster from 35hz - 200Hz. With room gain, it digs a little lower. My brother had this built knowing that it was not the last word in low-end extension, but because it was the most musical bass he had heard. He used it with a pair of Heresys for music and occasionally HT. Nor he or I know a fair asking price for this, but he paid well over $1,000 for this few years back. For now, he is asking $400 (which is about $50 less than what it costs to just purchase a pair of Lab12 drivers). See picture below from Inlow Sound: https://inlowsound.weebly.com/folded-bass-horn.html
  7. Chris - did you mean 2Kz or 1Khz? I would imagine they are fine down to 1Khz, even without wings or stacked, no?
  8. I plan on experimenting with the Eminence Delta Pro 12A + AMT1s in the coming days. I'm nearly done completing a test cabinet and hope to start taking measurements by the weekend. I know the ESS used the AMTs down to 800hz, but given my distortion measurements, I don't plan on using them less than 1200hz. I'll see how the horizontal polar response if the Eminence mattes the polar response of the AMTs at that 1200hz x-over point. The Delta PRO should not start beaming until about 1300Hz (where the wavelength = 264mm). The Delta PRO's effective piston diameter is 260mm. So I suspect that above 1300hz, the wavelength will drop below 260mm and the cone geometry will start beaming.
  9. Sample 1 - Distortion (2.83v at the terminal) - So this would approximate 100db at 1M.
  10. I was guilty of calling them twice to figure our when they would ship. Hopefully I'm won't be paying for that call now. I'm going to take Chris's and Rudy's advice and let them break-in over the next couple days and then re-measure. Nonetheless, it would be interesting to see left and right measurements for each pair that people have purchased here.
  11. First impressions is that they are mighty heavy!!!! Right now I've made a simple crossover and have them playing from 2000hz onwards. I'll drop the crossover to 800hz and see how that sounds.
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