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  1. I purchased a pair of AE TD12M 8ohms years ago for a project that I never had a chance to start. These have remained unopened in the box. I can take more pictures upon request. $750+ Shipping in the US ONLY!
  2. that would be a challenge vertically under the TV...any other options? thanks
  3. Hi folks, it's been a long while that I've been enjoying my pair of CS-1s and been too lazy to build a 3rd CS-1 for center. Need some help from experts here, what's a matching center speaker for the CS-1s that you can simply just purchase? Thanks!
  4. Looking to upgrade. Perfect working conditions. Comes with remote,mic,and manual. 500+ shipping and paypal fee. If interested, I'll take pics and upload.
  5. Purchased the Epson 8100 about 8 months ago as a 'Manufacturer Refurb' unit. It comes with 2 years warranty on bulb/lamp. The projector currently has about 200 hours on it. However, I have an EXTRA lamp which I will include. The unit was also calibrated with HCFR and i1Display Pro meter. Will ship in original box with remote, manual, and cable. $650 plus shipping. Thanks
  6. Hi everyone, what's a fair price for a pair of KG 5.5 in good conditions? Thanks!
  7. you can't go wrong with either a Panny or Epson for the money. and no matter what pj you end up getting, you're going to need to do some tweakings to get the best pictures out of them. sure they look great out of the box, but you'll be surprise at the improvements after some minor tweaks.
  8. no i did stuff it, i get the sheet version (much like carpet felt) and glue them to both sides, top and back. check out my build thread. http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1318791&page=3
  9. very nice work. much better looking than my CS-1s. great grill too. any details on the making of the grills?
  10. like james said. first put in a cross brace (front to back, sides to sides). brace should be between the horn and woofer. second, go grab a bag of the poly-fill sheet from walmart and glue them to the walls. also remember to put a sheet on top of the brace.
  11. you just can't beat the Emotiva amps for $/watt performance. even their regular prices.
  12. great looking room corn. what mounting hardware do you use for the pj? it looks like it's pretty flat against the ceiling. i could use a couple extra inches to raise up the pj.
  13. I really like them. They have very good details/dynamics, and the midbass is loud and tight (after about 100hrs). They measured down to about 35hz in my room (mostly room gain) and falls off around 14/15khz. and with 4 15' subs taking care of the lfe, i don't miss the cornwalls at all.
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